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Blood on Trumps Hands

MDC states, Welcome to the Kiss of Death !!
I looked at the spelling of Jerusalem, SALEM means PEACEFUL !
Jerusalem, a Middle Eastern city west of the Dead Sea, has been a place of pilgrimage and worship for Jews, Christians and Muslims since the biblical era. Its Old City has significant religious sites around the Temple Mount compound, including the Western Wall (sacred to Judaism), the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (a Christian pilgrimage site) and the Dome of the Rock (a 7th-century Islamic shrine with a gold dome).
Founded: 3000 BC
  • Saudi Arabia, an ally of the US, called the new policy “a flagrant provocation to Muslims”
  • Hamas leader Ismail Haniya said recognition crossed “all red lines”
  • China warned against escalating tensions in the Middle East
  • Jordan’s King Abdullah said the decision would “undermine efforts to resume the peace process”
  • Egypt’s President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi urged Mr Trump “not to complicate the situation in the region”
  • Turkey called for a summit of Muslim countries in December to discuss the developments
  • Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said “Muslims must stand united against this major plot”

JFK Release Day


JFK Assassination Records – 2017 Additional Documents Release

The National Archives and Records Administration is releasing documents previously withheld in accordance with the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act.  The vast majority of the Collection (88%) has been open in full and released to the public since the late 1990s.  The records at issue are documents previously identified as assassination records, but withheld in full or withheld in part.  Learn more

This July release consists of 3,810 documents, including 441 formerly withheld-in-full documents and 3,369 documents formerly released with portions redacted.  The documents originate from FBI and CIA series identified by the Assassination Records Review Board as assassination records.  More releases will follow.

To view the entire file, you may visit the National Archives at College Park and request access to the original records.

MDC laughs at the location of the files, GO TERPS !!

9/11 Dust and Heart Disease


More than 100 children who were exposed to chemical fumes from the 9/11 attacks have a far higher risk of heart disease than they should, a new study says.

After the Twin Towers fell on September 11, 2001, the disaster site was omitting toxic fumes of mercury, asbestos, and jet fuel.

Experts say the fumes lingered until at least July 2002, when the clean-up was declared complete.

Now, an analysis by NYU Langone Health researchers of 308 children in the World Trade Center Health Registry (WTCHR) has shown the devastating impact this had on young people.

The 123 children with higher blood levels of the chemicals known to be in the dust had a 15 percent increase in levels of artery-hardening fats in their blood.

It is the first concrete study to lay bare the long-term cardiovascular health risks in children from toxic chemical exposure on 9/11.

In fact, a week after the attacks the EPA assured citizens that the site ‘did not pose a health hazard’. 

The agency has since admitted that was wrong – and some say that even today people living in Lower Manhattan are exposed to dangerous fumes.

Republican Oil Tax



Americans are facing another oil yo-yo. As the political presidential cycle returns, if what has happened in the past that the price of oil rises to pay the VIG needed to fund the political campaigns of Congress then get ready to eat oil sticker shock. With the world producing oil glut we would hope the price would lower to help the little guy have a few shekels left after landlords, health care, and taxes eat up every last cent. But if the past repeats itself, now is the time to keep our oil consumption habit in check.

When the last Bush ran with Dick Cheney the CEO of Halliburton a huge oil industry player, it seems plausible that the Oil Industry coopted the election with the shenanigans over ballots in Florida. In what seems a very curious outcome to the election of 2000, oil had it’s way.

When the world discovered oil underneath our precious planet crust, it was a boon to the worlds economy. Great progress has been achieved but the Military Industrial Complex like everything else used this gift of nature to send armies marching and wars to this day are fueled by oil.

Maybe it is time to rethink oil before it is too late. It is almost too late to save the environment. It is close to impossible to return oil to peaceful purposes.

If oil were looked at as if it were Nuclear material that needs to be monitored and protected from falling into the wrong hands, either from incompetence or dastardly intentions, then maybe we could remove it from having marching armies use oil as their ticket to ride.

Big ideas are hard to discover, but Oil for Peace is one to chew on.

Yes politicians or at least 90% of the politicians are funded by interest groups with agendas. People are the last considered issue when it comes to those friends who fund elections. If you are in a major industry you better have representation in Washington. Everyone is either giving or receiving government handouts. It is a huge industry lobbying, and special interest groups have no choice but to find the sources of monies only our financially swayed politicians could promise. This is our political system.

Energy to change our system is lacking when half the population is struggling to put food on the table and surviving in a corporate minded control of the economy that is non inclusive.

We the people have to use our oil products in a fashion that holds the oil companies accountable to the environment and accountable to life itself. Until people globally are fed up then oil will continue to fund the politicians to represent their bottom line, and not ours.

One Major Foreign Policy



At last weeks Democratic debate the candidates were asked about their greatest fear, the only answer that resonated with me was from Jim Webb the past United States Senator from Virginia.

To my surprise after the debate Mr. Webb dropped out of the presidential race. His words however should not go unheeded. If He chooses to run as an independent candidate we hope his voice is respected. Webb’s patriotic service, and his absolute understanding of the way things run in Washington, politically and militarily, would have served this country well. If he chooses to remain a democrat and work within the Party, we hope his service to the POTUS of either party will be on the Cabinet level, in any Secretarial role he would choose, he is that good.

Whether one believes that Mr. Webb was a viable candidate, the poles remained unaware.

Webb’s answer to the question of what was his greatest fear; China.

This MDC correspondent long ago came to the same conclusion. 2007LD1

Opening relations with China under President Nixon and his paranoid minions, may have assumed trade, financial relationships, cultural exchanges would lessen the fear of a Communist Power dominating the globe.
Today, with the help of our destroy the planet economic footprint, we get two superpowers competing for planetary resources and making profit the motive against all of the needs to sustain the concept of a living planet compatible to all of life.

Whether we choose to focus our attention on China as an adversary to contain, or whether it is Russia the other behemoth, whether we face the problem of the “Crusade” began by the Bushes a few decades ago when oil became a religious affair, masking the real issue who controls the OIL, the sloppy continuation of failed policies, as far back as the Viet Nam War, has killed and wasted so much of what is good in America.

I believe Jim Webb was proposing American leadership focus on a single country, setting an example of how we would want to be treated, on how we expect the fair play to be on the individual level not the corporate level, some form or other would be a good first step.

We have chaos with the East, the Middle East is in crusade like religious revolution, the Chinese are fighting to remain a communist society full of shameless greed, denying freedoms wherever they tread their inferior goods. The Russians remain feudal with nuclear power, a racist regime.

Getting one foreign policy right like focusing on the Chinese is Webb’s contribution to the dialogue of who and how our next President must lead.



Let’s face it people of all ages know what being wasted is. Stoned or drunk, uppers or downers, Americans somehow have experienced them all. Sometimes it was and is the only avenue to de-stress from the Rat Race. In Viet Nam Pot burst onto the scene inspiring musicians and artists to dig deeper and it defined a mutated generation. Pot became a liberating force and a remedy to toxic politics after Nam and the go to remedy the masses of victims around the globe. And pot is one of the ways Americans of all ages coped with Nixon and the residual effects of that era.

This is different.

Our Congress has been wasted ever since the Republicans lost 2008 to an African American. They had tanked the economy and were not held accountable nor took any responsibility. The gang of inept ass sucking Congressman, who supported, funded, and/or became afraid to go against the faux patriotism of the faux Right wing Republican Party’s war, were sticking it to us all. Fear fomenting stances, along with empty Democratic counter energy, and few dissenting voices, created a dark time in our history. American People did march against the Iraq War, did disagree and we the people were never considered before or after 9/11. We, the citizens are not mature enough or ever will be to hear the truth about our wars. We didn’t get honesty in Viet Nam. And we haven’t had a lick of truth since.

After seventy years of anti marijuana laws, and the hallucination concocted from pharmaceutical companies supporting the criminalization of pot, the country has spoken. Politicians sit on the edge of a razor blade if they commit to a sane policy towards all natural herbs as drugs and their beneficial effects.

And isn’t it the way of the country that just because one can grow Marijuana almost anywhere and in almost any climate that people can easily plant and help themselves if that expanded education weren’t lost in today’s lack of understanding in what might really work on each individual. Pharmaceutical companies have used herbs and synthesized components of herbs to heal the maladies we all have anyway. These companies just made us pay through the nose.

Numerous government research programs have been run over forty years. Whether from our Navy’s Research Programs to all manners of government run research, the results have been always the same. The benefits outweigh any side effects in the vast majority of the world’s population. One can eat it, boil it as an elixir, use your imagination ingesting it without smoking it and the world is a different color helping pain, and every other malady under the sun.

Congress is wasted as they waste our time, truth, and everything that John and Jane Doe American really need.

Off with Their Heads


The Red Queen in the Disney Version of “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, after seeing her red roses were not red at all, cried, “Off with there Heads”.

That line from the animated version of “Alice through the Looking Glass” a.k.a. “Alice in Wonderland”, is upsetting even coming from the Red Queen character. But we are not dealing with the emotions synthesized by an excellent animation instead the world is faced with the real thing.

Whether a small group of religious Islamic students use a literal understanding of the Koran and end up with my way or the highway YOUR DEAD, then religious teaching has failed. Centuries old Crusades are brought to life in the heads of many. Imagination is tricky when shaped through the lens of hate, revenge, and a total lack of respect towards LIFE.

Beheading in Syria is no different than the beheadings carried out by the Mexican Cartels. We have seen images from Mexico with severed heads along the rails of bridges. Those gruesome beheadings will intimidate anyone.

Beheading is a remedy to the Saudis, the Iraqis, by gum, it was achieved unintentionally with the man himself, “Saddam Hussein” whose head accidentally detached from the body when he was hung with cameras running for posterity.

The sad truth is that after World War II Boomers were led to believe a safe world was the norm. It was the palette used in Hollywood and it was so sweet. Boomers were not prepared from birth to hate as much as the hate preceding World War II.

Facing intolerance of diversity from the Middle East begs the question of whether acceptance of the West is even possible and maybe acceptance and respect for our differences is centuries away.

Wherever heads are being removed from living bodies you will find one of the locations where evil resides.

Let’s Smash Cuba

MDC shares the NY Times article about Kissinger’s plans to attack Cuba.

MDC also highlights Kissinger’s role in the coup of Chile as well.

Nearly 40 years ago, Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger mapped out secret contingency plans to launch airstrikes against Havana and “smash Cuba,” newly disclosed government documents show.

Mr. Kissinger was so irked by Cuba’s military incursion into Angola that in 1976 he convened a top-secret group of senior officials to work out possible retaliatory measures in case Cuba deployed forces to other African nations, according to documents declassified by the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library at the request of the National Security Archive, a research group.

The officials outlined plans to strike ports and military installations in Cuba and to send Marine battalions to the United States Navy base at Guantánamo Bay to “clobber” the Cubans, as Mr. Kissinger put it, according to the records. Mr. Kissinger, the documents show, worried that the United States would look weak if it did not stand up to a country of just eight million people.

In ‘World Order,’ Henry Kissinger Sums Up His Philosophy SEPT. 8, 2014;
“I think sooner or later we are going to have to crack the Cubans,” Mr. Kissinger told President Ford at a meeting in the Oval Office in 1976, according to a transcript.

The documents are being posted online and published in “Back Channel to Cuba,” a new book written by the longtime Cuba experts William M. LeoGrande, a professor of government at American University, and Peter Kornbluh, the director of the archive’s Cuba Documentation Project.

The previously undisclosed blueprint to strike Cuba highlights the tumultuous nature of American-Cuban relations, which soured badly after the 1959 revolution that brought Fidel Castro to power.

Mr. Kissinger, who was secretary of state from 1973 to 1977, had previously planned an underground effort to improve relations with Havana. But in late 1975, Mr. Castro sent troops to Angola to help the newly independent nation fend off attacks from South Africa and right-wing guerrillas.

That move infuriated Mr. Kissinger, who was incensed that Mr. Castro had passed up a chance to normalize relations with the United States in favor of pursuing his own foreign policy agenda, Mr. Kornbluh said.

“Nobody has known that at the very end of a really remarkable effort to normalize relations, Kissinger, the global chessboard player, was insulted that a small country would ruin his plans for Africa and was essentially prepared to bring the imperial force of the United States on Fidel Castro’s head,” Mr. Kornbluh said.

“You can see in the conversation with Gerald Ford that he is extremely apoplectic,” Mr. Kornbluh said, adding that Mr. Kissinger used “language about doing harm to Cuba that is pretty quintessentially aggressive.”

The plans suggest that Mr. Kissinger was prepared after the 1976 presidential election to recommend an attack on Cuba, but the idea went nowhere because Jimmy Carter won the election, Mr. LeoGrande said.

“These were not plans to put up on a shelf,” Mr. LeoGrande said. “Kissinger is so angry at Castro sending troops to Angola at a moment when he was holding out his hand for normalization that he really wants to, as he said, ‘clobber the pipsqueak.’ ”

The plan suggested that it would take scores of aircraft to mine Cuban ports. It also warned that the United States could seriously risk losing its Navy base in Cuba, which was vulnerable to counterattack, and estimated that it would cost $120 million to reopen the Ramey Air Force Base in Puerto Rico and reposition destroyer squadrons.

The plan also drafted proposals for a military blockade of Cuba’s shores. The proposal warned that such moves would most likely lead to a conflict with the Soviet Union, which was a top Cuba ally at the time.

“If we decide to use military power, it must succeed,” Mr. Kissinger said in one meeting, in which advisers warned against leaks. “There should be no halfway measures — we would get no award for using military power in moderation. If we decide on a blockade, it must be ruthless and rapid and efficient.”

Mr. Kissinger, now 91, declined a request to comment.

The memos show that Donald H. Rumsfeld, who was secretary of defense from 1975 to 1977 under President Ford, and again under President George W. Bush, was also present at the meeting when Mr. Kissinger ordered up the contingency plan. Mr. Rumsfeld, 82, also declined a request to comment.

Some Cuba historians said the revelations were startling, particularly because they took place just as the United States was coming out of the Vietnam War.

“The military piece dumbfounds me a little bit,” said Frank O. Mora, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense who now directs the Latin American and Caribbean Center at Florida International University. “For Kissinger to be talking the way they were talking, you would think Cuba had invaded the whole continent.”

Source: ny times


1 Million Ghosts

A million ghosts roam endlessly in Armenia, waiting to hear an apology that never came from the Turks whose ancestors slaughtered the Armenian population a century ago.

Millions of ghosts roam the wet and dry lands of Cambodia driven to insanity when the Khmer Rouge raged with a reign of terror and death.

A million or so lives collectively were lost in the war years of Viet Nam. Those ghosts are suffering without the closure horrified spirits deserve.

Ghosts are multiplying from the brutality between Arab on Arab, Muslim on Muslim, Muslim on Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Jew and Gypsy. Middle East Ghosts thousands of years old joined by new ghosts a chorus of historic revenge and ending in whys? Why ? Why ? Why?

Communist leaders beware as you hide your cruelty. No matter how you pretend there is no karma, the ghosts of holocausts past know where you live. Mao destroyed ancient Chinese culture and murdered and enslaved the best of the country. Stalin’s slaughtering history of his own countrymen, and the numbers sent to death and to slave in the mines of Siberia is legendary. Blood and ghosts from every corner of Asia, marching, gathering, demanding millenniums of justice.

MDC says, karma is a bitch !

One person who was forced to work the mines of gold and diamonds in Siberia, said to me more than once, “just one atomic bomb on the Kremlin, just one.”

Ghosts murdered from Spain’s material quest, mass murders of innocents, bringing disease to the Indigenous peoples of the Americas one hundred years before Europe arrived still roam the mountains, rain forests, deserts, of all the Americas. I call them “THOSE THAT LEFT NO TRAIL”, our hosts five hundred years ago were murdered through the centuries. Spirits, Ghosts waiting on closure, the ancestors speak through them.

The Dutch, French, British, Portuguese all have created ghosts in the conquest to gain the wealth of the Americas and grabbed what could be grabbed without regard to the death they brought, imported from far away.

The horror of African on African genocide, tribes fighting religious wars, fighting over land use and rights and vast material wealth from oil and timber, creating a ghost factory world. The Spiritual Healers have been replaced, the old is forgotten, remedies against fear, worry lost with the rush to consume before being consumed.

And now ISIS is our worst shadow Pissing on life creating haunting ghosts demanding revenge or is it all part of the strategy that was developed in Washington?

Memorial Day Maneuvers


After heading home this Memorial Day weekend to honor those Americans who fought and died for the principle of liberty, Congress did a number on the basic rights that define that liberty: Guantanamo remains open, Americans are still subject to indefinite detention, our endless wars abroad still have an open-ended legal basis, the NSA will keep spying on us, and the lawyer who said U.S. citizens are legitimate drone targets was just confirmed to a lifetime federal judgeship.

The most significant congressional move: the annual defense budget authorization bill that passed the House on Thursday. Or as House Armed Services Chairman Howard P. “Buck” McKeon modestly called it, the Howard P. “Buck” McKeon National Defense Authorization Act.

The defense bill sets the parameters for the military’s spending in the next fiscal year, and also lays out policies on how that money will be spent. President Barack Obama has been pleading with Congress for years for more maneuvering room to close the detention camp at Guantanamo Bay. The House again shot him down.

More broadly, the war on terror still has no end in sight, thanks to the House’s vote against an amendment that would have repealed the post-9/11 law authorizing the use of military force against al Qaeda. Since its initial passage, the law has been stretched so far beyond its original scope that the administration is nervous about continuing to rely on it. The Authorization for Use of Military Force is so old that it’s currently being used to justify drone strikes against militants who weren’t even in their teens when 9/11 happened. The law is now likely to remain on the books for another year.

The House also killed a push to repeal part of a previous defense bill that permits the military to detain indefinitely those individuals it suspects of terrorism. Legal challenges on the constitutionality of that part of the law failed in the Supreme Court last month. Congress’ continued insistence on indefinite detention leaves considerable power in the hands of the military.

The House also passed something called the USA Freedom Act on Thursday, which is intended to rein in the NSA. In October Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), one of the most vociferous opponents of mass surveillance, warned that the “business-as-usual brigade” would try to ensure “that any surveillance reforms are only skin deep.”

The business-as-usual brigade won a round: Any meaningful civil liberties protections in the House’s bill were so watered down in the end that Wyden has come out in opposition to it. Privacy advocates are now placing their hopes in a Senate version of the bill that hasn’t been subject to pressure from the White House and spy agencies.

Meanwhile, the Senate voted Thursday to confirm David Barron to a lifetime post on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, overcoming bipartisan opposition for legal memos he authored while serving in the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel.

The White House worked for weeks to build support for Barron, who was ultimately opposed by all Republicans and two moderate Democrats. A group of Senate liberals and conservatives had vowed to block his confirmation unless the administration released more of Barron’s drone-related legal analyses, including a key 2011 memo that provided the legal basis for using drone strikes against Americans abroad. The Justice Department announced earlier this week that it wouldn’t block the release of that document.

3000 Ghosts


Spirits roam the once ash filled streets of lower Manhattan. There is no resting place or sense of closure with so many unanswered questions. Now with great fanfare, President Obama, and dignitaries are attending the opening of a museum to memorialize September 11th.

The history of the World Trade Center scars the New York mind. A boondoggle from the very start and a total failure in luring tenants, WTC has cost New York, America and the entire World trillions of dollars. Wars have been waged over WMD’s that didn’t exist the ultimate morph from the ongoing tragedy/saga of the World Trade Center.

Politicians raised billions of dollars pounding chests over the catastrophe that befell New York, that luscious day in September. The sight a tourist trap with a $24 entrance fee putting unsuspecting tourists from around the world into a created myth and profiting from that myth.

A museum won’t heal the wound. The global economy has devastated the environment without conscious. A dark side has befallen the Trade Center sight, as those 9/11 GHOSTS have no rest.

The WTC area including Battery Park City is loaded with over the top security forces from every branch imaginable. Costs still go on and funding the fear of imminent attacks by terrorists have our men in blue foaming at the mouth from boredom. It is two and a half years after the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations occurred and the Battery Bull has finally lost its’ ring of police barricades as if someone could hurt the sculpture that was gifted to New York.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey bought the World Trade Center. The deal went something like this, New York State would rent forty floors, and The City of New York also committed to forty floors. This deal was proposed after the first group of owners of the WTC went bankrupt.

And today the Governor Chris Christie footprint shows just how powerful the Port Authority can be. It is the cash cows of cash cows.

The haunting continues. The residue is palpable. A new museum celebrating our stupidity, our waste of life, our best attempts and rationalizations emerges in the fog of history lost as advertisement like the tourist trap it was then and remains.