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MDC wants everyone to know, our buddy Lin-Manuel Miranda.   It was years ago, and on a dog walk we come across this guy. We had a great conversation and I’ve been sitting back watching this creation explode. We saw the show a bunch at the Public Theater, and now its a Broadway smash !

Congratulations, those special meeet-ups by the Alexander Hamilton grave were enjoyable in the evening graveyard with Lyka, It helps having the access key!!

The following video was taken at the White House in 2009.


On a recent Sunday morning with CBS, Mo Rocca conducted a great interview, but he was a little late.

When Lin-Manuel Miranda sings about the drive of the “young, scrappy and hungry” immigrant, he’s not singing about just any immigrant. He’s singing about the man on the ten dollar bill, Alexander Hamilton. As Mo Rocca reports, Hamilton’s musical journey to the stage is as revolutionary as the young revolutionary who helped create the America we know.





Bloomberg’s Broadway


New Yorker’s are used to the changing cityscapes that remold neighborhoods.

Bloomberg’s Broadway the center of Manhattan has been the target of such urban renewal. Where once stood peep show after peep show and seedy establishments, the City turned over the image and re imagined itself as Disneyland. Now there are restored theatres and a pedestrian walkway where a wide Broadway once carried cars, trucks and busses, and the curious tourists.

Only one problem the pedestrian mall is clogged with dozens of scam artists. Scammers block the sidewalks, harass the tourists with demands of donations to a fake Sponge Bob, Mickey, Spiderman, and the worst of the worst Communist Chinese illegal aliens posing as Tibetan Monks that shove little cards in your chest and almost demand payment with smiles that make you think your being interrogated by the North Koreans.

The police stand by idly observing the scam artists, and the naked assortment of cowboys and Indians. The Mayor has created a boondoggle where once traffic flowed. Now we are blessed with a continuous open pit, changing street pavements, cement and more traffic from vehicle congestion never monitored by the idle Cops observing without an interest.. Surveillance is everywhere but who knows what these towers in the sky have ever done to prevent the annoying, invisible to cops, scammers

At Central Park, everyone who is walking by is harassed from Pedicab hawks and bike rental hawks and their operators who surround tourists at all the southern park entrances. At the Sixth Avenue entrance the Eastern Europeans control the sidewalks, but at Columbus Circle, it is the West Africans who hawk.

Bloomberg has allowed Broadway to become a scarred and scammed place ripe as any tourist trap ever conceived by man. Broadway once the Crossroad of the World is now a psychotic reflection of Bloomberg’s Broadway Nightmare.