Jan 10, 2012

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The largest cash crop in America is cannabis, and the second leading business after the military industrial complex. It is the excuse used by so many to maintain the lie that cannot be supported anymore, as this lie will bring us all down.
The founding fathers wanted a secular government and created the separation of church and state, offering freedom to peoples who had been too long denied any equality.  I cannot tolerate someone telling me how their, religious beliefs are better than mine or that believing in a Creator or not would make me a better or worse citizen than the next.
Let’s face it, want an argument then find any two individuals and let them discuss religion politely, almost impossible.
Politicians today are throwing religion into the campaigns and instead of enlightening the citizenry, what is coming out or their mouths is divisive and intolerable from a constitutional point of view.  This should have been settled two centuries ago but with the rise of orthodoxy in many religions demanding current life in scripture millennia old interpretations, the few zealots are shouting down the majority.
Look at the doomsday rhetoric, and how easy it is for any of us to fall prey to superstitions. Let us say the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world, well what world is the Mayan calendar predicting to end?  After every end there is a beginning, and for the Mayans it will be the fifth world.  The celestial bodies will align and what has happened historically celestially before as witnesses by the ancients may repeat again in the heavens.
Now smoking is a ritual and ritual falls under the heading of religion in our constitution.  The state has taken control of tobacco, which has always traditionally been used in rituals since the beginning of time.  Right there the rights were removed when the government wanted a piece of the tobacco action.  Like gambling, the government got involved in controlling gambling from horseracing to lotteries.  The government seizure of these industries whether for the good or the bad of society is an open question.  What is not in doubt the government wanted to profit share.
Seventy years later the policy of creating cannabis as an illegal substance after the millennia of proof to its ritual and medicinal purposes remains an outrage.  Cannabis should have no interference from the government.  It should be put back into the control of the people who are mature enough, smart enough, and good enough to judge for themselves what is good or not good.
So let it be said now and for the record, Cannabis should be separated from commercial interests of the government and in so doing the government will once again restore and correct the wrong path it set itself upon years ago.
It is time to separate Church, State, and Cannabis.

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