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9/11 Dust and Heart Disease


More than 100 children who were exposed to chemical fumes from the 9/11 attacks have a far higher risk of heart disease than they should, a new study says.

After the Twin Towers fell on September 11, 2001, the disaster site was omitting toxic fumes of mercury, asbestos, and jet fuel.

Experts say the fumes lingered until at least July 2002, when the clean-up was declared complete.

Now, an analysis by NYU Langone Health researchers of 308 children in the World Trade Center Health Registry (WTCHR) has shown the devastating impact this had on young people.

The 123 children with higher blood levels of the chemicals known to be in the dust had a 15 percent increase in levels of artery-hardening fats in their blood.

It is the first concrete study to lay bare the long-term cardiovascular health risks in children from toxic chemical exposure on 9/11.

In fact, a week after the attacks the EPA assured citizens that the site ‘did not pose a health hazard’. 

The agency has since admitted that was wrong – and some say that even today people living in Lower Manhattan are exposed to dangerous fumes.

Battery Park City Authority Thug Actions


A security firm that provides guard services to the Battery Park City Authority (BPCA) has a record and scandal and alleged misconduct that has caused it to be dismissed from multiple government contracts at sensitive locations in recent years.

FJC Security, which currently has a contract with the BPCA worth $1.8 million to provide guards at Pier A and the Stuyvesant High School Community Center, was also called upon to post guards at North Cove Marina over the weekend, when the Authority seized the facility and locked out local resident and small businessman Michael Fortenbaugh, who has operated the yacht basin for ten years.

FJC Security was dismissed in 2013 from a contract at Newark Liberty Airport worth more than $100 million. This move came in reaction to the discovery that the company’s supervisor there, Peter “Bimbo” Oyewole, was an illegal immigrant who had been fraudulently using the birth certificate and Social Security number of Jerry Thomas, a man who was murdered in Queens in 1992. Mr. Oyewole appears to have usurped Mr. Thomas’ identity to pass background checks and demonstrate that he was he was legally eligible to work in the United States. When the ruse was discovered, Mr. Oyewole was fired, arrested and jailed. He was eventually sentenced to one year of probation, and deported.

Also in 2013, an FJC guard at the George Washington Bridge, Sami Omar, was arrested by a Port Authority police officer for smoking marijuana while on duty. This came amid a tense relationship between Port Authority Police and FJC guards at the George Washington Bridge, in which the private security personnel were alleged to have played recorded laughter at high volume over police radio frequencies, to prevent Port Authority cops from communicating with each other. Other FJC guards at the George Washington Bridge were alleged to have been caught sleeping while on duty, one of them allowing a distraught young man to slip by a security booth unnoticed, before he attempted to jump from the bridge. In 2010, Port Authority officials also questioned why FJC guards did not notice Rutgers student Tyler Clementi as he passed a guard booth, before taking his own life by plunging from the bridge.

In 2012, several FJC guards at Kennedy Airport were photographed sleeping while on duty. A former supervisor for the company, Stephen Jackson, later alleged that FJC fired him in retaliation for documenting these lapses. Mr. Jackson’s boss, Gerard Robinson, was himself later fired for e-mailing a photo of his genitalia to other FJC employees.

In 2011, Port Authority security managers also said that inattention by FJC guards had allowed an emotionally disturbed man to climb from the World Trade Center PATH station down onto the tracks, and walk two miles through the tunnel beneath the Hudson River, emerging in Jersey City, where he claimed (falsely) to have planted a bomb in the tunnel.

A spokesman for FJC Security did not respond to a request for comment for this story.

When asked to comment on the BPCA’s relationship with FJC, an Authority spokesperson said, “the Board of the Battery Park City Authority approved the selection of FJC as the provider of fixed-site security services for Battery Park City in 2011 pursuant to a competitive procurement process. Its contract to provide these security services runs through February 28, 2015.”

Source: broadsheet by Matthew Fenton


Anyone who is actually surprised by the thug actions taken by the BPCA over the North Cove Marina has had their head in the sand for way too long.

Don’t you know that we’ve now returned to the Gilded Age, in which corporate fat cats do what they want, when they want, to whom they want, wherever they want?

And so it goes.

The fix was in down here ages ago, and the recent thug behavior by the BPCA (which apparently exists solely to do the bidding of Goldman now) is absolutely no surprise. They’ve been lying in wait for Mr. Fortenbaugh’s lease to expire, and the instant it did, they pounced.

There were always problems with this neighborhood, starting with the idiotic land lease program, but at least you used to have the feeling that most of the inhabitants were decent human beings who tried to be good neighbors and make this neighborhood more than a high-end youth hostel for baby brokers who needed a nearby crash pad to change clothes after putting in another all-nighter at the firm. All pretense is now gone . . . because, hey, money talks. As it always has.

My condolences to Mr. Fortenbaugh and to everyone who utilized and loved the marina as it was.

Dorothy Samel

Downtown All Connected

IMG_0517.JPGThe Battery Park City Authority (BPCA) has a new president and chief operating officer. At the Tuesday meeting of the BPCA’s board, chairman Dennis Mehiel asked the directors to approve his choice of Shari C. Hyman as the agency’s new president. “I am thrilled to welcome such an accomplished professional to lead our operations at the Authority and look forward to working closely with Shari in our continuing effort to further the mission of our organization,” Mr. Mehiel said.

Ms. Hyman, who did not speak at Tuesday’s meeting, currently heads the City’s Business Integrity Commission, which monitors allegations of corruption and racketeering in the waste disposal and wholesale food industries. She has led that agency since 2011. In 2006, then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg appointed Ms. Hyman to lead the Office of Special Enforcement (OSE), a multi-agency taskforce focused on quality of life issues. During Ms. Hyman’s tenure, OSE attracted considerable attention for cracking down on the sale of counterfeit goods on Canal Street. Before coming to OSE, Ms. Hyman served as deputy executive director and chief of investigations at the New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board, which investigates allegations of excessive force and abuse of authority by New York City police officers. She began her legal career in the office of the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, where she worked in the Labor Racketeering division and participated in a long-term investigation of the Lucchese crime family, which resulted in the indictment of 38 individuals and 11 companies for racketeering in the construction industry.

Ms. Hyman is married to attorney Daniel J. Horwitz, who heads the State’s Joint Commission on Professional Ethics (JCOPE), an anti-corruption task force that oversees and investigates State agencies, such as the Battery Park City Authority. Before taking the chairmanship at JCOPE, Mr. Horwitz was a partner at the New York law firm of Lankler Carragher & Horwitz, which was founded by Andrew Lankler. Mr. Lankler is a former staff attorney at the BPCA, and defended the Authority in a 2010 investigation by the State Inspector General’s office, which alleged widespread misuse of BPCA funds.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the BPCA also ratified Mr. Mehiel’s previously announced proposal that Battery Park City resident Robin Forst be designated as the Authority’s vice president for external relations, which will include serving as inter-governmental liaison and media spokesperson.

After both hires had been approved, BPCA board member Martha Gallo (the only director of the Authority who lives in Battery Park City) pronounced herself “happy that the Authority has two women leaders.” Both Ms. Hyman and Ms. Forst are slated to begin their new jobs in early February.

MDC always wondered what ever happened to an associates complaints to the CCRB, it seems you wouldn’t want to challenge anything going forward from several past abusive BPC incidents if your future paycheck is depending on it.

source: Matthew Fenton / the Broadsheet

Battery Park Exec Pigs at Public Trough

20140824-215611-78971500.jpgALBANY — There’s no such thing as a free lunch — unless you’re an executive at the Battery Park City Authority, a top state watchdog said yesterday.
Inspector General Joseph Fisch blasted the lower Manhattan housing agency for “squandering” nearly $350,000 on parties, gifts and lunches amid complaints of flings and favoritism among top executives — allegations first reported last year by The Post.
The watchdog’s 34-page report found that officials squandered some $100,000 in public money on catered lunches between 2005 and 2008 and some $45,000 annually on picnics, going-away bashes and open-bar holiday parties.
The parties were described as lavish affairs, with giveaways, DJs and professional photographers.
The theme picnics were organized by outside event planners and featured pony rides and face painting.
One year, the agency purchased special “misting” fans to cool attendees.
The authority, which was set up in 1968 to develop and manage 92 acres on Manhattan’s southern tip, is required by law to turn over any surplus cash to the state and the city.
“Such excess spending by a state authority was outrageous,” Fisch said while commending the authority’s new chairman, former city Comptroller Bill Thompson Jr., for reforming policies and eliminating abuses.
The authority’s former chairman, James Gill, resigned earlier this year. Its former CEO, James Cavanaugh, retired last month.
The report singles out for special criticism Cavanaugh, a former Westchester County Republican Party chairman, and his top aide, Laura Wilson Kimball, a onetime assistant to former state First Lady Libby Pataki.
Fisch cited “almost daily” lunch dates between the pair and said Kimball received more than $28,000 in raises over three years amid speculation that they were romantically involved.
Fisch said Cavanaugh and Kimball refused to answer questions about their personal relationship.
Cavanaugh called the inspector general’s finding “nonsense” and said the report “comes close to being slanderous.”
“It completely misrepresents the record of the Battery Park City Authority, makes unsubstantiated allegations against certain executives and ignores evidence in their favor,” Cavanaugh said.

Investigation into the Battery Park City Authority finds:
* Nearly $350,000 blown on parties, gifts and free lunches
* Complaints of favoritism and romance among executives
* $100,000 in inappropriate donations to unrelated charities
* Chairman received improper perks, such as a car and driver


Source: Office of the state Inspector General

Section 230

20140824-215611-78971500.jpgPublishing the Statements and Content of Others

If you have web forums, allow reader comments, host guest bloggers on your site, or if you repost information that you receive from RSS feeds, you generally will be shielded from liability for defamatory statements made by your users and guests under section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (“Section 230”). This important federal law protects you from certain types of liability, including defamation, associated with the statements and other user-submitted content you publish on your site.

Section 230 grants interactive online services of all types, including blogs, forums, and listservs, broad immunity from liability so long as the information at issue is provided by a third-party. You will not lose this immunity even if you edit the content, whether for accuracy or civility, and you will be entitled to immunity so long as your edits do not substantially alter the meaning of the original statements.

Note that Section 230 does not shield you from liability for copyright infringement claims and other intellectual property claims. If you publish or use the creative work of others, their trademarks, or certain confidential business information without the permission of the owner, you may be exposing yourself to legal liability for violations of intellectual property law. Fortunately, if you allow your site’s user to post this type of content you can protect yourself from copyright infringement claims under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), so long as you establish effective “notice-and-takedown” procedures, promptly remove content when a copyright owner notifies you that it is infringing, and have no knowledge that the material in question is infringing. We cover liability associated with copyright, trademark, and trade secrets in the Intellectual Property section of this legal guide. For guidance on the procedures you should follow under the DMCA, see the section on Protecting Yourself Against Copyright Claims Based on User Content.


Source: digital media law project www.dmlp.org for more incredible information .

PEP’s Kill Birds



MDC always said, these Park Enforcement Officers “the abundance of PEP’s do not belong in this community.”

Now, THEY KILL BIRDS !!!  Does anyone recall “dog deaths” in the neighborhood?  Just thinking out loud.

Around 3 p.m. on Friday, several people walking in Battery Park called 911 to report curious goings-on: a man driving a Parks Department golf cart was tearing erratically through a city park at 1 Whitehall Street.

As the calls came in, the police said, it emerged that the cart’s driving pattern may have been reckless, but it was not without purpose. The driver was apparently trying to run over as many birds as he could.

Officers responded, “and over the course of the investigation we uncovered videotape,” a Police Department spokesman said. Five birds were killed, the police said: three pigeons, two seagulls.

The authorities said the man at the wheel of the golf cart was Martin Hightower, a 45-year-old Parks Department employee. He was arrested and charged with two misdemeanors, reckless endangerment and intentional injury to animals. A Parks Department spokesman said Mr. Hightower had been suspended.

Mr. Hightower has been employed by the Parks Department since 2005 and was working as an enforcement patrol officer, said Adrian Benepe, the parks commissioner.

“They primarily concentrate on quality-of-life issues: illegal vending, not cleaning up after a dog,” he said. “They can make arrests and issue summonses. I haven’t seen the videotape yet, and I don’t want to prejudice the case, but if it’s true, it’s outrageous. In the Parks Department we’re supposed to be protecting nature and wildlife.”

He went on: “I can’t recall anything like this. Occasionally we’ll write a ticket for somebody who’s letting their dog chase pigeons. A few years ago, there was an employee at the zoo who was scalding monkeys. This is something we take very seriously.”

MDC shares the continued practice of Battery Park Park Enforcement Officers “tearing erratically” around in a golf kart.  MDC obtained numerous videos of PEP in these manners.





Source :

Published: February 16, 2008 NY TIMES

Fraud in Battery Park City

In the year 2013, all of MDC comments and predictions on Battery Park City were highly accurate. The Battery Park City Authority has exploded from the top down. Bill Thompson left to run for NYC Mayor, along with Gayle Horiwitz.


Thank you to BatteryPArktv for the breaking news; “as always.”

Sources close to BPCA told BatteryPark.TV that Leticia Remauro’s departure was part of a mass firing of 19 other BPCA employees. Our source believes that BPCA Chairman, Bill Thomson, former comptroller for New York City, is grooming his reputation before he runs for Mayor in 2013. Under his watch as comptroller, the CityTime fraud scandal occurred, and showing the ability to make budget cuts at the BPCA will help any image of Bill Thomson as being a poor watchdog of city money.



MDC says this group, “THE BPCA or Battery Park City Authority, needs to be dismantled.”  What is the benefit being separate from NYC ? Seems the political appointed organization still is running the fraud. After Gill and Cavanaugh both left pleading the 5th when they should be sent to jail for GRAND LARCENY.  The lovely residents in BPC now have Horwitz and Thompson.  NOT one board person is a resident of the local area, but the residents ALLOW the major decisions to be handled by these CLOWNS  because it’s all politically appointed?  Why would a mayor wannabe and his staff ;Want to assist in the growth of this area if they don’t even reside in the area. It’s all about GREED AND MONEY……MDC encourages the residents of this area to RISE UP !!

*** TO FILE A COMPLAINT AGAINST THE BPCA use our link to the

 New York Inspector General’s office, CLICK HERE

After interviewing 16 witnesses under oath and reviewing thousands of documents, the New York State Inspector General Joseph Fisch released an investigative report accusing the Battery Park City Authority of “squandering” close to $350,000 on parties, lunches, picnics, and gifts.

The Inspector General said that he “received a complaint which alleged ‘fraud and corruption’ at the Battery Park City Authority involving then-Chairman James Gill, then-President James Cavanaugh, Vice President of Human Resources Robert Holden, and Senior Vice President of Operations Wilson Kimball.”

Other accusations listed in the Inspector General’s report as:

According to the complaint, Cavanaugh was romantically involved with a subordinate, Wilson Kimball, and, as a result of this relationship, she received undue perks. In addition, it was alleged that “no one crosse[d]” Kimball “because any slight gets taken directly to Cavanaugh.”

It was alleged that the Authority provided Gill a vehicle and a driver to which he was not entitled and hid the expenses. In addition, it was alleged that Gill hired a friend’s consulting firm which failed to earn its substantial fees.

Other allegations included: the dismissal of the Authority’s Controller contrary to written policies; a retaliatory termination of a “manager” for documenting a complain concerning Cavanaugh, Kimball, and Holden; and, the “white wash[ing]” of an investigation by the Vice President of Internal Audit, Lisa Miller, at Cavanaugh’s direction.

Gill resigned earlier this year as chairman, and Cavanaugh retired as CEO of the Battery Park City Authority last month.   (November 2010)

Inspector general says—

They allegations include the hiring of unqualified, Republican-connected employees, the awarding of questionable consulting contracts to friends of authority officials, questionable contribution of authority funds to charities favored by board members, and the misuse of authority cars and “chauffeurs” for personal purposes.


“I have been told there are many serious problems there,” a former top Battery Park official told The Post.

(source is NY POST)


This rating is false and spurious, in that it lists allegations while failing to note that virtually all of them were dismissed in the actual report. In reality the report found not a single violation of any law, policy, or regulation by anyone at the Battery Park City Authority. The report was considered by the Authority’s Board of Directors, whose official response reads in part “The members have appropriately considered whether they have been manifestations of the alleged conduct … the members have found no such manifestation.”



JAMES CAVANAUGH is a PIECE OF SHIT. He should be in JAIL and charged with GRAND LARCENY— A FELONY!!

This guy and his team destroyed this area. they never lived here, but punished owners with fees and contracts and money allocated.

The members he said—- haha!!! YOU PIECE OF CRAP!!! Why plea the 5th ???? LIAR !!!
Why leave a cushy spot if you didn’t cheat!!!



To view the Inspector General Report that highlights the SCATHING ABUSE,


We are Anonymous

We do not forgive

We do not forget

Expect us

Ellis Island Explosions


MDC reports on how F*CKED UP New York City is .

A friend of the site has just alerted us to some “loud-ass explosions near Battery Park City,” wondering, “What is those loud booms downtown??” These explosions were planned, and as NY Aviation points out, “it’s the NYPD blowing up ‘damaged munitions’ on Ellis Island.” The explosions were scheduled to start at 3:15 and last 30, so they should be all wrapped up now… but we swear we just heard one a second ago!

Exploding damaged explosions huh? Not quite sure what that means, but all I know is that more things in New York are blowing up. Fucking crazy around here. And thanks for giving New Yorkers like ten minutes notice before you start detonating Ellis Island, FBI.

That shouldn’t freak people out or anything.

NYC Parks Garbage Killing


Parks Department officers are at it again, but this time AT EACH OTHER.

A Deadly fight over bag of garbage. “He made it known to everybody that he can kill somebody if need be,” a Parks Department source said.

The fatal encounter between two city Parks Department workers at a Queens recreation center was sparked by a dispute over a bag of garbage, prosecutors revealed Wednesday.

Robert Swann, 51, told cops it was the culmination of weeks of torment he endured from Ezra Black before the bloody spat at the city-run Al Oerter Recreation Center in Flushing Tuesday, prosecutors said.

Swann — whose rap sheet includes busts for assault and weapons — said the violence unfolded after he asked Black, 31, to pick up a bag of garbage. MDC says, we are glad to see that violent criminals are the ones hired to be security in the parks and playgrounds for kids.


Source= above photo is Captain Edwin Falcon of the Parks Department. Camera and recorder located in his hand, a clear violation that adds to the harassment a friend of the site endured. (NY DailyNews)