Aug 18, 2015

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Dynamite Lady

When D. M. Lavore wrote his love song “Dynamite Lady” in the seventies, he was speaking of a dynamite looking lady he wanted to hit on. Calling someone “dynamite looking” was a huge compliment and a phrase once commonly spoken in America. Today using the term dynamite and connecting it with lady makes one think of terrorism, and the possibility that some self styled Islamic young woman will blow herself up and those others she chose to take with her exploding like a nightmare on the streets of the planet.

Using the word dynamite, explosive, bombed, nuked, so many phrases that were once innocuous today are catch phrases to terrorism watchers from governments to media and internet corporations.

An MDC’s associates internet address had one such word, and the guru’s at Facebook and Twitter flagged the sight, sighting the provocative potential of the word, stretching the negative connotations of the word ‘explosive”, to the max.

Fear has achieved some form of public prostration to editors who breed fear as a successful business format.

Lavore’s chorus lyrics,
“Dynamite Lady, light up my charge,
believe in what I say
I got the power and you got the power
to make love in every way”.

What do those words mean? let’s investigate. Let someone investigate, it sounds dangerous.

Is it a secret code?

You get the drift.

What kind of world exists when everything is scrutinized to the point of extinction.

Free speech but you better have a first amendment lawyer around just in case. MDC adds, all lawyers (99.9%) are PIECES OF SHIT…..ALL OUT FOR THEMSELVES…. SORRY ASS MOTHERFUCKERS WHO ALL SHOULD DROP DEAD ! 

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