Dec 9, 2015

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FREE Market Marijuana



In this past election results, an initiative to make smoking or using marijuana in Ohio recreationally or medicinally was shot down. It was defeated but not due to the political position against the use of herb(marijuana, cannabis,hemp) in all it’s forms and deliveries. This referendum was defeated because it would make a a few select individuals have sole rights to grow and distribute this wonder drug called POT. In other words the government wants to control Marijuana again but this time to make money for profit or to become the silent partner.

Off Track Betting, Casinos, Lottery tickets are all the results of the government taking over from individuals businesses considered a little shady like the mafia controlling numbers or gambling without sharing profits. It behooves our government to take it’s VIG from anything that was once considered illegal. Sometimes government is useful like regulating horse racing.

Liquor was once the bad guy, until prohibition failed to stop drinking alcohol, creating a crime wave the likes of which only modern cyber thieves can dream of. Yet it was a manufactured crime, a crime of behavior. Lives were shattered, and people went to great extremes to circumvent government laws against social behavior. Each States government has a field day with controlling liquor laws. Wet states, dry states, confused states, that’s America.

When our government attacked Marijuana over seventy years ago, as it did to cocaine, and other opiated products, the purpose may have been noble, however, culturally these products were part and parcel of historic behaviors steeped in ritual and ritual like blessing ones food is protected under our FREEDOM OF RELIGION or at least it should be.

Our government created laws that subverted parts of historic cultures as it does today. Our government has been selective and can change it’s mind over these behavioral laws in an instant, a decades long instant as well.

Rarely does our government get it right and seventy or so years ago it LIED to us about the anecdotal fears held by the few over the many, that Marijuana was so bad it had to become illegal and controlled by our government like our opiates, and other pharmacological products.

And now government wants in. It wants to change it’s tune conditionally, so it can control and gain an understanding of what if’s, to satisfy the red tape it’s clogged itself over. Lying to us and continued lies over marijuana, using pot as a vehicle of confusion has only disqualified the government from any reasonable part in it’s growing, and distribution, due to the regulations that would stymie the grand variety of the species and it’s ability to aide in well being.

Legalize marijuana, and have our first opportunity to get off the government addiction to control and demonize the free market economy which is what marijuana has created underground without the government and it satisfies all the needs of the population if government and the legal authorities would leave it and us alone. The lie has incarcerated our most vulnerable, cost families financially and spiritually and it was a sadistic scheme against us all.

Marijuana is homeopathy and not allopathy.

We want our free market marijuana and we are not paying the government one dime to control it.

Thank You Very Much,
​​​​​​Most sincerely,

Mother Nature

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