Jun 29, 2015

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Once the most celebrated athlete in America, the Olympian Gold Medalist Decathlete Bruce Jenner now is the most celebrated confused person in the world unfortunately utilizing media marketing to create wealth. MDC says, please chop your tiny dingle because nobody wants more television show lies you are planning at the end of July. 


What a personal luxury to have in the twenty first Christian century, Choice.  What we have as a Nation is an opportunity to Aquarianate the new Millennium with ANYTHING GOES.


This Aquarian astrological aspect has been discussed and contemplated, and believed as a certainty in the Astrological community through decades of obvious restlessness amongst the Natives.


Hopis and Hippies, Gurus and Sages, have all come in Peace.  The Warrior has been redirected. 


The Healing is now.  We are all wounded Warriors.  What has been buried with Wars and Displacements wants to be let out, healed, it cannot be contained.


It has born a new GenerJenneration, out of the necessity to heal thyself.  We are after all a very sick planet.  Mutants one and all.


On this side of the planet Tolerance, has had a victory.

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