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Las Vegas, Nevada, the scene of an angry male, who took his misery, and sprayed it all over.

The bare facts: His father was on the most wanted list of the FBI.

Results, a son who saw himself as his father’s son, and making sure the sins of the son were greater.

Children whose parents have some stigma, that community and culture exploit, create emotional traumas and shadow behaviors unrecognized, until they come out.

We have seen the result of a President Bush, in some moment of saving face, go to war to finish a job his President father left in the son’s mind, incomplete.

It’s inherent in the human species to seek one’s history.

Humanity never had the time to explore these deep behaviors traceable through generations, and centuries, until now.

And the American situation is, we have a President who might just be trying to obliterate the sins of his father, and maybe his mother’s and family members. The hatred that the father created, still exists. The shadow runs deep. This psychological shadow needs the light of day.

Locking him up, or putting him out of the office, are in play.

The American shadow began when the first Spaniards landed. That shadow of superiority must be nipped in the bud. The inquisition still separates the indigenous from the Lords of the church. Healing has begun in some South American countries.

Today we have the time and the need to go inward. We don’t want to repeat those past histories that created the shadows we are still suffering from today.

Operation Mega


MDC says, the sick Trump administration is more concerned about Image and Statistics.

President Donald Trump’s Department of Homeland Security had planned nationwide raids to target 8,400 undocumented immigrants later this month, according to three law enforcement officials and an internal document that described the plan as “the largest operation of its kind in the history of ICE,” an acronym for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

But after NBC News reported the plans late Thursday, the agency issued a statement saying it had cancelled nationwide enforcement actions due to Hurricane Irma and the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey.

“While we generally do not comment on future potential law enforcement actions, operational plans are subject to change based on a variety of factors,” ICE spokesman Sarah Rodriguez said in a statement. “Due to the current weather situation in Florida and other potentially impacted areas, along with the ongoing recovery in Texas, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) had already reviewed all upcoming operations and has adjusted accordingly. There is currently no coordinated nationwide operation planned at this time. The priority in the affected areas should remain focused on life-saving and life-sustaining activities.”


Prior to the initial NBC News report, another spokeswoman for ICE, Jennifer Elzea, had said the agency was “not able to speculate about potential future targeted enforcement actions.”

The raids were scheduled over five days beginning Sept. 17, and were called “Operation Mega,” according to the document, a memo circulated agency-wide in August.

It is not unusual for ICE operations to target immigrants by the hundreds or even low thousands. The higher-than-usual target number may have been partially driven by an effort to reach a deportation goal by the end of the fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30, one of the officials said.




You may not have heard of the expression “The Ugly American,” it was a slight to the way Americans behaved when traveling abroad that became iconic in the 1960s’. From clothing to expectations, Americans stood out, as if unaware of the surrounding environment and different cultural behaviors of the peoples of the world. It was as if Americans lived in a bubble, an altered state of reality. Maybe we were glutenized by our low nutritional diets. Maybe we were in shock after World War II and the Korean War. Whatever the cause, America and Americans were unaware of the behavioral state the rest of the world was in. America was not decimated by the wars, or by dictatorships, or Communism’s atheistic domination of its’ people. The world was psychologically broken.

Today we have the epitome of ugliness in an American President. He is the “Ugliest American” and completely out of synch with much of the world and America in general.

Trump is the classic example of FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome), brought on by parents who used alcohol during the pregnancy, most probably alcoholism. FAS people are individuals whose actions are unaware of the consequences of those actions. Americans can’t fix FAS in an Ugly American President. Americans must learn about FAS before they can see for their own eyes how the syndrome plays out.

The damage is done, as we have a fox in the hen house, a Manchurian candidate ready to decimate the office of the Presidency and the very fabric of an America that was once steeped in the welfare of the common community.

A bottom line “money is the only thing important to this President,” leaves the majority of Americans who are uncompetitive in a crisis. That 8.5% of the population that are corporate competitors have had their way with the American processes of governing. Just like the Religious Right jumped into politics to have a voice, so to the corporations have had their influence as lobbyists with monetary clout. The addictive election process to money and donors, leaves those without a voice at the will of the winds of political agendas hardly expressing those needs of the unrepresented.

Fighting ugly with ugly is a losing path. Not giving a platform to ugliness is a remedy. Educating the children and the millennials is imperative. Speaking to millennials is almost impossible when they have no interest in the historic road that got us here in the first place. Not knowing Eisenhower was a president or an American and World War II hero makes this person quiver. Is there no interest or curiosity to the past by that millennial generation?

The Ugliest American is on the stage of history. He represents the fears of the Americans who haven’t an interest in anything outside their county. He represents the corporate greed that bucks the law and the consequences of industrial crooks, and thieves, and polluters.

Trump is ugly because when he goes “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, ain’t I the fairest of them all,” the mirror lies. Psychologically no one can see themselves or their shadows. Trump’s shadow is his family history. You can’t change the facts of a father who had KKK leanings because you are president. President Bush tried to save face with a father who lost the presidency and didn’t finish off Saddam Hussein. We as Americans are so predictable when it comes to the shadows we drag around. Trump’s mother is of Scottish descent. As marvelous as the Scottish clans of people are, many have been the root of the KKK, or the alt-right as it is known today. That is a large shadow Trump walks in.

As far as Trump appears to be the real Manchurian candidate, and his minions who want to look the other way, just remember this, Trumps first wife is named Ivana, a feminizing of the name Ivan, and Ivanka his daughter, is another example of the name Ivan. Ivan is a Russian name. Trumps’ wives, one, and three, were born as inheritors of the Communist eastern satalite countries that were dominated by the USSR since the end of WWII. Like my friend from Russia said recently’ “Russia owns North Korea, and that is because of the support the Russians gave to that Korea from the beginning of the Korean War. And it was the policies of propaganda and brainwashing the Russians excelled in that saved the North Koreans from obliteration. When the USSR collapsed the support for the North collapsed as well. The Russians still own the North Koreans, the Russians screwed up and this screw up is still having ramifications.

Trump the Ugliest American is beholden to the Russians and their oligarchs, the Chinese and their Communist regimes’ money, and the German banks who were willing to make a profit on any deal Trump threw at them. The monies to run the Trump properties could not be raised with any American bucks, because the four time bankrupt businessman has no credit here in America. Anyone who partnered with a Trump product got screwed. Giving a screwing is not an American ideal for most Americans. But those who come to these shores and think that the only thing America stands for is the Almighty Dollar is sorely mistaken. America has and should always remain a place of fair play, a level playing field. Today the President is an American greed story. It is a product sent to us from foreign cultures that found a root here. Usually after a few generations the good instincts that were given to the settlers from our very magnificent indigenous peoples rubs off on the generations that follow. Fear that is brought over like diseases that lay dormant or like the foreign birds such as starlings and bluejays that chase our song birds away, are not American in value or spirit.

The Ugliest American is a man of fear and that is the illusion he holds dear, the bubble he refuses to leave. His ears are closed to anything but the nurturing of that fear. He has lost his ability to listen and what he hears is what he wants to hear.

And the dumbing down of the children and the young adults who have one day to assume the responsibilities of the generations that dumped their crap on them, have a huge chore ahead. It will take the Boomer generation to come out once again and lead and teach that we all are each others keepers.


Feeding FEAR Frenzy


You visit America’s countryside, you choose to become engaged in a rural community. Eventually you have a few friends and you are invited to someone’s wedding you bonded with. Many guests are relatives, workmates, and neighbors celebrating the popular local couples nuptial. Some of these guests have never left their county and some of them have little to do with the outside world. News comes from the tv or radio. And you find in the old local pubs many like you who live and die as good neighbors mirroring each other.

One of the guests after a few cocktails starts murmuring “well if the authorities come on my property and they want to take it or me off of my land, I’m gonna defend whats rightfully mine”. He went on with no one commenting about his paranoia he had guns. When you work on the land there are many times a small caliber gun or rifle can protect you. Coyotes, wolves, bears, poisonous snakes and rabid raccoons and other infected wild life require a measure of protection, and unless you know how to outrun a bear by running downhill bonsai style, or can stay totally still even though your human scent can be picked up miles from where you are a firearm works. In case of the fear that the government might come in to confiscate you or your property for taxes is a real ongoing fear, especially after the economic crisis the geniuses of government created.

My nature isn’t paranoid, but trusting. And sure as shootin’, don’t feel the need to carry a fire arm to defend me or my property. Others have needs of one but even when I am loaded with valuables, traveling alone in a busy city or visiting the countryside, being somewhere in bumf__k America, it doesn’t cross my mind to feel fear. I am white.

Traveling on airplanes before 9/11 and even earlier, one knew the flight would be full of comfort and amenities to make airplane flight less frightening, after all you are on a craft, vacuum sealed, afloat, and how do they do that, the scary take off make you consume a drink or two before you leave the tarmac. Today the fun of flying by air unless you have your own jet, is misery served on a plate. Pavlov could have studied our human compliant behavior and wondered if a whistle was replaced with politics of fear.

Fear is an audio issue. The ears hear fear, it’s not often originating in vision, or sense of smell like fire, or touch like itch, burns, and other environmental skin poisons. The fantastic song from the film “South Pacific”, the one with the lines, “you’ve got to be taught to hate and fear, you’ve got to be taught from year to year, it’s got to be drummed in your dear little ear, you’ve got to be carefully taught’”, tells it like it is. Fear is taught. We are not born that way.

Americans have lots of fear these days. Our politicians are unable to reason with one another, there is too much “quid pro quo” at stake. Americans are right to look at this mess we trusted our leaders to avoid. The assassination of JFK created a rift in our country still unhealed. Oswald’s televised assassination only created the death of any truth or trust with the Dallas and Texas politics of the time. Who knows what those Texans chose to not see, or the CIA, and some of our Military leaders fearing civil unrest. The rush to engage in Indochina, particularly the false premises used in Viet Nam, after Kennedy was trying to disengage, speaks volumes where much of Boomers minds are to this day. There were many on the Right, who were just as happy to lose our leader as when they hated the election of FDR or Jimmy Carter. These things don’t change they get handed down like heirlooms from past generations.

Todays fear frenzy is being fed by a gold-plated thug, mob tied to the Chinese backers, (quid pro quo), and others in the Casino, gambling business. The thug like landlords of New York, have every lawyered angle to suppress their tenants who aren’t fortunate enough to have the money to fight in courts that are overwhelmingly unnavigatable. A one-percenter if ever there was one pretends he is friends to the world. Anyone outside of NYC is star struck, blinded by the bluster and the distortions. Fear has an advocate, I may fear our Creator, but loud mouth thuggery is in one ear and out the other.

The other Cuban heirloom mentalities, are just as bad foaming at the mouth over the economy they destroyed with the last presidency, blaming every available issue on our current scapegoated president. It’s a big game to inflame, distort, uplift the fear like a dose of heroin to the uneducated among us. Most of us are part of the 99%, it is time to address us, our fears, our hopes, and our disappointments from the past GOP and democratic promises to nowhere but bankruptcy of the Social Safety Net.

What every New Yorker feels is the affects of the Bush 2 presidency, allowing our World Trade Center to fall under suspicious circumstances. And one more war coverup to divert the truths of which again the people with the power believe that WE CAN’T HANDLE.


French Authorities Out of Control


A new artwork by Banksy criticising the use of teargas in the “Jungle” refugee camp in Calais has appeared on the French embassy in London.

The artwork, which depicts a young girl from the film and musical Les Misérables with tears in her eyes as CS gas billows towards her, appeared overnight on Saturday.

In a first for the elusive graffiti artist, the artwork is interactive and includes a stencilled QR code beneath. If viewers hold their phone over the code, it links them to an online video of a police raid on the camps on 5 January.

The work is the latest in a series of pieces by the graffiti artist criticising Europe’s handling of the ongoing refugee crisis. It is a direct comment on the recent attempts by French authorities to bulldoze part of the camp in Calais – which has now been deemed unsafe – and evict about 1,500 refugees.

Speaking to the Guardian last week, a police spokesperson, Steve Barbet, denied that teargas was being used to clear the camps. “It’s not in our interest to use teargas unless it’s absolutely necessary to restore public order, and it is never used in the camp itself,” he said.

But the seven-minute clip posted on YouTube clearly shows teargas, rubber bullets and concussion grenades being used by the French authorities in an overnight raid in early January. Videos and reports of the repeated use of CS gas also emerged last Monday as French police attempted to create a 100-metre buffer zone between the camps and the motorway.

In January, a Banksy mural depicting the Apple founder Steve Jobs, who was the son of Syrian migrants, appeared on the wall of a tunnel in the refugee camp in Calais. In a short statement accompanying the work, Banksy emphasised that Apple, one of the most profitable companies in the world, only existed because “they allowed in a young man from Homs”.
The Steve Jobs artwork was placed behind a protective glass plate by local authorities but last week vandals tore it down and defaced the graffiti. Earlier reports said one migrant had set up a tent beside the artwork and was charging five euros to view it.

Other politically-motivated artworks by Banksy that have appeared in Calais include a stencil by the beach, portraying a child looking towards Britain while a vulture sits atop their telescope.

Next to the town’s immigration office, Banksy also reproduced a version of ‘The Raft of the Medusa’, a painting of shipwreck survivors by 19th-century French painter Théodore Géricault. In Banksy’s re-imagining of the work, survivors on a raft desperately wave to catch the attention of an ostentatious modern yacht on the horizon.

As part of Dismaland, his temporary “bemusement” theme park in Weston-Super-Mare over the summer, Banksy built an installation that featured boats filled with the bodies of drowned refugees. On the closing night of Dismaland, Russian activist group Pussy Riot also debuted their specially-written song ‘Refugee’, which was a rallying cry for the leaders of Europe to step up their assistance to people fleeing war-torn countries.

In Dismaland, Banksy has created something truly depressing

Since Dismaland closed in September, the artist has been shipping its leftover infrastructure to help build emergency housing for the 7,000 migrants – who are mainly from Syria, Eritrea and Afghanistan – now living on the site of a former rubbish tip in Calais.

According to the Dismaland website, the materials have already been used in 12 dwellings, a community area and a children’s play park.

In 2005, Banksy travelled to Israel’s West Bank barrier and decorated the Palestinian side of the concrete wall with nine satirical artworks. He also travelled to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and painted a dozen works on buildings left derelict after the disaster, including one that depicted Abraham Lincoln as a homeless man.

The video from the QR located on the piece. 


source : guardian

FREE Market Marijuana



In this past election results, an initiative to make smoking or using marijuana in Ohio recreationally or medicinally was shot down. It was defeated but not due to the political position against the use of herb(marijuana, cannabis,hemp) in all it’s forms and deliveries. This referendum was defeated because it would make a a few select individuals have sole rights to grow and distribute this wonder drug called POT. In other words the government wants to control Marijuana again but this time to make money for profit or to become the silent partner.

Off Track Betting, Casinos, Lottery tickets are all the results of the government taking over from individuals businesses considered a little shady like the mafia controlling numbers or gambling without sharing profits. It behooves our government to take it’s VIG from anything that was once considered illegal. Sometimes government is useful like regulating horse racing.

Liquor was once the bad guy, until prohibition failed to stop drinking alcohol, creating a crime wave the likes of which only modern cyber thieves can dream of. Yet it was a manufactured crime, a crime of behavior. Lives were shattered, and people went to great extremes to circumvent government laws against social behavior. Each States government has a field day with controlling liquor laws. Wet states, dry states, confused states, that’s America.

When our government attacked Marijuana over seventy years ago, as it did to cocaine, and other opiated products, the purpose may have been noble, however, culturally these products were part and parcel of historic behaviors steeped in ritual and ritual like blessing ones food is protected under our FREEDOM OF RELIGION or at least it should be.

Our government created laws that subverted parts of historic cultures as it does today. Our government has been selective and can change it’s mind over these behavioral laws in an instant, a decades long instant as well.

Rarely does our government get it right and seventy or so years ago it LIED to us about the anecdotal fears held by the few over the many, that Marijuana was so bad it had to become illegal and controlled by our government like our opiates, and other pharmacological products.

And now government wants in. It wants to change it’s tune conditionally, so it can control and gain an understanding of what if’s, to satisfy the red tape it’s clogged itself over. Lying to us and continued lies over marijuana, using pot as a vehicle of confusion has only disqualified the government from any reasonable part in it’s growing, and distribution, due to the regulations that would stymie the grand variety of the species and it’s ability to aide in well being.

Legalize marijuana, and have our first opportunity to get off the government addiction to control and demonize the free market economy which is what marijuana has created underground without the government and it satisfies all the needs of the population if government and the legal authorities would leave it and us alone. The lie has incarcerated our most vulnerable, cost families financially and spiritually and it was a sadistic scheme against us all.

Marijuana is homeopathy and not allopathy.

We want our free market marijuana and we are not paying the government one dime to control it.

Thank You Very Much,
​​​​​​Most sincerely,

Mother Nature