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Puerto Rico Deal Looks Like Bullshit



A tiny, 2-year-old energy company from a small town in Montana won a $300 million contract to fix Puerto Rico’s hurricane-ravaged power grid, raising concerns about the decision-making behind the lucrative deal and the company’s ties to people connected to the Trump administration, as well as the company’s ability to fully meet Puerto Rico’s recovery needs.

MDC says, Take a peek at the $10 website …(click to see)  WHITEFISH BULLSHIT ENERGY .

Whitefish Energy, which at the time of the Hurricane Maria’s landfall had only two full-time employees, now has by far the largest contract of any company involved in Puerto Rico’s recovery, and, according to reporting from the Daily Beast, is primarily financed by a firm run by a major Trump donor who has connections to several members of his administration.

The contract has also raised eyebrows because the company is based in Whitefish, Montana, the hometown of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke (population: 7,436). Zinke’s office told the Washington Post that Zinke knows the company’s CEO because the town is a place where “everybody knows everybody” but that Zinke had no role in the deal. A member of the Puerto Rico House of Representatives, Luis Vega Ramos, told the Daily Beast that connections to Zinke and Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló were Whitefish’s “most important expertise and assets.” Vega Ramos accused Whitefish of being a “glorified middleman” that crafted a “cozy sweetheart deal” to make money off subcontracting.

Whitefish Energy, which says it now has 280 workers in Puerto Rico and is growing by 10 to 20 subcontractors a day, has taken on the Herculean task of restoring power to an island where the vast majority of citizens are still without electricity more than a month after the hurricane. The cash-strapped territory will spend $490 million on the initial phase of the power grid repairs, according to Rosselló.

The $300 million Whitefish contract sets hourly rates at $330 for site supervisors and $227 for journeyman linemen, with rates even higher for subcontractors: $462 per hour for supervisors and $319 for linemen. It also includes $332 nightly fees for each worker and $80 a day for food.  MDC says, QUIT your mundane utility job here in the USA and go to Puerto Rico and hang out and create delays and get paid.

San NOmore Onofre


MDC says, Indian Point, “your the next one on the list to be shut.”

The demise of California’s San Onofre nuclear power plant began with an attempt to fix it.

A $670 million equipment swap in 2009 and 2010 went haywire, leaving Southern California Edison on Friday with two idle reactors, more than $500 million in bills and a federal decision on a possible restart nowhere in sight.

The company decided to close it, permanently. The announcement triggered a celebration among environmentalists and other critics of the nuclear power industry who argued the plant was too damaged to operate safely.

“There’s a huge sense of relief for us,” said Laguna Beach Councilwoman Toni Iseman, whose community is about 20 miles up the coast from San Onofre’s twin domes. “We were just sitting with a time bomb just to the south of us.”

Erich Pica, president of Friends of the Earth, said San Onofre’s closing represents an opportunity for California to use more wind, solar and other clean energy. The group waged a long fight to block the restart.

The U.S. nuclear industry, Pica said, “is on its final trajectory downward.”

The San Onofre reactors — situated along the Pacific Coast in the densely populated corridor of millions of people between San Diego and Los Angeles — are the largest to shut down permanently in the U.S. in the past 50 years, federal officials said.

It was a jolt to the nation’s nuclear power industry, which had been encouraged in recent years by development of new plants in the Southeast. Steve Kerekes, a spokesman for the Nuclear Energy Institute, an industry group, described San Onofre’s problems as unlike any other reactor and said Edison’s decision highlights a flawed, plodding regulatory system.

Source: ap

New York City Energy


MDC informes about New York City.

I didn’t know what to make of this when I saw it. I live in Manhattan, in a city where people bike, take buses, subways, trains, live and work in towers where they share elevators, share water, share electricity. I thought my town is setting the example for energy-efficient, communal living. And then, the guy who runs the place, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, releases a study — including (see below) a shocking video — that says, you think New York is great on energy? You think that? Well, check this out…

This isn’t looking so good, especially if you believe accumulating greenhouse gases may increase the ferocity of storms coming in off the Atlantic. So let’s take a deep breath and ask how much CO2 does New York City create in a year?


Free NYC Electricity


MDC witnessed a funky dude with a drill on 57th opening up the post. Guess what ?

Crafty East Village pedestrians have found an ingenious way to charge their devices on the city’s dime — by using the electric outlets in light poles. Cellphone owners pry open the flap doors on poles like the one pictured on the right. Sometimes they go so far as to hard-wire their own outlets.

“New Yorkers are so resourceful,” said Stephanie Brothers, an employee at the vintage-clothing store What Goes Around Comes Around, near one of the tampered poles.

“I feel like New Yorkers wear blinders and ignore the weirdest things, so I’m sure no one really notices,” she added.




MDC says, Fasten your seatbelts cause tonight’s Full Moon in Aries is the game changer for 2012.

It’s going to impact everyone thanks to the powerful challenging aspects to the Sun, Uranus and Pluto. These planets have rallied up to form one of the most powerful T-Squares that we will ever experience.

This Full Moon is about to force us to wake the F**K up, smell the coffee and take total responsibility with regards to the parts of our lives which simply aren’t working for our highest good… whether you like it or not. Be prepared for unexpected challenges , changes and breakthroughs as the Full Moon Aries.

Instinctual energy joins up with Pluto and Uranus who have recently turned up the heat a few notches pushing you to get your shit together once and for all. Be warned they are not taking NO for an answer and are relentless. I’m serious, if you allow rational mind to argue against this soulful energy or bury your head back in the sand, expect a much the harder path full of more drama, more heartache and unnecessary hardship for the next few years.

The best way to manage this energy is from a place of grounded calmness. When the unexpected (good or bad) occurs stop! Take a breath, ground yourself and embrace the situation with an open and cooperative attitude and work with whatever winds of change are offered. Remember Pluto and Uranus only are concerned with your highest good and have become impatient now.

MDC says, OM.