Apr 13, 2016

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My Offshore Fund

My offshore fund has become a cesspool from human activity. Once upon a time it held abundant sea life to sustain my family.

My offshore fund brought comfort to the heat of the summer, and it brought shells and sand enabling the creation of vessels like ourselves to hold and store our abundance.

Once upon a time, but now it holds dreaded plastic and oil slicks, choking red tides, and toxic waste discarded out of sight out of mind.

My offshore fund had radioactive waters put there by incompetence, as if petroleum products weren’t enough to make us all glow.

My offshore fund was intended to be shared by all of life.


Now my offshore fund has been raided, and trampled upon, used as a corpse, or a doormat to some corporate intention. My offshore fund suddenly very recently like in the last few centuries has become inaccessible to many due to the concept that the shore is owned and not created by forces greater than any individual.

Walking the shores of my offshore fund, finds tar on my bare foot, a needle or two and lots of plastic in colorful contorted clumps.

My offshore fund has uncomfortable cables and pipes that are filled with poison and fibrous things that often have discharges and breaks.

Relatives of the sea are miserable just like the relatives on land, and it’s gonna take a lot of funds to fix it. A lot of respect to begin with.

My offshore fund sees the dying of the starfish as a cancer to all of it’s life.

My offshore fund has healing powers and life giving powers that the dark side has infested.

Our worldly investment infested by human activity is now OUR OFFSHORE FUND ON PLANET EARTH.

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