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The New Condom

MDC introduces you to the new COCK RING technology .

Makers of the world’s first ‘smart condom’ have finally revealed a look at the ‘game-changing’ new device, which boasts the ability to detect STIs, assess performance, and even calculate how many calories you burned during sex.

The $80 i.Con Smart Condom isn’t actually a condom – instead, the photos reveal it’s a ring-shaped wearable that mimics the style of another popular sex toy to sit at the base of the penis.

While there are potential benefits, the smartphone-connected device has sparked concerns that it could be used to spy on a person’s intimate moments.

The i.Con can be used in conjunction with a real condom.

According to British Condoms, it’s lightweight and water resistant – and, with a nano-chip and Bluetooth capabilities built in, it can provide a range of statistics to help improve the wearer’s sex life.

According to the site, the ring will answer questions such as:

  • What’s my thrust velocity?
  • How fast are my thrusts?
  • How many calories did that sesh just burn?
  • How many times did I just have sex?
  • What’s the average skin temperature of my… eggplant?
  • What’s my girth?
  • How many different positions did I just conquer?

The device also records the amount of calories burned, different positions, and can detect chlamydia and syphilis.

All information will be kept anonymous – but users ‘will have the option to share their recent data with friends, or, indeed the world.’


Make Saudi Arabia Great Again


The mass weekend arrests by Saudi Arabia could be due to both the stated purpose of cracking down on corruption and a power grab by the kingdom’s young, reform-minded crown prince who may soon take the throne, said Robert Jordan, former U.S. ambassador to the kingdom.

On Saturday, 11 princes, including well-known billionaire investor Alwaleed bin Talal, and four ministers, including the one in charge of the National Guard, were arrested, according to various reports, along with a number of former ministers.

MDC says, Saudi Arabia’s arrest of Prince Alwaleed ‘would be like arresting Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos,  or Bill Gates’ in the United States. Alwaleed’s Kingdom Holding has major stakes in Fox, Time Warner, Citigroup, Twitter, Apple, Motorola and many other well-known companies, as well as several satellite television networks that are prominent in the Arab world.

We would also like to add that our Duffus POTUS commented in tweets Monday evening, President Trump appeared to endorse Saudi Arabian King Salman’s decision to remove a prince who headed the National Guard and create a new “anti-corruption” committee on Saturday.

“I have great confidence in King Salman and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, they know exactly what they are doing….” the president tweeted.

He completed the statement with a second tweet.

“….Some of those they are harshly treating have been ‘milking’ their country for years!” he wrote. MDC would like to add, Trump acts like a dictator and basically endorsed a dictator’s executive decision move.

The arrests happened hours after King Salman created an anti-corruption committee chaired by his 32-year-old son, Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. MBS, as the crown prince is known, could become king later this year or in early 2018 when his 81-year-old father abdicates the throne. wd9wuDb

At 11pm on Saturday, guests at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Riyadh got a rude awakening. Businesspeople and consultants who were staying in one of Riyadh’s most opulent digs, along with diners and visitors, were all told to assemble in the lobby with their bags. No one knew why.

As guests made their way to buses to be taken to other hotels in the Saudi capital, senior officials were making plans for new arrivals who weren’t prepared for a night away from home, let alone a spell in a five-star hotel. They were soon to become the highest-profile prisoners in the modern kingdom’s history. And the most pampered.

From midnight, buses arrived in the sprawling complex disgorging princes, business leaders, other royals, their guards and their captors. The arrivals marked the start of an extraordinary episode that exposed the kingdom’s elite to rare public scrutiny and showed that, even when accused of high crime, the powerful maintain privileges.

By dawn on Sunday, more than 30 of Saudi Arabia’s most senior figures, among them blood relatives of senior rulers, were locked inside the hotel, accused of corruption. Their ignominious arrests were the talk of the country, and so too was the fact that they were far from a prison cell, where most citizens facing similar charges could expect to find themselves.


JFK Release Day


JFK Assassination Records – 2017 Additional Documents Release

The National Archives and Records Administration is releasing documents previously withheld in accordance with the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act.  The vast majority of the Collection (88%) has been open in full and released to the public since the late 1990s.  The records at issue are documents previously identified as assassination records, but withheld in full or withheld in part.  Learn more

This July release consists of 3,810 documents, including 441 formerly withheld-in-full documents and 3,369 documents formerly released with portions redacted.  The documents originate from FBI and CIA series identified by the Assassination Records Review Board as assassination records.  More releases will follow.

To view the entire file, you may visit the National Archives at College Park and request access to the original records.

MDC laughs at the location of the files, GO TERPS !!

Macklemore on Prescriptions

My man Kev
He went up in jail, institutions are dead
And with our lives, we play Russian Roulette
And try to find a life where we can be content
Cause for us, we’re just trying to minimize the fear of being alive
And now my little brother is in the sky
From a pill that a doctor prescribed
And a drug that a million dollar industry supplied
And the cops never go and profile at night
Yeah, the, the, the orange plastic with the white top they sell to you
Has us looking for the answers and not instead of you
Quick fix, whatever’ll do
We just gonna neglect the truth
Because a doctor with a license played God and said it’s cool
Played God and said it’s cool
But me? I don’t blame Kev or his mom freebasing while pregnant with him
I blame the pharmacy companies
And country that spends trillions fighting the war they supplying themselves
Politicians and business and jail
Public defenders and judges who fail
Look at Kevin, look at Kevin
Now he’s wrapped in plastic
First dealer was his mom’s medicine cabinet
Got anxiety, better go and give him a Xanax
Focus, give him Adderall, sleep, give him Ambien
‘Til he’s walking ’round the city looking like a mannequin
Ups and downs shooting up prescriptions you’re handing him
So America, is it really worth it? I’m asking you

[Hook: Leon Bridges]
Doctor, please, give me a dose of the American Dream
Put down the pen and look in my eyes
We’re in the waiting room and something ain’t right
All this is on you, we’re overprescribed

[Outro: Leon Bridges]
Doctor, your methods, any old methods
Can’t cure my disease without killing me
You’re killing me, you’re killing me
You’re killing me, you’re killing me
Doctor, your methods, any old methods
Can’t cure my disease without killing me
You’re killing me, you’re killing me
You’re killing me, you’re killing me

Lesson #5, Stranger Danger


I know I can’t be the first person to notice this — in fact, I’m not — but there’s something shady about the prologue to Beauty and the Beast. We’re told that the Beast was a vain prince who refused to let an old crone into his house in the middle of a cold and stormy night. Offended by his cruelty, she revealed herself to be a gorgeous sorceress and cursed him to be a Beast (and for his entire staff to be turned into clocks, candelabras, and cutlery). If he doesn’t earn someone’s love by the time of his 21st birthday, they are stuck like that for life. It sort of makes ethical sense, until you pick up on the fact in “Be Our Guest” that the castle has been cursed for 10 years. That means the Beast would have been a 10-year-old orphan when this all went down. In short, he was just following the classic “Don’t talk to strangers” rule.
If you thought that Disney was eager to correct this for 2015 audiences, then you are wrong! The same thing pretty much happens in Kenneth Branagh’s enchanting live-action version of Cinderella. After she’s humiliated by her family, Cinderella retreats to her backyard to cry — where she meets an eccentric old lady. Instead of saying, “Yo, I’m home alone right now and this is how some slasher films start,” Cinderella gives the lady a ladle full of milk. That’s when the woman reveals she’s her Fairy Godmother and gives Cinderella the dress, glass slippers, and night out of everyone’s dreams. That only happens because Cinderella talks to a woman trespassing on her property.
We’re all for kindness and charity, but teaching your kids to be nice to strangers and interlopers might not be the smartest lesson.

If you don’t get what we’re hinting at, you will when you see this winter’s Oscar-bait flick Room.



Famed restaurateur Danny Meyer is eliminating all tipping from his New York City restaurants — a move he says could save the restaurant business.

The food mogul, whose company Union Square Hospitality Groups owns hotspots such as the Union Square Cafe, Gramercy Tavern and Blue Smoke, will start rolling out his new no-tipping policy at the Modern, his most expensive restaurant, on W. 53rd St., next month.

The other eateries will follow.

MDC says, ultimately, it’s diners who will get the short end of the bread stick.

Meyer will hike up the prices of food and drinks at his restaurants in order to make the math work. Pricing is still being finalized for the November roll out, but the bill of fare will reportedly being increased from 20% to 25% across the portfolio.

For diners, that pencils out to the price of the meal, plus the tip they might have paid, plus an additional charge, which Meyer says will go towards increasing the wages of all restaurant workers, from the chefs, who take home the most green, to the dishwashers at the bottom of the food chain.

“The average person is going to do the math and say I was going to pay A plus B anyway,” Meyer told Eater. “In our case, it’s going to be A plus B plus C, because in addition to the 20 percent you would’ve tipped, we’re also trying to right what has been a labor of wrong, and that’s going to cost a couple more points on top of that.”

Meyer is obviously not the first restaurateur to get rid of gratuities.

Its Spring

It’s the first day of Spring at 3:45pm e.s.t today in New York City. 

Although the first weekend of Spring is upon us, a new blast of cold air is set to put springlike weather on hold in the Northeast.

The snowstorm affecting part of the Northeast on Friday will appropriately mark the end of astronomical winter and the start of astronomical spring.

Top 10 Dogs

MDC respects the AKC’s list, but we are partial to the shih -tzu as the top dog.

The AKC’s 2014 list, released today, shows German shepherds, golden retrievers, bulldogs and beagles following Labrador retrievers in the top five.

The beagle, which ranked number five on the AKC list, saw its breed get attention earlier this year when a Beagle named Miss P, from British Columbia, took home the top Best in Show honor at the Westminster Kennel Club Show earlier this month.

The AKC’s most popular list is derived from the number of dogs within each breed registered with the club, an AKC spokeswoman told ABC News.

The bulldog moved up one spot, into number four, above the beagle, on this year’s list. The AKC attributes the bulldogs’ rise to the breeds’, “natural tendency to form strong bonds with kids, an easy-to-care-for coat and minimal exercise needs. “

A more specific type of Bulldog, the French bulldog, moved into the top 10, at number nine, this year for the first time in nearly 100 years, according to the AKC.

The Labrador retriever’s spot atop the Most Popular Breeds’ list continues its streak as the longest reign in AKC history.

Here is the full top 10 list of the 2014 Most Popular Dogs in the U.S.

1. Labrador Retriever

2. German Shepherd Dog

3. Golden Retriever

4. Bulldog

5. Beagle

6. Yorkshire Terrier

7. Poodle

8. Boxer

9. French Bulldog

10. Rottweiler

Corruption at Battery Park City Authority


MDC shares an article from the Broadheet. MDC has stated numerous times over the decades about the corruption that exists in Battery Park City. The quality of life decisions are all about financial gain for the board that are completely out of touch and unfortunately the residents suffer.

MDC offers to sponsor a class action lawsuit……more blatant evidence on the corruption.

Breaking News:

Today, at its 9:00 am board meeting, the Battery Park City Authority (BPCA) is expected to give control of North Cove Marina, which is legally mapped as parkland, to real estate developer Brookfield Properties, a firm that contributed more than $250,000 to the recent reelection campaign of Governor Andrew Cuomo (who oversees the BPCA).

Brookfield (which has no experience in running marinas) is believed to have partnered with Island Global Yachting, a firm that specializes in luxury anchorages for very large private vessels, owned by clients whose personal net worth is measured in nine figures. (BPCA chair Dennis Mehiel has acknowledged using IGY marinas for his own, 148-foot yacht.) IGY founder and owner Andrew Farkas (a billionaire real estate developer) was also among the largest contributors to Mr. Cuomo’s recent campaign for reelection.

Mr. Mehiel’s position as a customer of IGY (which bears some similarity to that of another BPCA board member, who recused herself from voting on the North Cove contract because she had paid to keep a boat at North Cove Marina) has given rise to concerns about a possible conflict of interest. In spite of this, Mr. Mehiel has apparently decided not to recuse himself, but the BPCA has refused to answer questions about how he arrived at this decision.

The State’s Joint Commission on Professional Ethics (JCOPE) is the body that rules on conflicts of interest for public officials. A JCOPE spokesman did not respond to a request for comment about whether Mr. Mehiel had a possible conflict of interest in the North Cove contract, or whether he had consulted JCOPE on this matter. JCOPE is led chairman Daniel Horowitz, who is the husband of BPCA president Shari Hyman.

A sign of broad dissatisfaction with what appears to be the BPCA’s likely move, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer has taken the unusual step of announcing that she will attend Thursday’s BPCA board meeting. “I believe the Battery Park City Authority’s original Request for Proposals process for marina operators was flawed,” she told the Broadsheet, “and needs to be reopened with more emphasis on the community’s needs and more room for the community to be involved. That’s what I’ll be telling them at their board meeting on Thursday.”

Among the widespread misgivings about the process are concerns about the standing of various members of BPCA’s board to vote on the North Cove contract, or their broader eligibility to serve on the Authority’s board at all. One member, Frank Branchini, was recently revealed have changed his residence to New Jersey three years ago. According to a public notice from the BPCA, Mr. Branchini will be participating in Thursday’s meeting via videoconference from another of his homes, in Florida.

Another director, Martha Gallo (the only member of the BPCA board who lives in Battery Park City), has recused herself from voting on the North Cove contract. Ms. Gallo made this determination in what may have been an attempt to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest. Her decision seems to have been driven by the fact that she has paid the current operator of North Cove Marina, local resident and small businessman Michael Fortenbaugh, to moor a boat there, and has also been a member of a sailing club that Mr. Fortenbaugh operates.

A third member, chairman Dennis Mehiel has similarly paid another bidder, Island Global Yachting (IGY), to utilize three marinas that company owns in the Caribbean for his private yacht. IGY, which specializes in luxury marinas for so-called “super yachts,” has partnered with Brookfield on that company’s bid to take control of North Cove. (Brookfield itself has no experience in managing marinas.) But Mr. Mehiel has declined to recuse himself from voting on the North Cove contract.

The BPCA declined to explain the reasoning behind Mr. Mehiel’s decision, and refused to clarify whether this determination was made on the advice of an attorney who specializes conflict-of-interest cases, or was based on his own judgement. (Mr. Mehiel is not an attorney.) In Mr. Mehiel’s communications with the Broadsheet, he did not mention having consulted an ethics lawyer, saying instead, “I don’t see an analogy between Martha’s connection to the Yacht Club and Helios at a marina in the Caribbean. It seems like a pretty big stretch to me, particularly given the protocol followed by the Authority.”

Aside from the symmetry in the positions of two BPCA board members paying two separate bidders for services, the primary contrast in the situations (apart from one member recusing herself and the other declining to) appears to be the amount of money involved in their respective transactions with the different bidders. North Cove Marina charges approximately $14,000 per year to moor a boat of the size that Ms. Gallo kept there, and a membership in the sailing club costs $1,500. This yields a total of less than $16,000.

Mr. Mehiel’s personal yacht, Helios, is 148 feet long, so large that carries onboard two motorboats, an 18-foot sailboat, two underwater scooters, and a pair of two-person kayaks, as well as three lifeboats capable of holding a total of 48 people. (When Mr. Mehiel is not using Helios, he rents it out for approximately $150,000 per week.) A boat of this size necessarily uses massive amounts of fuel, and the gasoline tank aboard Helios holds approximately 8,200 gallons. With the price of marine fuel currently fluctuating between $4 and $6 per gallon, filling this tank at an IGY marina would cost more than $32,000. Berthing a yacht the size of Helios at an IGY marina can also cost more than $8,000 per week. A 2011 study by consultants Engel & Völkers found that an IGY facility in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Yacht Haven Grande on St. Thomas (one of the three IGY marinas that Mr. Mehiel acknowledges using), was the tenth-most expensive marina in the world.

While the Broadsheet has not obtained detailed records of financial transactions for Helios, it appears that even short-term stays or occasional purchases of fuel at IGY facilities would yield a total payment by Mr. Mehiel to IGY far in excess of any payment by Ms. Gallo to the current operator of North Cove Marina. The BPCA refused to clarify the seeming disparity between one board member recusing herself because lower-value transactions, while another board member declined to recuse himself over higher-value transactions.

While there has been no allegation of impropriety on Mr. Mehiel’s part, the law that governs such situations appears to require more than the absence of wrongdoing. Section 74 of the Public Officers law, in the subdivision that deals with conflicts of interest, states, in part, that, “an officer or employee of a state agency . . . should endeavor to pursue a course of conduct which will not raise suspicion among the public that he is likely to be engaged in acts that are in violation of his trust.” The same passage continues, “an officer or employee of a state agency . . . should not by his conduct give reasonable basis for the impression that any person can improperly influence him or unduly enjoy his favor in the performance of his official duties, or that he is affected by the kinship, rank, position or influence of any party or person.”

Among the concerns voiced by critics of the North Cove bidding process has been the fact that IGY’s founder and owner, Andrew Farkas, was one of the biggest donors to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent campaign for reelection. Governor Cuomo directly oversees the BPCA, and appoints all of its board members.

“Whether or not there has been any actual impropriety is entirely beside the point,” says Jared Sheer, a lawyer who has lived in Battery Park City for three years. “For Dennis Mehiel not to recognize the potential conflict of interest is shocking. For him not to recognize the parallels between himself and the other board member is shocking. Dennis Mehiel must recuse himself. Anybody having any type of personal or professional ties to any of these bidders should recuse themselves.”

“In the normal course of events, small businesses unfortunately sometimes get pushed aside,” Mr. Sheer continues. “But these are questions about the board’s ties to a bidder who appears likely to win the contract. For them not to have even considered that Mehiel’s boat had any interaction with that company rings false to me. There seems to be a basic lack of fairness here. And a basic lack of transparency.”

“I have no vested interest personally,” Mr. Sheer reflects. “I live here, but I don’t have a boat, nor do I intend to use one. In other words, I haven’t had a particular reason to care who winds up with the winning bid.”

“But ultimately,” says Mr. Sheer, “it’s a question of whose interests the board is supposed to have in mind. They are agents of the state, appointed by the governor. So they are supposed to be representing the interests of the public. As residents, we all pay [ground rent] that allows us to live in this unique neighborhood. We deserve our best interests to be kept in mind as the neighborhood is governed. But this whole ugly situation raises serious questions about whether this board is positioned to do so.”

“It is essential that the BPCA preserve its integrity and the confidence of the Battery Park City community,” says Jenifer Rajkumar, a Battery Park City resident who also holds the elected post of District Leader for Lower Manhattan, and who has been a leading critic of the North Cove bidding process. “Over the past weeks, several issues have come to light which raise serious questions concerning the legitimacy of the entire process by which the BPCA has sought to award a lease for North Cove Marina. While these issues apparently have yet to be resolved, the BPCA would do well to reexamine its approach and to reopen the process so that there remain no questions as to the appropriateness and legality of what has occurred. Only in that manner can the BPCA ensure that it has fulfilled its mandate to conduct an open, honest and transparent selection process.”

The meeting at which the BPCA’s board is expected to vote on designating a new manager for North Cove Marina is scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday, January 22). This meeting, which is open to the public, will be held at the BPCA offices (200 Liberty Street, 24th floor) and begins at 9:00 am.

Source: broadsheet by Matthew Fentton