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The Sterling Lesson


A successful man wants to relax with his lady friend, a hanger on. She badgers him about those people she wants him to have around, celebrity types, athletes, beautiful people. In an unfiltered response Donald Sterling said what many a person would say just not in the way you say it in public. Whether he has a racist bone in his body, or whether he had a racist outburst it really isn’t the point. The man didn’t want to be bothered by the hanger-ons that come with the territory known as wealth. With that wealth comes enormous strains, responsibilities, and a public persona.

How quickly the vultures gathered to tear him and his life apart. Was it a scheme to exploit? One sees it every time there is a misstep from the famous.

The famous are flawed people. The poor are, the spiritual, we all are. It’s what makes us human.

The old Mr. Sterling has been blessed with a life that can have all that money can buy, accept one thing. Money can’t buy health. His reported health and bout with prostate cancer, his separated wife begs his dementia makes him incompetent, what a bunch of background to find out now that Donald Sterling is being tried by the tabloid media and convicted without the serious debate this subject deserves.

When you are recorded in your own home without your knowledge sends shivers down any sane persons mind. We have lost a sense of boundary discretion once protected. Now we are a washerwoman society looking to find anything to suck upon beyond ones personal misery.

No one likes to hear what Mr. Sterling spewed it upsets all the progress most Americans fought for. It is so easy and happens all the time with people misinterpreting what was intended, or how it was said only to offend unintentionally. If Mr. Sterling expressed his displeasure at being pushed into discomfort to please a girlfriend’s desire only to have her record and profit from contrived misery and have that turn into the two billion dollar grab bag by the very people Mr. Sterling didn’t want to deal with is irony on a silver plate.

MDC says, Mr.Sterling got the last laugh turning $12million into $2billion.