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Medical Debt , Your new Handcuffs

credit-report-killer-1-5-americans-unpaid-medical-debtAngelia Fowler was surprised to learn that the debt-collection agency she says is ruining her life is owned by the hospital company that saved it.

Fowler had been sick for months in November 2015 when her son finally took her to the emergency room with what turned out to be pneumonia. She spent much of the next month in a coma in intensive care at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The bill arrived in January. After discounts, the hospital wanted her to pay $80,770. Other bills from specialists boosted the sum she owed above six figures, enough to buy a condo in West Palm Beach. It was a sum she couldn’t pay.

Millions of patients like Fowler are on the receiving end of the health-care industry’s collections machine. The amount of past-due medical debt in the U.S. is about $75 billion, spread among 43 million people, according to estimates from economists at MIT, Northwestern University and the University of Chicago. About half of all collections lines on credit reports are related to medical debt, a 2014 report (PDF) from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau showed.

Fowler, who is uninsured and doesn’t qualify for Medicaid in Florida, lives off unemployment and help from her son, a chef. The bill from St. Mary’s went to a collections agency called Central Financial Control, which reported it to credit bureaus. Though Fowler attained a Master of Business Administration degree online this fall, she said three employers have declined to hire her because of the medical debt, a practice that’s legal in Florida and 38 other states.

“When you’re handed this type of debt because of health reasons, it is like a set of debt handcuffs,” said Fowler, who is now 60. “It throws your life off trajectory.”

Though Fowler didn’t realize it, St. Mary’s Medical Center and Central Financial Control are both owned by Tenet Healthcare Corp., the for-profit hospital operator. As Tenet and other hospital companies struggle to make money providing medical care, they are turning to the profitable and growing business of collecting debt.

Most hospitals have finance departments or outside companies that try to ensure they get paid by insurers and patients. But Tenet has gone a step further than most, turning its operation into a separate business line called Conifer and contracting its services to other medical providers.

Conifer serves the 77 hospitals Tenet operates. It also works for more than 700 others, including hospitals run by the nonprofit Catholic Health Initiatives, which owns a minority stake in the business. The collections agency that contacted Fowler, Central Financial Control, is the operating name of a Conifer subsidiary called Syndicated Office Systems LLC.

Conifer is one of the few bright spots at Tenet. The Dallas-based company is selling off hospitals to manage its $15 billion debt load. Even as Tenet has unloaded hospitals, it keeps them on as clients of Conifer, according to the company’s earnings presentation (PDF) last month. Acting Chief Executive Officer Ronald Rittenmeyer, during Tenet’s earnings call Nov. 7, said he plans to cut jobs at Conifer, which employed 15,570 people at the end of 2016.

While Conifer accounts for just 5 percent of Tenet’s revenue, it has an outsize influence on the company’s bottom line. Measured by earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, Conifer’s margins have been roughly twice as large as those in Tenet’s hospital business. The parent company doesn’t directly report how much Conifer contributes to its net income.

Tenet and Conifer declined to make executives available for an interview. In an emailed statement, Ryan Lieber, a spokesman for St. Mary’s, said that Conifer “helps our patients understand and navigate the financial aspects” of their care, including applying for charity care and other financial help. The business has helped more than 25,000 St. Mary’s patients in the past two years, he said.

Fowler’s account “was never classified as a charity care case,” Lieber said. After Bloomberg asked about her situation, the hospital said it will reach out to her “to close out her account and resolve credit reporting issues.”

Other medical providers are in the collections business. HCA, the nation’s largest for-profit hospital chain, has a subsidiary called Parallon that boasts on its website about collecting $41 billion annually. MedNax Inc., a company that provides staffing to hospitals for such services as anesthesiology and neonatal intensive care, purchased a billing and collections company in 2015.

Medical providers got more sophisticated about billing and collections during the 1990s. That’s when insurers, under pressure to contain costs, became more restrictive about what medical services they would pay for. More recently, insurance policies have put more costs on patients. The average deductible for employer-sponsored coverage more than doubled in the past decade, to $1,505 for an individual. That means hospitals are increasingly chasing payments from individuals as well as insurers.

The business of making sure doctors and hospitals get paid—known in industry jargon as revenue-cycle management—is by one estimate a $24 billion market. Along with billing and collections, it includes verifying patients’ insurance, checking whether they’re eligible for government assistance and making sure the services that doctors provide are properly documented and billed.

Collecting payment has become more important as hospitals’ traditional revenue streams come under pressure. Looming cuts to Medicare reimbursements may make as many as 60 percent of U.S. hospitals unprofitable, compared with about 25 percent currently, according to a 2016 Congressional Budget Office analysis.

“The stakes are higher, the dollars are bigger and therefore, they simply can’t afford to not be good at this,” said Jim Lazarus, managing director at Advisory Board Co., a hospital consulting company.

Tenet’s practices have drawn backlash from patients and regulators for years. In June 2015, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ordered (PDF) Conifer to pay $5 million in relief to consumers. The regulator said it failed to send consumers proper documentation and didn’t adequately respond when debts were disputed.

The bureau has recorded 889 consumer complaints about Tenet since 2013, including 358 so far in 2017. Many don’t mention the hospital company directly but refer instead to Central Financial Control or Syndicated Office Systems. Among complaints about medical debt, only two collections agencies were cited more frequently than Tenet. None of Tenet’s for-profit hospital competitors have a similar record of complaints, although some of those companies outsource the work.

When Fowler was unable to meet her obligation, she appealed online to an organization called RIP Medical Debt, a nonprofit that buys debt on the secondary market and forgives it. It was founded by two former collections industry executives. The nonprofit identifies people who can’t pay their medical debts and then tries to raise money to buy the delinquent accounts for pennies on the dollar, forgiving the debt. The charity said it hasn’t yet taken up her account.

Fowler said the hospital never discussed charity care with her and that her attempts to set up a payment plan after she was discharged went nowhere.

“They said nothing to me. I just got this giant bill in the mail,” she said. “I’m very grateful that you saved my life. But does our health care have to decimate us financially? It’s destroying me.”

Scam at Battery Park City Authority

Nice work if you can get it!

MDC has reported on the fraudulent run Battery Park City Authority in the past and supports the diligent reporting by BatteryPark.tv.

Honchos and even freshly recruited executives at Battery Park City Authority got double-digit raises — as high as 29 percent — this year.
Robert Nesmith, who was hired in just 2013 and is the public authority’s chief contracting officer, saw his pay bumped 26 percent from $95,000 to $120,000.

Assistant treasurer Luis Garcia’s pay surged 29 percent from $116,290 to $150,000 ; Controller Karl Koenig got a 25 percent hike from $120,000 to $150,000; and John Tam, the director of information technology, saw his salary go up 20 percent from $100,000 to $120,000.

Some lower-level employees also saw their paychecks fatten, one by 60 percent.

Of 32 workers who received raises this year, the average increase was 14 percent, according to data obtained by The Post under a Freedom of Information request.

“These salary increases were well deserved and were the result of either promotions, or reflected increased responsibilities as a result of the Battery Park City Authority’s recent reorganization,” said Shari Hyman, the BPCA’s $225,000-a-year president and COO. Hyman claimed the authority’s current operating budget dropped to the lowest it has been in over a decade.
The authority oversees 92 acres of state-owned land in lower Manhattan and the businesses, parks and some 8,600 residential units there.

MDC says, the staff combined with the whole authority needs to be dismantled .

Source: ny post

State Agency Fraud

ALBANY – The state agency that runs Roosevelt Island was a cesspool of nepotism and kickback schemes for three years, a bombshell probe has found.

The rampant problems between 2007 and 2010 led to the resignation of three top officials at the Roosevelt Island Operation Corp., including one sentenced to jail earlier this year.

The findings are outlined in a stunning report to be released Thursday by state Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott.

“As my investigation of RIOC makes clear, illegal and unethical behavior was common at the very top of RIOC’s executive chain of command,” Scott said.

According to the report, the Inspector General’s Office began its probe in 2012 after receiving a complaint that then Vice President Fernando Martinez engaged in nepotism.

The investigation found he hired his brother-in-law as a parks and recreation manager and awarded contracts to a printing company owned by another brother-in-law.

More alarmingly, the probe also found that Martinez skirted competitive bidding requirements to help his friend’s company win different cleanup projects in exchange for a monthly $1,000 consulting fee and part of the profits.

All told, Martinez received $183,000 in kickbacks, the report says.

He quit amid the probe in late 2012. Earlier this year, he was sentenced to six months and was required to forfeit $86,648 after pleading guilty to a

The investigation also found that Leslie Torres, the agency’s then-president, was frequently absent from work — going so far as to order staff to keep her office lit when she wasn’t there.

Torres is also said to have misused her state vehicle for personal travel and funded expensive meals and a trip to Washington to attend President Obama’s Hispanic Heritage Celebration with her government-issued credit card. She resigned in September 2012.

Former Chief Financial Officer Steven Chironis, who quit in August 2013, was knocked for allowing the misuse of the car to occur and for miscalculating Torres’ taxable fringe benefit in violation of federal law and state policy.

The matter has been referred to the state tax department.

Current agency President Charlene Indelicato said Wednesday her board is working to implement the recommendations to correct the problems, including the hiring of a compliance officer.

Source: nydailynews

Twitter and FDA rules

Tweeting about the most commonly prescribed drugs will be nearly impossible if new FDA guidelines on the use of social media by drug and medical device companies are adopted, experts said.

The FDA guidelines, proposed Tuesday by the agency, will require companies to tweet the risks along with the benefits of their products. At minimum, all tweets would have to include the most serious risks associated with a drug including those known to be fatal or life-threatening, and all side effects and warnings printed on the approved product labeling. They would also be obliged to link to a further discussion about the risks and benefits of the drug.

How would Pfizer tweet about the popular erectile dysfunction drug Viagra?

“They wouldn’t be able to do it,” said Thomas Sullivan, editor of the Policy and Medicine blog for Rockpointe, a Maryland-based medical education company.

Viagra, for example, lists nine potentially serious side effects on its label including permanent damage to the penis, loss of sight and loss of hearing. It has nine potentially dangerous interactions with other medications and there are at least 14 health conditions for which its use is not recommended for safety reasons.

“You’re not fitting that into 140 characters,” Sullivan said.

The FDA did offer one sample tweet for the fictional drug NoFocus in its recommendations.

The tweet reads: NoFocus (rememberine HCl) for mild to moderate memory loss-May cause seizures in patients with a seizure disorder www.nofocus.com/risk

Sullivan said it is unusual for the FDA to include a single example within a recommendation and this underscores how challenging social media management has been for the agency. He also noted that the tweet didn’t take advantage of common Twitter shorthand like abbreviations and shortened words and it’s not clear if the guidelines even permit this.

“The FDA isn’t necessarily up on the realities of social media,” Sullivan said, adding that the agency has offered to allow companies to submit their tweets for approval beforehand.

Sullivan said that Facebook, which has no character limitations, might still be useful for drug sellers looking for some traction on social media. So far the agency has refrained from suggesting regulations for image sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram, Sullivan said.

If approved, the guidelines will go into effect in 90 days.

Source: abcnews


Asshole Senator Cruz


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said Wednesday that the country would be better off if the Senate was full of people like Jesse Helms, the late senator who was ardently opposed to all kinds of civil rights measures and even tried to block the Senate from approving a federal holiday in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

During remarks at a Heritage Foundation event dubbed the “Jesse Helms Lecture Series,” Cruz told a story of Helms receiving a $5,000 political donation from actor John Wayne, who apparently later told Helms he liked him because “you’re that guy saying all those crazy things” and that there needed to be 100 more of him.

“It’s every bit as true now as it was then,” Cruz said. “We need 100 more like Jesse Helms in the U.S. Senate.”

Helms, the conservative North Carolina Republican who served in the Senate for 30 years, was known for his efforts to stop progressive polices relating to gay rights, abortion and race. He voted against the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which he referred to as “the single most dangerous piece of legislation ever introduced in the Congress.” When the Senate acted in 1983 to create a federal holiday honoring King, Helms staged a 16-day filibuster to try to block it. He ultimately caved in exchange for action on a tobacco bill.

In 1988, Helms opposed the Kennedy-Hatch AIDS bill, stating that there “is not one single case of AIDS in this country that cannot be traced in origin to sodomy.”

Helms passed away in 2008.

Cruz said the first political donation he ever made was to Helms — $10 — and praised the late senator for his outspokenness. If Helms were alive, Cruz said, he would be taking a more aggressive stance against “radical Islamist terrorism” than President Barack Obama has been taking.

“If Jesse Helms were still with us, he would not shy away from this fight,” Cruz said.

MDC says, Helms was a super piece of shit and the reason why money in politics is no good. Mr.Helms was aboard a certain gulfsteam jet and received a nice check, TO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO AWAY on certain issues. We didn’t want to disclose too much, but the real truth.

MDC closes with, Sen. Cruz is in the stage of putting everyones hairy testicles in his mouth and needs to say whatever, because that’s our system now…..CORRUPT!

Do you Care


For the last few months, Elisabeth Rosenthal of the New York Times has been working on a series of stories about the high price of healthcare in America. In July she wrote about the high cost of childbirth, and earlier this month she wrote about the truly insane cost of hip replacements in America. But Bob Somerby has noted something interesting: nobody else in the media seems to care:

These articles deal with a very important topic—the massive looting of U.S. consumers which characterizes American health care. This looting helps explain a welter of major social and political problems—our nation’s growing income inequality; our stagnant wages; the failure to provide full medical coverage; the nation’s problems with federal deficits and debt.

But so what? Despite their high profile and apparent salience, Rosenthal’s reports have met with universal silence, except for last week’s Fresh Air….It’s going to win the Pulitzer Prize—and it’s going to do so in silence!

Despite the high profile afforded this series, the silence has been general all over the press, which seems paralyzed, dead in life. At the end of this report, we’ll offer our own speculations about the resounding silence.

Is this really true? Rosenthal’s piece implied that artificial hips cost about $350 to manufacture, but sell to hospitals for upwards of $5,000 or more—and are then marked up further by the hospital before they end up in an OR getting installed. It’s not clear if $350 is just the manufacturing cost, or if that’s the all-in burdened cost of producing a hip, but it almost doesn’t matter. Even if it’s the former, it means the full cost is unlikely to be more than $1,000 or so. Nonetheless, in the case of one particular implant, Rosenthal reports that U.S. hospitals pay an average of $8,000 and that even Belgian hospitals, which benefit from government-controlled pricing, pay $4,000. So everyone is paying a pretty hefty markup. Americans are just paying a super-hefty one, made worse by the fact that hospitals then add their own markup, bringing the price of the implant up to $30,000 or more.

So that’s at least a 30x markup to the end user just for the cost of the part. And that’s despite the fact that the technology is mature, volumes are high and increasing, and there are five companies “competing” for business. So what’s going on?

Rosenthal has some ideas, but in the end it remains unclear. Where are insurance companies? Where’s Medicare? Why isn’t anyone outraged by this? Is it just fatigue at the never-ending tsunami of stories about the lunatic cost of all the various bits and pieces of American healthcare? Bob is right: it’s a mystery.

Source: mother jones

More Fraud in BPC


The BPCA President, Demitrios Boutris, has “resigned”, after being under state JCOPE investigation for abusive behavior and allegedly using the “N-word” with African American staff.

An internal memo was sent to BPCA staff from Chairman Dennis Mehiel announcing the resignation. He also stated that the current CFO, Robert Serpico, will fill in as temporary President and COO as a search for a new President is ongoing.

BPCA spokesperson Matthew Monahan was unavailable for comment. The status of Anne Fenton is unknown.

Sources within the BPCA stated that both Mr. Monahan and Ms. Fenton were part of the same state investigation, and hearings are underway now.

MDC says, lets not forget the 2010 Inspector General’s scathing report on battery park city and the continuation of the parks department thug like behavior.

The NY POST picked up on the news and said, a mysterious circumstances Demetrios Boutris, 52, stepped down as president of the state agency founded in 1968 and tasked to seed commercial business while protecting the 92 acres of downtown gardens known as the “largest green neighborhood in the world.”

He had taken the job as president and chief operating officer last October. (MDC says, after the Thompson Horowitz clown act) Sources told The Post that Boutris — who graduated from Harvard Law School and previously worked at the White House — made a “hasty exit.”

Boutris, whose BPC salary was $225,000, also served on the national fund-raising committee for President Obama’s 2008 campaign and donated $500 in 2007 to Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.

Before taking the job, Boutris founded the Boutris Group Inc., a business-and-policy consulting firm. He also worked in the California governor’s office and for Ronald Perelman. Calls to Boutris were not immediately returned. “Demetrios Boutris has resigned as president and chief operating officer of the Battery Park City Authority,” Chairman and CEO Dennis Mehiel said in a staff memo.

August 12, 2013- By Steven E. Greer, MD (First posted at 11:00 AM, updated at 7:05 PM)

BatteryPark.TV has exclusively learned that the Battery Park City Authority (BPCA) President, Demetrios Boutris, is under investigation by a state ethics authority (possibly JCOPE) relating to the handling of BPCA staff hiring, firing, promotions, and abuse of staff.

The investigation initiated when main office staff working in 1 World Financial Center sent a complaint letter to the state. State investigators began interviewing staff at the BPCA and parks conservancy approximately one week ago, and have made repeat visits. The investigation is ongoing.

According to a source who chose to remain anonymous, some of the allegations made by BPCA staff against Mr. Boutris are that he yells at them if they leave the WFC offices/ cubicles to interact with one another, he makes unannounced inspections of staff on the grounds, and criticizes security staff by the ballfields for their attire.

One of the most serious complaints alleged is that Mr. Boutris made a surprise inspection on some park conservancy staff on a Saturday and asked, “Who’s the head nigger here?”. It should be emphasized that the comment is alleged and we have no direct evidence to substantiate the claims.

BatteryPark.TV has previously reported that Chairman Mehiel has formed a special “Compensation Committee“, that many veteran BPCA employees were forced into retirement for unknown reasons contributing to the disrepair of the parks, a veteran parks staff in charge of the Irish Memorial quit in disgust, and that Executive VP of Operations, Anne Fenton, was promoted despite being a key figure in the obstruction of the opening of Asphalt Green.

It is unknown whether the existing JCOPE investigation into $750,000 of BPCA funds given to a Tribeca community center is related to the President Boutris investigation.

No one at the BPCA was in the office on Monday to discuss the matter. Matthew Monahan and Anne Fenton were not at work, according to the main receptionist.

Source: BatteryPark.tv , Internet image, ny post

NYC Parks Department Strippers


MDC has reported on the NYC Parks Department and their abusive behaviors in the past, here is another one for you to read and ask yourself, WHY are they not terminated?

Female Parks Department workers stripped for permanent jobs, more work at raunchy holiday parties: sources

A stripper pole, free-flowing booze and female city employees performing sexy tricks are just a few staples at raunchy holiday parties hosted by Parks Department supervisors.
Seasonal employees — some disrobing down to their bras and panties — tantalized as many as 10 men at a time during Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations going back to at least 2009, a Daily News investigation found.

The clandestine parties were held in a so-called “boom boom” room at a city-owned facility on Randalls Island. And the seasonal workers who “got on the pole” were rewarded with additional work or permanent jobs, sources told The News.

A female worker who attended several of the parties said they got steamier each year.

A worker who skipped one of the parties was asked to come by a female colleague.
“The men started demanding a lot more. They were like, ‘You want us to give you money, show us something,’ ” she recalled. “And for the New Year’s party, it got really grabby. Some women stripped to their panties and bras, and men were slapping asses. It was out of control.”
She asked not to be identified because she feared retaliation.

The city Department of Investigation launched a probe into the holiday party shenanigans. It is also investigating bombshell sexual harassment complaints, including a woman’s allegation that a supervisor accosted her when they were alone in an elevator. He lifted her shirt and ran his tongue across her stomach before shoving his face in her crotch, according to the complaint.

Dilcy Benn, president of District Council 37 Local 1505, the union that represents the workers who filed complaints, said the department immediately moved them. ‘I will do anything to protect my members and fight for them,’ she said.

Another complained about sexually suggestive texts and inappropriate contact from supervisors, including one who would snap her bra straps.
Parks and Recreation Department spokesman Arthur Pincus told The News that the two female workers were transferred at their request.

“On Wednesday, May 22, the Parks Department was made aware of sexual harassment allegations made by one full-time and one seasonal female parks worker against two male supervisors in the Five-Borough Technical Services division. Parks immediately referred the matter to the Department of Investigation,” he said.

The two male supervisors named by the female workers are James Cafaro, a deputy chief of operations, and his supervisor, Angelo Figueroa, sources said. The men didn’t respond to calls for comment. Both have been transferred pending the outcome of the investigation. Sources said each has called out of work for the rest of the week.

High-ranking Parks Department official James Cafaro, who is married with children, shoved a $20 bill in the pants of one worker at one of the sleazy parties, sources said.
For years, as the official holiday party took place on the second floor of the low-level Parks Department building, Cafaro, Figueroa, another male supervisor and several other male workers would set up the X-rated recreation a flight below, sources said.

The crew fashioned a temporary stripper’s pole out of a huge wire spool and pieces of wood left in the telecommunications room. A short ladder was set up to allow access to the pole platform, and once the booze started flowing, women were encouraged to climb up.

According to one female worker, a man at last year’s Christmas party yelled: “If you want a job, get on the pole.”

Many of the female workers in the Parks Department are low-income single mothers desperate for the work.

Cafaro, 53, married with children, started in the Parks Department in 1986 and makes $103,864 a year. He moved steadily up the ladder — but was demoted in 1997 for an impropriety involving an agency employee and a Parks vehicle. Details weren’t immediately available. In 2005 he reached his current mid-level management position.

He oversees about 80 workers, about 30 of them who toil at city parks. Of those assigned to work at parks, most are women who clean pools, rake leaves or prepare properties for a given season, officials said.
“I will do anything to protect my members, and fight for them. When these women came forward we got them out,” said Dilcy Benn, president of District Council 37 Local 1505, the union that represents the workers who filed complaints. “I brought this to (Assistant Commissioner) David Stark and to his credit within two minutes he made a phone call and moved them.”

Cafaro laughed and enjoyed himself during at least three strip parties in recent years, as two or three female staffers took turns performing on the pole to the hoots and hollers of other male supervisors and Parks Department workers. He even shoved a $20 bill in the pants of one worker, sources said.

Parks supervisor Angelo Figueroa is one of the men named in sexual harassment complaints. One female worker alleged that a supervisor would pull her bra strap, and another said a supervisor who accosted her in an elevator lifted her shirt and ran his tongue across her stomach before shoving his face in her crotch.

One woman made “a couple hundred bucks” during one party and shared it with her female colleagues, the sources said.

For the parties last December and New Year’s Eve, the men turned off the overhead lights, set up up a disco strobe and came prepared with plenty of dollar bills, the sources said.
There was never a direct order from Cafaro or Figueroa for the women to participate, according to the female staffers who took their complaints public. But the seasonal workers get asked back for jobs or offered permanent positions based on the recommendations of Cafaro and Figueroa, the workers said.

Many of the women are low-income single mothers, some of whom came into the job through the welfare system and are desperate to keep the seasonal positions that can run anywhere from four to six months at a time.

The most junior positions start at $9, and city seasonal workers, who Benn represents, get $14 an hour. Cafaro tacitly encouraged women to go along with the suggestive atmosphere by rewarding those who stripped down to their skivvies and danced on the pole with more work, said the female staffers.

The parties were said to be held in a “boom boom” room at a city-owned facility on Randalls Island.
One of the women, who started out as a temporary, six-month hire in 2009, danced on the pole at that year’s Christmas party. But when she rebuffed Cafaro’s alleged sexual overture in the elevator, she wasn’t asked back for two years. When she returned in time for last Christmas, she danced again at the annual party — and got offered a permanent position.

Another worker, a single mother who refused to flirt with Cafaro, showed the Daily News text messages she said were exchanged between her and the deputy chief over the course of her six-month seasonal job that ended this month.

The texts range from creepy to overtly sexual.

In one exchange, Cafaro said he was going home.
“Want to come with me?” he texted.
The staffer declined.
“Will u make it up to me?” he wrote.

The worker didn’t go to the “boom boom” room last Christmas, which prompted another female colleague to text her to come down, adding that she was “at the strip party downstairs.”
The abuse within the Parks and Recreation Department isn’t just sexual, Benn said. A female supervisor at Randalls Island — who gave training about employee rights — was caught on tape screaming that her job wasn’t “to f—ing babysit” staffers. The supervisor, identified by sources as Kate Boland, then dared workers to call the union.

The move backfired, Benn said.
“Our members were brave and called for us and we came,” she said.
Alleged texts between Parks Department Deputy Chief of Operations James Cafaro and a seasonal worker:

Dec. 30, 2012
Cafaro: Happy Birthday beautiful.
Worker: Thank you.
Cafaro: Thank you for saying happy birthday or for reminding you that you are beautiful? Probably for both lol. R u working?
Worker: Yes I am working and thank you for both.
Cafaro: How are we celebrating?

Jan. 24, 2013
Worker: You want me in the office? Am I in trouble?
Cafaro: Do u want to be in trouble?

Feb. 9, 2013
Cafaro: I’m leaving.
Worker: To go?
Cafaro: Home. Want to come with me?
Worker: Have to go get my daughter.
Cafaro: ;-((
Worker: Sorry.
Cafaro: Will you make it up to me?

Feb. 10, 2013
Cafaro: U didn’t answer my last text yesterday but it is ok.
Worker: I’ll try
Cafaro: I guess that is the best answer for now. U don’t need to try. If u wanted to u would have by now. I won’t bother you about it anymore. u will still be my favorite.

Feb. 14, 2013
Cafaro: I don’t kno what’s up but I don’t deserve this from u.

Feb 26, 2013
Cafaro: Don’t get u but i understand.
Worker: Don’t get me but understand okkkkkk.
Cafaro: I want to get u but u won’t let me.
Worker: Sorry.
Cafaro: Sorry for what. U aren’t interested. I get it.

Text from one female seasonal worker (staffer 1) to another (staffer 2) who refused to attend the Christmas Party in the “boom boom room” at Randall’s Island

Dec. 21, 2012
Staffer 1: Wya? (Where you at?)
Staffer 2: I’m in the training you. You?
Staffer 1: Come to the elevators. I’m at the strip party downstairs. (Sends picture of a co-worker on strip pole)
Staffer 2: Is that L****? That’s crazy.
Staffer 1: Yeah that’s her.”
Pathway to Parks and Recreation jobs, many of which are four- or six-months long depending on how much money the agency has to budget for staff and maintenance projects:
1) Job training participant: A welfare-to-work program that places people in Parks for six months at a time while looking for permanent work. Pays $9.21 an hour
2) City seasonal aide: An entry-level seasonal job that pays $11.11 an hour for workers not on public assistance but looking for employment.
3) City park worker: A year-round or seasonal position that can be temporary or permanent. Pay is approximately $14 an hour or $29,971 annually for permanent hires. They are union members, but only permanent ones get health benefits and pensions.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/women-parks-dept-stripped-better-jobs-sources-article-1.1357067#ixzz2UiF16Xbn


Scumbag Skilling


Former Enron CEO and current jailbird Jeffrey Skilling should be out of jail in just four years, skipping nearly a decade of his prison sentence for corporate fraud and graft. MDC says, I would watch my back living in gun tooting Texas, those senior citizens had stable funds prior to the Enron takeover.

As the world’s richest people are prone to do, Skilling is getting out of jail early with a combination of cash payments and legal maneuvers.

In exchange for early release, Skilling is paying Enron’s victims some $40 million in shut-up money and has generously agreed to stop suing everyone involved with his conviction and sentence in 2006.

Skilling’s promised payments would equal 0.1% of the $40 billion Enron stole under Skilling’s leadership. He was originally sentenced to 24 years behind bars, but his total sentence would be half of that if his lawyers get approval on this latest scheme.

Skilling’s appeal went to the Supreme Court in 2010, and the justices agreed with his attorneys that the original conviction was “based in part on an invalid legal theory known as the ‘theft of honest services.’”

The same judge who sentenced Skilling will rule at the next hearing, on June 21 in Houston.

Source : ows

Fraud in Battery Park City

In the year 2013, all of MDC comments and predictions on Battery Park City were highly accurate. The Battery Park City Authority has exploded from the top down. Bill Thompson left to run for NYC Mayor, along with Gayle Horiwitz.


Thank you to BatteryPArktv for the breaking news; “as always.”

Sources close to BPCA told BatteryPark.TV that Leticia Remauro’s departure was part of a mass firing of 19 other BPCA employees. Our source believes that BPCA Chairman, Bill Thomson, former comptroller for New York City, is grooming his reputation before he runs for Mayor in 2013. Under his watch as comptroller, the CityTime fraud scandal occurred, and showing the ability to make budget cuts at the BPCA will help any image of Bill Thomson as being a poor watchdog of city money.



MDC says this group, “THE BPCA or Battery Park City Authority, needs to be dismantled.”  What is the benefit being separate from NYC ? Seems the political appointed organization still is running the fraud. After Gill and Cavanaugh both left pleading the 5th when they should be sent to jail for GRAND LARCENY.  The lovely residents in BPC now have Horwitz and Thompson.  NOT one board person is a resident of the local area, but the residents ALLOW the major decisions to be handled by these CLOWNS  because it’s all politically appointed?  Why would a mayor wannabe and his staff ;Want to assist in the growth of this area if they don’t even reside in the area. It’s all about GREED AND MONEY……MDC encourages the residents of this area to RISE UP !!

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After interviewing 16 witnesses under oath and reviewing thousands of documents, the New York State Inspector General Joseph Fisch released an investigative report accusing the Battery Park City Authority of “squandering” close to $350,000 on parties, lunches, picnics, and gifts.

The Inspector General said that he “received a complaint which alleged ‘fraud and corruption’ at the Battery Park City Authority involving then-Chairman James Gill, then-President James Cavanaugh, Vice President of Human Resources Robert Holden, and Senior Vice President of Operations Wilson Kimball.”

Other accusations listed in the Inspector General’s report as:

According to the complaint, Cavanaugh was romantically involved with a subordinate, Wilson Kimball, and, as a result of this relationship, she received undue perks. In addition, it was alleged that “no one crosse[d]” Kimball “because any slight gets taken directly to Cavanaugh.”

It was alleged that the Authority provided Gill a vehicle and a driver to which he was not entitled and hid the expenses. In addition, it was alleged that Gill hired a friend’s consulting firm which failed to earn its substantial fees.

Other allegations included: the dismissal of the Authority’s Controller contrary to written policies; a retaliatory termination of a “manager” for documenting a complain concerning Cavanaugh, Kimball, and Holden; and, the “white wash[ing]” of an investigation by the Vice President of Internal Audit, Lisa Miller, at Cavanaugh’s direction.

Gill resigned earlier this year as chairman, and Cavanaugh retired as CEO of the Battery Park City Authority last month.   (November 2010)

Inspector general says—

They allegations include the hiring of unqualified, Republican-connected employees, the awarding of questionable consulting contracts to friends of authority officials, questionable contribution of authority funds to charities favored by board members, and the misuse of authority cars and “chauffeurs” for personal purposes.


“I have been told there are many serious problems there,” a former top Battery Park official told The Post.

(source is NY POST)


This rating is false and spurious, in that it lists allegations while failing to note that virtually all of them were dismissed in the actual report. In reality the report found not a single violation of any law, policy, or regulation by anyone at the Battery Park City Authority. The report was considered by the Authority’s Board of Directors, whose official response reads in part “The members have appropriately considered whether they have been manifestations of the alleged conduct … the members have found no such manifestation.”



JAMES CAVANAUGH is a PIECE OF SHIT. He should be in JAIL and charged with GRAND LARCENY— A FELONY!!

This guy and his team destroyed this area. they never lived here, but punished owners with fees and contracts and money allocated.

The members he said—- haha!!! YOU PIECE OF CRAP!!! Why plea the 5th ???? LIAR !!!
Why leave a cushy spot if you didn’t cheat!!!



To view the Inspector General Report that highlights the SCATHING ABUSE,


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We do not forgive

We do not forget

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MDC says GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) agreed to plead guilty to misdemeanor criminal charges and pay a small settlement in the largest case of healthcare fraud in U.S. history.

Is $3 billion small? Compared to the money they made on their fraud, yes. A drop in the bucket.

They lie, they cheat, they profit, and people get sick and some even die.

But, of course, they’re still allowed to operate.  It’s a sick game of money using humans as the game pieces.

The GSK settlement surpasses what had been the largest criminal case involving a drug maker in US history. In 2009, Pfizer Inc agreed to pay $2.3bn to settle allegations that it improperly marketed 13 drugs.