Dec 8, 2015

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Are you scared yet?

When the fear party (GOP), screams about the terrorists and the terrorists are screaming about the Infidels from abroad or home grown, all these factions of fear do not belong in the Western Hemisphere. Infidels and terrorists represent a Crusade that should have become a video game and not a cause to die over.

We have played Infidel to people who fear that the same dreaded CRUSADING battle between Christian and Muslim will continue till the end of time, dragging dread through millennia and regurgitating itself almost every century in one form or another.

Business model continuous war.

Religious fanaticism is causing all this behavior. Holier than thou, fundamentalists, are ripening into strange fruit once visited on the different, the slave, the other. That shadow of religious rigidity is why our constitution separated Church and State.

MCC doesn’t care what religion or whether one practices any form of any belief system, you are free to have that experience here. That is the gift shared by the original people populating this hemisphere. Whatever you believe, it is a personal choice mostly taught as a cursory knowledge, and we don’t have to know it or have it shoved in our face as the only way, cause it isn’t the only way.

So zealots of all persuasions, you are here in America which by any other name is a special place of abundance and you are bringing your fears here choking that abundant life of gratitude.

How can anyone make sense of these times. In the spring the rumors that the global markets would crash during the summer spread throughout the financial world of investment banks. And that fear was realized in the summer with a crash that lasted a moment, or through September only to reverse itself in the next few months. We have a flat market in a flat world economically.

You want to get rich? Really rich, just get into some form of security business and sell fear. Fear has become the best game in town and even JT Barnum would have been impressed to see the suckers eating fear up. Republican candidates sell fear as the reason they should be elected, because they have more fear to sell. Optimism doesn’t make money.

Republicans have enjoyed thinking how to have FDR roll over in his grave with infinite plans to destroy the social safety network that raised so many from the depression Republicans thrive on. It is why Bush 2, went into Iraq to bust the American economy saddling soaring debt through the military buildups and wasteful programs.

America has a choice to buy fear or to believe in an optimistic future.


Which sort of American are you?

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