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Turf vs Dirt

Horse_Race_Finish_Line_(11888565543)MDC says, get ready for this weekends Breeders Cup Classic !!

I know most of you have been baffled when you see a horse switch surfaces. There are many that thinks surfaces are interchangeable and a fast horse on one surface will transfer it to another with little or no problem. History will tell you a different story, though. Sure, there are a few horses that made the switch without any noticeable problem, but these types of horses are some of the rarest in the breed.

Years ago, trainers in America would have to break a horse’s maiden on the dirt before he could be switched to the grass. This is where the main misunderstanding comes from. Back in the 1980’s, tracks in North America rarely carded any maiden races on turf to benefit horses that is bred to excel on the grass. As the popularity of grass racing increased in North America, more track got on board with the idea of carding grass maidens. Before then, it was common a grass horse would languish on dirt for quite a few starts before finally breaking through.

Grass is a more slippery surface than dirt and harder too when dried. But it is also easier on a horse’s feet and leg because of the cushion underneath their feet. But it is also a much faster surface and speed horses tends to run faster than what their conditions allows them to. On dirt, a horse’s feet sinks in the dirt causing them to work harder to maintain that same speed and it usually tires them out quicker. The exception to this theory is dirt tracks that has very little cushion which helps horses run a faster pace but often leads to many injuries, many the public never hears about. On plastic or synthetics surfaces, this surfaces acts more like grass than it does dirt because horses feet does not bog down in plastics or synthetics like they do on dirt. And synthetics is not as slippery as grass, even when it is wet, but it is as easy on a horse’s feet and legs as grass. There are many experts who feels the surfaces do not matter, much like breeding. But after many years of speaking with ordinary handicappers, like me, I have slowly learned that surface changes can make all the difference in the world. Most handicappers I spoke with often excel in picking winners on one surface or another, but rarely both.

The next question is how can one tell which horse will most likely excel on one surface over the other. While there are quite a few answers, it all begins with breeding. Since the thoroughbred breed was developed originally in Europe, a lot of horses will tend to favor the grass more than dirt. But American dirt breed was started mostly from Europe’s grass horses and developed more for dirt by adding known dirt horses through each generation over a period of 70-80 years. Some were a natural fit(average horses on grass) but more were through many generations of development. Actually, North America did not even run horses on grass much at all until the late 1910s and early 1920’s, when their breed became saturated with turf breeding.

Eventually, American breeders took horse that could only sprint a short distance and developed the quarter horse breeding. The easiest way to spot a horse that will enjoy quarter horse racing is almost all have thick chest muscles. Horses can build speed quicker if they are more muscle bound in the chest area(often almost twice as big as their hind). Even horses that are better proportion throughout their whole body will have a hard time keeping up. However, it starts evening out around 400-450 yards.

The best way to spot horses that will prefer turf over dirt is their hooves. The bigger and wider their hooves are, the more likely they will enjoy grass over horses with small or thin hooves. The reason is horses with larger hooves tend to be more confident in their strides because they can plant their hooves with less probability of slipping and/or sliding. Also, horses that are taller will tend to like turf more than dirt simply because they carry more body weight than average and dirt tends to cause them to “bog” down more, unless they are nimble on their feet(rare at best).

For dirt, horses that are evenly built tends to fare the best. 15 to 16 hands is ideal height for most dirt runners, as most are nimble enough to build speed and will use their hind legs to keep their speed up. For distance horses, their hind quarters will often be the deciding factor as these are the feet horses pushes off with, unless they are tired. The fuller a horse’s body and the flatter his back is, the more likely he will keep running long after others have tired.

While I, in no way, consider myself an expert but have learned from many mistakes that I have made through the years. I continued to make mistakes even today but I am a much better and more confident handicapper than when I first started. I used to second guess myself after the fact years ago but now I bet exactly what I feel and second guessing has been gone for years. I also feel if you check out everything I mentioned, it will make you a better handicapper and eventually lead you to some monster payoffs. Wish the best of luck to everyone!!

Yankees Cursed by Republicans

  • The Yankees have gone nearly 60 years without winning a World Series under a Republican president.
  • The ‘curse’ coincides with former Yankees owner George Steinbrenner getting in trouble for making illegal campaign contributions to President Richard Nixon.
  • The Yankees have won nine World Series under Democratic presidents during that same GOP losing streak.

The New York Yankees’  loss to the Houston Astros in Game 7 of the American League Championship Series last week guaranteed that a nearly 60-year-long losing streak would continue.

The Yankees, the team that holds the most championships among the major US professional sports franchises, hasn’t won a title under a Republican president since President Dwight Eisenhower was in office in 1958.

During that time, the Yankees won nine championships under Democratic administrations, going 9-2 in World Series they have participated in. The Bronx Bombers have made five World Series appearances during Republican administrations since their last title win in such circumstances, losing each time.

Eric Columbus, a former official in President Barack Obama’s administration, brought the point up on Twitter on Monday. Columbus pointed to former Yankees’ owner George Steinbrenner’s 1974 guilty plea for providing illegal campaign contributions to former President Richard Nixon’s reelection campaign in 1972 as the true starting point of this “curse.”

“He avoided jail time, but was suspended from baseball for fifteen months,” Columbus tweeted. “And a curse was born.”

Take a Knee

take-a-kneeRetired NBA legend Kobe Bryant says he’d kneel during the national anthem if he was still playing in the league today.

Bryant was asked on The Hollywood Reporter’s ‘Awards Chatter’ podcast what he would do before a game — in light of the current political statements being made in the sports world — if he were still lacing it up.

“Kneel,” Bryant boldly said.

More than 250 NFL players controversially knelt during the national anthem as a nod to peaceful protests for racial equality that Colin Kaepernick began last year. The protests were reignited after Trump’s rhetoric at an Alabama rally in September, when he used profanity to describe protesting players and called for their firing.

Bryant also answered a question about what he would say to President Donald Trump, saying he’d tell him to “focus on serving, not leading.”

MDC cracks up because , Congress is getting involved? Athletes will be told like paid bitches as the police force in the united states (lowercase used,  because states are not united and powerful anymore) . The South Park creators remind us that, We can Sit- Stand- Knell – or put your Weiners out !!

In preseason games, the Lakers have decided to lock arms during the national anthem as a compromise to not offend the military while also shedding light on injustice in the country.

Coach Luke Walton, a former teammate of Bryant’s, said last week: “I think (the players) chose to show that we are united in this and that obviously, they have a ton of respect … well, I will let them speak for themselves, but I have a ton of respect for the country, the flag, the military. But by locking arms, I feel like we are showing that there are issues in this country, and it is a chance for us to raise awareness and still make it a talking point. If you do nothing, then it kind of goes away, and if it goes away, then nothing changes.

“… It is important for me, for the players and for our country to continue to talk and be active and get out in the community and do things that makes this country better and equal for opportunities and for everybody that lives here. I think that is why the players and team decided to do that.”

Bryant is slated to have his Nos. 8 and No. 24 Laker jerseys retired at halftime of the team’s game against the Golden State Warriors on Dec. 18.

Go Indians


But let’s say – in some crazy alternate reality – that you saw the Cleveland Indians’ AL-record 21-game win streak coming and you decided to bet just $100 at the start. How much money would you have today? Well, according to Las Vegas sportsbooks, you’d be a millionaire.

 If some bettor had hypothetically placed a $100 bet on the Indians on Aug. 24 and let that bet ride through Sept. 13, this bettor would currently have $1,179,048. He broke down the bets in an incredible game-by-game chart.


The concept of “letting it ride” is basically an ongoing parlay. So while this bettor started with a $100 bet on Game 1, by Game 21, he or she would be putting $884,286 on the line. That would be a ridiculously risky – and borderline insane – thing to do when you started at $100. This bettor would risk losing out on everything with an Indians loss.

But, of course, hindsight never loses.

FREE Market Marijuana



In this past election results, an initiative to make smoking or using marijuana in Ohio recreationally or medicinally was shot down. It was defeated but not due to the political position against the use of herb(marijuana, cannabis,hemp) in all it’s forms and deliveries. This referendum was defeated because it would make a a few select individuals have sole rights to grow and distribute this wonder drug called POT. In other words the government wants to control Marijuana again but this time to make money for profit or to become the silent partner.

Off Track Betting, Casinos, Lottery tickets are all the results of the government taking over from individuals businesses considered a little shady like the mafia controlling numbers or gambling without sharing profits. It behooves our government to take it’s VIG from anything that was once considered illegal. Sometimes government is useful like regulating horse racing.

Liquor was once the bad guy, until prohibition failed to stop drinking alcohol, creating a crime wave the likes of which only modern cyber thieves can dream of. Yet it was a manufactured crime, a crime of behavior. Lives were shattered, and people went to great extremes to circumvent government laws against social behavior. Each States government has a field day with controlling liquor laws. Wet states, dry states, confused states, that’s America.

When our government attacked Marijuana over seventy years ago, as it did to cocaine, and other opiated products, the purpose may have been noble, however, culturally these products were part and parcel of historic behaviors steeped in ritual and ritual like blessing ones food is protected under our FREEDOM OF RELIGION or at least it should be.

Our government created laws that subverted parts of historic cultures as it does today. Our government has been selective and can change it’s mind over these behavioral laws in an instant, a decades long instant as well.

Rarely does our government get it right and seventy or so years ago it LIED to us about the anecdotal fears held by the few over the many, that Marijuana was so bad it had to become illegal and controlled by our government like our opiates, and other pharmacological products.

And now government wants in. It wants to change it’s tune conditionally, so it can control and gain an understanding of what if’s, to satisfy the red tape it’s clogged itself over. Lying to us and continued lies over marijuana, using pot as a vehicle of confusion has only disqualified the government from any reasonable part in it’s growing, and distribution, due to the regulations that would stymie the grand variety of the species and it’s ability to aide in well being.

Legalize marijuana, and have our first opportunity to get off the government addiction to control and demonize the free market economy which is what marijuana has created underground without the government and it satisfies all the needs of the population if government and the legal authorities would leave it and us alone. The lie has incarcerated our most vulnerable, cost families financially and spiritually and it was a sadistic scheme against us all.

Marijuana is homeopathy and not allopathy.

We want our free market marijuana and we are not paying the government one dime to control it.

Thank You Very Much,
​​​​​​Most sincerely,

Mother Nature

Congratulations to USA Women’s Soccer

MDC says, Lower Manhattan will be swirling with confetti as thousands attend a parade celebrating the win by U.S. women’s soccer team at the Women’s World Cup.

MDC is perplexed over the celebration since none of the 23 players are from New York. 

Team members will be on a float that will travel along the Canyon of Heroes, a stretch of Broadway where the nation’s largest city has honored its legends. The U.S. squad defeated Japan 5-2 on Sunday in Canada to win its first World Cup since 1999.

The southern end of Broadway is the traditional spot for New York City ticker-tape parades. Most of the route is lined with tall office buildings on both sides, allowing workers to toss bits of paper onto the celebrants below.

City officials have not expressed how large they expect the crowd to be, though tens if not hundreds of thousands of people likely will line Broadway for the 11 a.m. parade. It will feature floats and marching bands, and will be hosted by broadcaster Robin Roberts and former soccer star Heather Mitts. At its conclusion, the team will be honored by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio in front of a crowd of 3,500 people at City Hall Plaza.


Once the most celebrated athlete in America, the Olympian Gold Medalist Decathlete Bruce Jenner now is the most celebrated confused person in the world unfortunately utilizing media marketing to create wealth. MDC says, please chop your tiny dingle because nobody wants more television show lies you are planning at the end of July. 


What a personal luxury to have in the twenty first Christian century, Choice.  What we have as a Nation is an opportunity to Aquarianate the new Millennium with ANYTHING GOES.


This Aquarian astrological aspect has been discussed and contemplated, and believed as a certainty in the Astrological community through decades of obvious restlessness amongst the Natives.


Hopis and Hippies, Gurus and Sages, have all come in Peace.  The Warrior has been redirected. 


The Healing is now.  We are all wounded Warriors.  What has been buried with Wars and Displacements wants to be let out, healed, it cannot be contained.


It has born a new GenerJenneration, out of the necessity to heal thyself.  We are after all a very sick planet.  Mutants one and all.


On this side of the planet Tolerance, has had a victory.

Under Armour


Under Armour (NYSE:UA), a developer and distributor of athletic apparel, footwear, and accessories, is scheduled to report its Q4 2014 results on February 4.

It has recorded over 20% top line growth during the last 18 quarters. We believe the company will be able to continue its growth momentum in the fourth quarter, as it is still scratching the surface of its various growth drivers, including the women’s, international, direct-to-consumer, and footwear businesses.

Our profitability outlook for the third quarter is also positive as we think the operating margin could rise on an annual basis due to lower input costs in Q4, resulting from low oil prices, a downward trend in cotton prices, and a strong inventory position.

Recap of Q3 2014 Results

Under Armour posted another very strong quarter in Q3 2014 with a 30% net revenue growth to $938 million. The company maintained its solid growth momentum as it reached an 18th consecutive quarter of an over 20% increase and a 4th consecutive quarter of over a 30% increase in its top line. We believe the company will continue to show strong growth in the future as consumers continue to respond to the strength of its brand and as the company’s efforts to lure in women customers are successful.

Gross margins improved by 120 basis points to 49.6% in Q3 2014. The expansion in margin was driven by the favorable comparison to last year’s margin, which was suppressed due to high import cost duties, and a favorable year-over-year sales mix. Selling, general, and administrative expenses as a percentage of net revenues, increased by 230 basis points to 34% in the third quarter of 2014, as the company’s expenses related to marketing, supply chain enhancements, and selling costs, rose over the quarter. Following these results, the company has raised its revenue guidance for 2014 to net revenues of $3.03 billion, representing growth of 30%.

Various Growth Drivers Could Help the Company Maintain its Growth Momentum

MDC says, Under Armour is poised for continued strong growth in the future, owing to its key growth strategies of expanding the women’s line, footwear, international, and direct-to-consumer businesses.

MDC will predict a $74.65+ possible closing price after the bell on Wednesday.

Source: the above financial comments are opinions by MDC. MDC encourages everyone to seek proper financial guidance before investing. #underarmour $UA

The Super Bowl Choke


The Seattle Seahawks came within 1 yard of winning Super Bowl 49, but the coaches dialed up a pass play on second-and-1 from the New England Patriots’ goal line. Russell Wilson threw an interception with 20 seconds remaining in the game, sealing the Seahawks’ loss and the Patriots’ fourth Super Bowl title under Bill Belichick.

Pete Carroll said that he told his players the play call was entirely his idea. It could not have been an easy thing to admit. Seahawks players were reportedly as mad as fans that Seattle did not hand the ball to Marshawn Lynch with the game on the line.

In fact, it appears that Lynch himself was one of the few players who wasn’t openly upset.

Lynch had a 4-yard run to put the Seahawks within 1 yard of winning the game. Now, we’ll never know what would have happened if Seattle just went to him one more time.

MDC says, this play call will be recorded as the Worst in Super Bowl history.

Congratulations to the New England Patriots.