Apr 12, 2016

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Some news junkies have forgiven the networks until now over the miserable coverage of elections that gets worse every cycle. Today we are bombarded with this presidential primary season full of the worst punditry ever seen on our tv’s.

Wall to wall Donald, positive, negative, over the top, you can’t turn to any news program without his image and a repeated news cycle story, only jumping to Bernie and Hillary, Ted and John, as colorful fill. Just the way stories are framed and dragged on repetitively, one reporter after another with the same information stated differently one hundred times or more.

You channel surf and he is in your face. His puckered mouth, his assumptive “I know everything better than everybody” attitude makes New Yorkers want to puke.

Sure there are many people out there, informed and uninformed, blinded by the covered up bigotry of the man, bigoted by privilege and a false sense of birthright, silver spooned perspective on how the world works. America the one that got suckered into buying Chinese garbage products instead of “Made In America”, (our gift from Nixon trying the commerce side of life as a way to lower the China Commie threat), highlights a perfect example of Chinese influence with the Donald. In bed financially with the Commies, we should use the term Peking Donald the front hawker.

The sad reality is that it may be time to just chuck the damn tv out the window, and at least dramatically scream, “I won’t take it any more” as an act of liberation.


Networks have been bought out by the bottom line. Network assumption is that this kind of twenty four hour coverage of an Ugly American is a cash cow. What it is, is a dumbing down and it is corporate sponsored.

We Americans take it up the butt with network and cable tv not delivering what REAL NEWS we need. We need trustworthy coverage of the candidates and the state of affairs of our citizenry. We need information not agendas.

Looking for a savior in a President or a presidential candidate, a hero that can bring us into lost prosperity will require a rethink and a review of our expectations. We aren’t finding answers from our news outlets. Congress has been out to lunch since Obama became President. Most people are too burnt out trying to survive to even know what is in their best interests politically and their future prospects financially. That won’t change if the News corporations have there way. Americans have become serfs to mediocrity and we the people are at a point where “We won’t take it any more”.

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