Dec 11, 2015

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rent and shit

Insulated like a cement world, part coffin, part museum environment, one could get that Platonic short sighted vision of the world in a Manhattan apartment.

NYC rents have gone up consistently without stop. The economy has been stuck in neutral forty years without average incomes of citizen Joe’s and Jane’s rising along with rents. It has become a hopeless homeless reality.

Landlords like Trump have no interest unless the government steps in to protect the tenants from usurious rentals. In New York City maybe seventy percent of the city residents would have to move if there were no rent laws in effect. Landlords continually cheat on the laws take protected affordable apartments and convert them into fast turn over spaces or hold spaces empty due to tax codes that favor this practice.

A forty five year squeeze on the middle class, the gift that keeps giving the small one percent’s infinite power, and the trusting average American citizen that cannot fathom how to get out of the nightmare American cartoon dream that is our current reality. The children have no where to go and no hope of owning or renting affordable spaces, ending up living with parents who also struggle to get by.

Even gas has finally got the message and the game of glut and squeeze is ending. But not rents. Especially apartment rentals. Apartments in big cities are less available to the glee of the landlord corporation, inc., the soulless entity with only one directive, the bottom line, the soulless bottom.

Unless you are a degreed millennial working in a major corporation, you cannot afford to live in NYC. Living off of inheritances, social safety networks, rent stabilization, and the like are what constitutes the majority of people still living on Manhattan Island.

Until rents begin to reflect the real incomes of the average citizens, until they tumble to a realistic amount like the price of a barrel of oil today, before a catastrophic event forces rents down it behooves the City to get housing availability and affordability as priority number one. The direction now is a high rise full of deserted apartments with people who have seized the wealth and invested in a view of heaven.

MDC says, Ya’all FUCKED !!!

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