Mar 15, 2016

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Feeding FEAR Frenzy


You visit America’s countryside, you choose to become engaged in a rural community. Eventually you have a few friends and you are invited to someone’s wedding you bonded with. Many guests are relatives, workmates, and neighbors celebrating the popular local couples nuptial. Some of these guests have never left their county and some of them have little to do with the outside world. News comes from the tv or radio. And you find in the old local pubs many like you who live and die as good neighbors mirroring each other.

One of the guests after a few cocktails starts murmuring “well if the authorities come on my property and they want to take it or me off of my land, I’m gonna defend whats rightfully mine”. He went on with no one commenting about his paranoia he had guns. When you work on the land there are many times a small caliber gun or rifle can protect you. Coyotes, wolves, bears, poisonous snakes and rabid raccoons and other infected wild life require a measure of protection, and unless you know how to outrun a bear by running downhill bonsai style, or can stay totally still even though your human scent can be picked up miles from where you are a firearm works. In case of the fear that the government might come in to confiscate you or your property for taxes is a real ongoing fear, especially after the economic crisis the geniuses of government created.

My nature isn’t paranoid, but trusting. And sure as shootin’, don’t feel the need to carry a fire arm to defend me or my property. Others have needs of one but even when I am loaded with valuables, traveling alone in a busy city or visiting the countryside, being somewhere in bumf__k America, it doesn’t cross my mind to feel fear. I am white.

Traveling on airplanes before 9/11 and even earlier, one knew the flight would be full of comfort and amenities to make airplane flight less frightening, after all you are on a craft, vacuum sealed, afloat, and how do they do that, the scary take off make you consume a drink or two before you leave the tarmac. Today the fun of flying by air unless you have your own jet, is misery served on a plate. Pavlov could have studied our human compliant behavior and wondered if a whistle was replaced with politics of fear.

Fear is an audio issue. The ears hear fear, it’s not often originating in vision, or sense of smell like fire, or touch like itch, burns, and other environmental skin poisons. The fantastic song from the film “South Pacific”, the one with the lines, “you’ve got to be taught to hate and fear, you’ve got to be taught from year to year, it’s got to be drummed in your dear little ear, you’ve got to be carefully taught’”, tells it like it is. Fear is taught. We are not born that way.

Americans have lots of fear these days. Our politicians are unable to reason with one another, there is too much “quid pro quo” at stake. Americans are right to look at this mess we trusted our leaders to avoid. The assassination of JFK created a rift in our country still unhealed. Oswald’s televised assassination only created the death of any truth or trust with the Dallas and Texas politics of the time. Who knows what those Texans chose to not see, or the CIA, and some of our Military leaders fearing civil unrest. The rush to engage in Indochina, particularly the false premises used in Viet Nam, after Kennedy was trying to disengage, speaks volumes where much of Boomers minds are to this day. There were many on the Right, who were just as happy to lose our leader as when they hated the election of FDR or Jimmy Carter. These things don’t change they get handed down like heirlooms from past generations.

Todays fear frenzy is being fed by a gold-plated thug, mob tied to the Chinese backers, (quid pro quo), and others in the Casino, gambling business. The thug like landlords of New York, have every lawyered angle to suppress their tenants who aren’t fortunate enough to have the money to fight in courts that are overwhelmingly unnavigatable. A one-percenter if ever there was one pretends he is friends to the world. Anyone outside of NYC is star struck, blinded by the bluster and the distortions. Fear has an advocate, I may fear our Creator, but loud mouth thuggery is in one ear and out the other.

The other Cuban heirloom mentalities, are just as bad foaming at the mouth over the economy they destroyed with the last presidency, blaming every available issue on our current scapegoated president. It’s a big game to inflame, distort, uplift the fear like a dose of heroin to the uneducated among us. Most of us are part of the 99%, it is time to address us, our fears, our hopes, and our disappointments from the past GOP and democratic promises to nowhere but bankruptcy of the Social Safety Net.

What every New Yorker feels is the affects of the Bush 2 presidency, allowing our World Trade Center to fall under suspicious circumstances. And one more war coverup to divert the truths of which again the people with the power believe that WE CAN’T HANDLE.


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