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My DailyComplaint has its adrenaline flowing today!!!
We just wanted to reverse the clock on you to 1993.  This was the first attack on the World Trade Center in New York City.  A truck bomb was the plan to bring the World Trade Center down back than.
The state’s top court in Albany, New York yesterday found the Port Authority is entitled to government immunity from negligence claims for failing to deter the 1993 bombing that killed 6 and injured 1000.  WHAT THE FU*K !!
The Port Authority owns the World Trade Center site by the way.
Judge Theodore Jones Jr. wrote, “Any failure to secure the garage against terrorist attack predominantly derives from a failed allocation of police resources.”
Take that — NYPD FINEST !!!
So, does this open some eyes to the conspiracy of 9-11 ?  The Port Authority receives government immunity!!!  WOW, our prayers are with those families that fought these issues in court for so many years. It feels wonderful to have the government step on you too after the loss.
Source = RIP World Trade Center, NY

9/11 Dust and Heart Disease


More than 100 children who were exposed to chemical fumes from the 9/11 attacks have a far higher risk of heart disease than they should, a new study says.

After the Twin Towers fell on September 11, 2001, the disaster site was omitting toxic fumes of mercury, asbestos, and jet fuel.

Experts say the fumes lingered until at least July 2002, when the clean-up was declared complete.

Now, an analysis by NYU Langone Health researchers of 308 children in the World Trade Center Health Registry (WTCHR) has shown the devastating impact this had on young people.

The 123 children with higher blood levels of the chemicals known to be in the dust had a 15 percent increase in levels of artery-hardening fats in their blood.

It is the first concrete study to lay bare the long-term cardiovascular health risks in children from toxic chemical exposure on 9/11.

In fact, a week after the attacks the EPA assured citizens that the site ‘did not pose a health hazard’. 

The agency has since admitted that was wrong – and some say that even today people living in Lower Manhattan are exposed to dangerous fumes.

Trump campaign plane flying illegally



One of Donald Trump’s campaign aircraft is flying on expired registration, according to a recently-emerged report. The fine for this violation can be up to $250,000, plus a possible jail term of three years.
The registration period for Trump’s Cessna plane ended on January 31 and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) hasn’t prolonged it yet.

Renewing the registration costs a mere $5 fee, plus some paperwork.

Trump was informed before the expiration by the FAA, and just as the registration lapsed, the report added.

In particular, on December 1, 2015, DJT Operations CX LLC, the company owned by Trump (and of which he is the only member, AP reported) that operates the Cessna, was issued a “final notice” of the expiration.

Exactly three months later, on March 1, 2016, DJT Operations CX was delivered another notice, stating that the plane’s registration had expired.

The Cessna can seat up to 12 people, and has made hundreds of flights on the campaign trail, the most recent of them on Monday for a campaign event.

There are four other aircraft in the Trump’s campaign trail: three choppers, as well as the widely-known jet with ‘Trump’ written across the fuselage.

The civil penalty for flying an unregistered aircraft can reach $27,500, while the criminal fine is up to $250,000, plus a possible jail term of three years, tops, if operators or owners violate the regulation.

However, in this case, FAA probably won’t seek the maximum penalty, the report added.

The campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks has commented on the case that the “standard renewal process is just about complete.”

The news came as the voters were casting their primary ballots in New York. The results are now known, with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump announced as the winners for their respective parties.




Are you scared yet?

When the fear party (GOP), screams about the terrorists and the terrorists are screaming about the Infidels from abroad or home grown, all these factions of fear do not belong in the Western Hemisphere. Infidels and terrorists represent a Crusade that should have become a video game and not a cause to die over.

We have played Infidel to people who fear that the same dreaded CRUSADING battle between Christian and Muslim will continue till the end of time, dragging dread through millennia and regurgitating itself almost every century in one form or another.

Business model continuous war.

Religious fanaticism is causing all this behavior. Holier than thou, fundamentalists, are ripening into strange fruit once visited on the different, the slave, the other. That shadow of religious rigidity is why our constitution separated Church and State.

MCC doesn’t care what religion or whether one practices any form of any belief system, you are free to have that experience here. That is the gift shared by the original people populating this hemisphere. Whatever you believe, it is a personal choice mostly taught as a cursory knowledge, and we don’t have to know it or have it shoved in our face as the only way, cause it isn’t the only way.

So zealots of all persuasions, you are here in America which by any other name is a special place of abundance and you are bringing your fears here choking that abundant life of gratitude.

How can anyone make sense of these times. In the spring the rumors that the global markets would crash during the summer spread throughout the financial world of investment banks. And that fear was realized in the summer with a crash that lasted a moment, or through September only to reverse itself in the next few months. We have a flat market in a flat world economically.

You want to get rich? Really rich, just get into some form of security business and sell fear. Fear has become the best game in town and even JT Barnum would have been impressed to see the suckers eating fear up. Republican candidates sell fear as the reason they should be elected, because they have more fear to sell. Optimism doesn’t make money.

Republicans have enjoyed thinking how to have FDR roll over in his grave with infinite plans to destroy the social safety network that raised so many from the depression Republicans thrive on. It is why Bush 2, went into Iraq to bust the American economy saddling soaring debt through the military buildups and wasteful programs.

America has a choice to buy fear or to believe in an optimistic future.


Which sort of American are you?

Study: Kicking The Opiate Habit, With Cannabis



Can cannabis play a role in helping people kick opioid dependency? Several recent studies says ‘yes.’
Researchers at New York’s Columbia University assessed the use of cannabinoids versus placebo in opioid-dependent subjects undergoing in-patient detoxification and outpatient treatment with naltrexone, an opiate receptor antagonist. Investigators reported that the administration of oral THC (dronabinol) during the detoxification process lowered the severity of subjects’ withdrawal symptoms compared to placebo, but that these effects did not persist long-term. By contrast, patients who consumed herbal cannabis during the outpatient treatment phase were more readily able to sleep, reported experiencing less anxiety, and were more likely to complete their treatment as compared to those subjects who did not.
“One of the interesting study findings was the observed beneficial effect of marijuana smoking on treatment retention,” authors concluded. “Participants who smoked marijuana had less difficulty with sleep and anxiety and were more likely to remain in treatment as compared to those who were not using marijuana, regardless of whether they were taking dronabinol or placebo.”
The team’s findings appear online ahead of print in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

The study’s findings are not unique. In a 2001 study published in The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, researchers at the New York State Psychiatric Institute assessed treatment retention rates among 47 opiate-dependent subjects participating in a six-month outpatient program. Authors reported that participants who consumed marijuana intermittently were significantly less likely to reinitiate their opiate use during the program as compared to those who either used it habitually or abstained from using it altogether. Those who used cannabis during the program were also more likely to adhere to naltrexone treatment. The authors concluded that occasional marijuana use is associated with better overall outcomes, which “may support a harm reduction approach to naltrexone maintenance.”
In 2009, investigators at the New York State Psychiatric Institute again assessed the relationship between cannabis use and opioid-treatment therapy in a cohort of 63 outpatient subjects. The researchers’ results replicated those of the 2001 study, finding that intermittent cannabis consumers were more likely to adhere to their treatment regiment and complete the outpatient program than were those who never used the substance.
Recent observational data from medical marijuana states further substantiates the theory that legal cannabis access may be a significant harm reducer for patients at risk of opioid dependency or mortality. According to data published in 2014 in The Journal of the American Medical Association, states with medical marijuana laws experience far fewer opiate-related deaths than do states that prohibit the plant. Investigators from the University of Pennsylvania, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore conducted a time-series analysis of medical cannabis laws and state-level death certificate data in the United States from 1999 to 2010 — a period during which 13 states instituted laws allowing for cannabis therapy. They reported, “States with medical cannabis laws had a 24.8 percent lower mean annual opioid overdose mortality rate compared with states without medical cannabis laws.”
Investigators from the RAND Corporation and the University of California, Irvine reported similar findings earlier this year in a policy paper for the non-partisan think-tank, the National Bureau of Economic Research. “tates permitting medical marijuana dispensaries experience a relative decrease in both opioid addictions and opioid overdose deaths compared to states that do not,” they concluded.
Some scientists believe that cannabis may act synergistically with opiates. Clinical data published in 2011 in the journal Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics reports that the administration of vaporized cannabis “safely augments the analgesic effect of opioids.” Authors speculated that this “synergistic interaction” between cannabinoids and opiods “may allow for opioid treatment at lower doses with fewer [patient] side effects.” Consequently, some pain physicians are now recommending that patients use cannabis adjunctively or, in some cases, prior to using opiates as a “harm reduction strategy [to] reduce the morbidity and mortality rates associated with prescription pain medications.”


source: NORML


MDC wants everyone to know, our buddy Lin-Manuel Miranda.   It was years ago, and on a dog walk we come across this guy. We had a great conversation and I’ve been sitting back watching this creation explode. We saw the show a bunch at the Public Theater, and now its a Broadway smash !

Congratulations, those special meeet-ups by the Alexander Hamilton grave were enjoyable in the evening graveyard with Lyka, It helps having the access key!!

The following video was taken at the White House in 2009.


On a recent Sunday morning with CBS, Mo Rocca conducted a great interview, but he was a little late.

When Lin-Manuel Miranda sings about the drive of the “young, scrappy and hungry” immigrant, he’s not singing about just any immigrant. He’s singing about the man on the ten dollar bill, Alexander Hamilton. As Mo Rocca reports, Hamilton’s musical journey to the stage is as revolutionary as the young revolutionary who helped create the America we know.