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John F. Kennedy





MDC honors JFK today !!

A year of events marking the 100th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s birth is drawing to a close exactly 54 years after his assassination.

National park rangers will lay a wreath outside Kennedy’s childhood home in Brookline, Massachusetts, and a 21-gun salute by an honor guard will follow.

Wednesday’s solemn commemorations fall on the anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.

The observances are being held at what is now known as the John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site administered by the National Park Service.

The nation’s 35th president was born in the leafy Boston suburb on May 29, 1917.

MDC shares a little inside of who JFK was:

*He was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for heroism during World War II.

*John F. Kennedy is the youngest ever elected President of the United States

* He established the Peace Corps in 1961

* JFK averted nuclear war through his negotiations with Soviet leader Khrushchev (MDC says, he had Russia dismantle their weapons.) 

* He was responsible for the Equal Pay Act of 1963



Source: Artwork by #CharmaineOlivia


Wanna Win the Kentucky Derby? Get Your Horse Born on January 1


HERE’S AN EASY way to make a few bucks before the Kentucky Derby: Bet your friends that every horse on the track is a Capricorn. While they’re scrambling to look up all those equine birthdays, drink their juleps.

Then make your case: Under a byzantine rule created more than a century ago, every racehorse has the same birthdate, January 1. Born on May 27? Overridden. On paper, every horse on the track Saturday is 3 years, 4 months, and 6 days old.

Which is weird, because in nature, horse birthdays actually tend to fall in the spring and summer. (“I’m going to blame a man for this,” Barbara Murphy, an equine science professor at the University College Dublin, says of the universal racehorse birthday, “because it was someone who didn’t understand the breeding cycle of female horses.”) See, horses are long-day breeders, meaning they become fertile as spring arrives and the days lengthen. (People are “continuous breeders,” a nice way of saying they get knocked up all year long.) A mare can get preggers between April and October, and because the gestation period is 11 months, she gives birth between March and August.

The distribution for racehorses, however, looks significantly different.

Racehorse foals tend to be born between January and April, earlier than the March–August timeframe you’d see in the wild.
That’s because the birthday rule—established in 1851 by the British Jockey Club to make age grouping “simple”—dramatically increases demand for horses born as soon after the New Year as possible. Think about it. Say it’s January, and you’re looking at buying one of two yearlings. The first was born last January, so he’s a full year old. Look at that glossy coat! Those rippling muscles! The other was born in July, so chronologically he’s just six months old, all knobby knees and fluffy tail. It would be like putting a toddler in first grade and expecting him to be able to read.

The result of this bogus birthday? Breeders do everything they can to make sure foals are born as early in the next year as possible, including triggering mares’ fertility hormones early in the year. And they do it by recreating the sun.

Recreating the Sun
When light hits receptors at the back of the retina, an electrical impulse activates that acts, as Murphy puts it, as “the master pacemaker of the biological clock.” That clock sends a signal to the pineal gland, which reduces the melatonin being produced and triggers a horse’s springtime hormones. Breeders know exactly how much light a stabled thoroughbred needs: A mare in a 12×12 stall needs 8 extra hours of light post-sunset from a 200-watt bulb.

In 1947, Cambridge researcher John Burkhardt found that putting mares under artificial light created the same effect as natural daylight. So owners flip the switch in mid-November or December, subjecting mares to about 6 hours more of “day” than the 9 or so they’d normally get at that time of year. “If you fly into Lexington at night before breeding season, it’s like flying to a different planet,” Murphy says. “You can see all the barns lit up like spaceships.”


Then, at the start of the breeding season in February, boom! The mares are ready to rumble a month or two early, which means their babies arrive a month or two earlier, making them that much “older” than their non-light-shifted peers. (If you screw up the timing and your horse is born December 31? Bad luck. The next day, your horse is considered a yearling.) And indeed, since the understanding of the effect of this kind of seasonal jet lag took hold in the 1950s, the real birthdays of Kentucky Derby winner (and especially of Triple Crown winners) have fallen earlier and earlier in the year.
But keeping all your mares in specifically lit barns has downsides. Breeders pay higher electricity bills, sure, but many horses do better in pastures where they can walk and graze freely; confined to stalls, they can develop health issues and behavioral problems. So in 2013, Murphy’s company, Equilume, came out with a blue-light mask. The headpiece straps on like a fly mask and has a cup under one eye. Once the mask is activated, a short wavelength blue light in that cup lights up automatically each night. “The suppression of melatonin is susceptible to blue light, which is kind of like the light at dawn and dusk,” says Murphy.

Equilume’s light is similar to the blue LED in your phones that keeps you awake. (Binge-watch Game of Thrones or fire off a few emails before tucking in and your brains dials down melatonin.) Does that mean there are a lot of sleep-deprived mares stumbling all over Kentucky? Not really.
Research has shown the masks don’t impact a horse’s ability to rest, probably because horses have different sleep cycles than humans—they sleep just 2.5 hours a day in 15 minute bursts.

Not only can masked horses live in pastures full-time, but the masks stimulate some mares that don’t respond to indoor lighting methods. (The otherworldly effect of glowing barns is not totally lost, however. Stuart Brown, a vet and racehorse breeding consultant in Kentucky, was walking his dogs one night when he saw blue lights bobbing in the dark. UFOs? Police lights on the public road behind his property? Nah, just cyborg horses: Brown had forgotten that he had put Equilume masks on his four broodmares.)

Hacking the Odds
Gamblers don’t seem to care much about the horse hacking. “I’ve never looked at it, I’ve never thought about it, I’ve never considered it,” says Stu Kirschenbaum, a handicapper, regular better, and lifelong racing fan. “Never in my entire life has it ever once come up in conversation with the people I go to the track with or talk to about the races.”

So why do breeders spend so much time and money manipulating exactly when horses have their babies? By the time thoroughbreds compete in the Derby at age 3, most differences between horses born a few months apart have evened out. But even the smallest advantage helps. “There’s no doubt in a sales setting that horses foaled later just don’t have the size and presence of their counterparts,” Brown says. (After all, the last three Triple Crown winners were born in February, placing them on the older side compared to their peers.)


Indeed, Todd Pletcher, a leading trainer with two horses in this year’s Derby (Destin, born April 16, and Outwork, born March 8), draws a hard line when looking at young horses. “I will buy late May foals but not June,” he wrote in an email. “When looking at yearlings I will look at the foaling date and keep it in mind. Perhaps a May foal will seem undersized or a January foal will seem very mature.” Some concessions must be made for those younger horses in training, too. At Payton Training Center run by Pletcher’s father, for example, they won’t breeze (a term for letting a horse work at a moderate speed) a May-born horse as soon as his older peers.

And while light therapy is all about winning races, it also helps maximize profits for mare owners and stud income for elite stallions. Before the therapy became widespread, thoroughbred foaling rates were around 50 percent. Today, lighting systems, hormones, and tech that detects exactly when a mare is ovulating push that to more than 80. Now that more mares can get pregnant and breeders see higher success, stallions are busier getting busy, bringing stud fees in the tens of thousands.

But why not drop all the tinkering and change the universal birthday to, say, March 1, which would align with the natural breeding cycle? Air-kissers of the world would be … inconvenienced. “The absurd thing is I’ve been told we would have to alter the whole social season,” William “Twink” Allen, renowned equine fertility researcher, says. Horses running for the roses in May would trend a few months younger and might not be mature enough to run, pushing the Derby back, thus interfering with tennis season, rowing season, and everything else that fills the calendars of the elite.

Until that happens (it probably won’t), there’s another way to make a little money this Saturday. You could look at a horse’s track record, the weather conditions, the trainer’s background, and the horse’s position in the starting gate. You could put your money on the favorite. You could pick the jockey with the loudest silks. Or you could try a truthier astrological bet, and when the winner crosses the finish line, wager your pals that he’s either an Aquarius or a Pisces. Maybe an Aries. Statistically, the track is full of them; one is likely to be standing in the winners’ circle.



Source: thx wired

American Scapegoat


It was FDR who ruined America, if one listened to historic Republican banter no matter what good he brought to the masses, or how he may have saved America and the Western World from Hitler’s Germany and his monumental Scapegoating.

Many minorities know Scapegoating, but we have been witnessing the use of SCAPEGOAT on President Obama.

How convenient a scapegoat Obama makes. How could this young Afro-American have any idea how the world works, he is not of the ruling class, and he never will be.

But what really makes me want to complain is the fact that after the despicable behaviors of the last Bush Presidency trying to fix the other Bush Presidency on some Texan moral record of history, and the world is only six thousand years old, da, there is a rush to blame Obama on the state of the economy, the Middle East, immigration issues, border crisis and pimples.

Reagan played the Iran card on Carter and the Russians moved into Afghanistan. Can anyone connect the dots? Our budget destruction began with Reagan who rightly or wrongly outspent the Russians in a global strategy that left the USSR in financial ruin and the U.S. in monumental debt, us being the little American paying our more than fair share to support these guaranteed bust agendas. After these past thirty-four years of results can anyone still blame Obama or use him as a scapegoat? Of Course, it is so convenient.

And now we have the perfect media run hype personified scapegoat who can be blamed for the economy going south, never moving past the dollars destruction traced back to the Viet Nam War, and Nixon and his Administrations decision to remove America from the Gold Standard. Or, his administrations decision to let interest rates rise so as not to see Rich Americans relocate all their wealth in Switzerland and British banks that offered higher interest rates.

Not one pundit speaks of those Nixon decisions and times when interest rates rose to 11%, then were allowed to float to the whims of the market. Congress lifted the usury limitations that were enacted after the Great Depression.

Am I Scapegoating in blaming Nixon and the Republicans? Business seems to always slow dramatically when a Republican is in the White House. We had two major recessions while IKE was the President. This last major recession or mini-depression is still holding sway to the world’s economy. All the printed money from our Treasury has only supported the large banks and major corporations keeping them alive, showing how America has become one giant corporate megamouth eating up every avenue or revenue once in the hands of the people.

We can blame our despair on Obama, he has been chosen to be the symbol. If one thinks that any Republican Representative really wants to control Congress and the White House after the last time we had a Bush or Reagan or Nixon drain the American Treasure as if it were endless then as Bush couldn’t remember fool Americans once shame on the Republicans fool Americans twice the shame is on the dumb uneducated American citizen.

99% American


There are a lot of Americans who have a beef with the one percent. They don’t go out and march everyday instead they pursue their lives by living as best they can within the parameters of their circumstances. But when the government elected representative no longer represents the interests of the people confusion reigns and people will do what they must do.

Some individuals run out and buy automatic weapons afraid that some law will restrict their ability to protect themselves. Where has belief in God gone, has it been legislated away replaced by the gun brain?

After Occupy Wall Street rose it’s uncomfortable head, the world saw the results. The Government reaction was overkill. Today a police presence remains at Zucotti Park in lower Manhattan with metal barriers and police vans equipped with cameras and every sophisticated tool to identify the owner of the dog that might terrorize a planter.

The enormous metal Bull raging in lower Manhattan on lower Broadway and gifted anonymously one night long ago to the sidewalk is protected by Cops and a metal barrier. Who is going to mess with that monumental sculpture that no one owns and no one knows what to do with. The Bull is protected like the Bull Poop thrown up by the politicians demanding more security. We are not secure ever since we have no money to pay our bills that the Government rang up fighting wars over oil and oil interests that lubricate both business and the Military Industrial Complex. Planet be screwed.

There is good reason to believe that the greed bred fear got us here. Ninety-nine percenters don’t march these days that battle has been fought and the Occupy Movement won. There has been much change even though the powers that be will never admit it and you can put that in your pipe in most States now and smoke it.


The Homeless American


So many homeless out on the streets talking to themselves, finished with the reality that got
them to this point. What is left but a bag of bare essentials, mostly musty clothing, and a hair comb that once and still is a comfort, the last vestige of vanity.

Often, I fear that homelessness can visit me. It has visited many of my generation.
The Homeless Veteran is one of Americas worst ongoing story. It is our sad inability to see that the homeless lay amongst us in the doors and alleyways invisibly, or find rest under and behind trees
that shelter the unwanted in a park or the subway bench or car seat, protecting one from the frightening unknown.

Millions of people are overextended financially and living from one paycheck to the next. There were no bale outs Families received when the economy went bust. The only baling is the sinking ship feeling so many are stuck in. Squeezed financially, unsupported emotionally, unprepared educationally, and the ground below your feet is shifting violently, is the recipe, the diet, now being served. The old job doesn’t exist. The old models are no longer serving the community. The new looks nothing like the old. And everyone and everything is affected.

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg expressed concern that private jet owners could clog up the city’s homeless shelters. “You can arrive in your private jet at Kennedy Airport, take a private limousine and go straight to the shelter system, walk in the door, and we’ve got to give you shelter,”
Bloomberg said, speaking on the radio.

The Homeless American may be the Future American.

Fall of the Wall



Fences and walls on our borders must make Ronald Reagan’s words at the Berlin wall separating East from West Germany and their Russian allies, to “Tear Down That Wall”, the ultimate American embarrassment. Here we are today with Republicans living out their fears on all of us, but absolutely embracing separation and fear. We should be opening up the borders and tearing down the walls to all those that want to come.

Today the restrictions placed on immigrants create a void that only the criminal and clever evade. They will get in anyway they can. Others are so desperate that the only option is to take the risk and survive rather than die a slow death without any hope.

Tearing down walls is the only way forward.

Golden Week


MDC begs the United States Government to create a Golden Week for the american citizen.

In China, The “Golden Week” is the name given to a semi-annual 7-day national holiday, implemented in 2000.

MDC asks, What’s the deal?   Three days of paid holiday are given, and the surrounding weekends are re-arranged so that workers in Chinese companies always have seven continuous days of holiday. These national holidays were first started by the government for the PRC’s National Day in 1999 and are primarily intended to help expand the domestic tourism market and improve the national standard of living, as well as allowing people to make long-distance family visits. The Golden Weeks are consequently periods of greatly heightened travel activity.

An estimated 28 million Chinese traveled during the first National Day Golden Week in 1999. In 2007, this number had increased to over 120 million.

We still want a Golden Week.