Oct 20, 2015

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The other morning as I left my apartment I ran into our Super and his son. I stopped to chat and the Super complained about how bad the Mayor of New York City was. His son silently smiled agreeably and I responded.

“I can see that you are “Fox’d Up”. You watch Fox News don’t you.

I hit on something that I keep running into.

The Super was worried about crime noting there were not enough cops, “it is very bad out there”.

“Are you worried?“ I asked. “Watch this”, I said as I put my index finger up my nose, “Look around everywhere, why there are at least twenty cameras watching me pick my nose right now and you are concerned that there are no cops”. “Are you really afraid?”, I questioned, “or are you watching Fox?”.

Immigrants legally here employed by so many, doing well, having income, property, children, grandchildren and yet they have no clue to the America that lives in trust. What happened to that America, many Americans are “Fox’d UP”.

Crime is down in NYC and has been dropping since the time of the Dinkins administration. There are police and police type organizations monitoring our every move especially here in NYC. Even the end to “Stop and Frisk”, hasn’t changed the direction of lower crime rates.

I said further, “the last two Mayors, Rudy Giuliani and Bucks Bloomberg, sold the city out to real estate interests, very few apartments are available to rent and you are lucky they haven’t thrown you out of yours yet. No one can afford to live here any more and you couldn’t afford to move here even if you wanted to”.

MDC says, its over in New York City !!

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