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Battery Park City Authority PEP’s, YOUR FIRED !


The Battery Park City Authority is taking PEPs off their beat.

MDC issues a congratulations to Adam , who initiated the ineptness and harassment the community was undergoing on a daily basis. The BPCA is another story that needs the same ending.

The Authority’s board voted Tuesday to hire a private security firm to replace what would appear to be most of the city’s Parks Enforcement Patrol’s green-uniformed officers, contracted through the city’s Parks Department, to patrol the neighborhood’s 38 acres of parks. Forty-five PEPs of various ranks are currently assigned to Battery Park City, according to a Parks Department spokeswoman.

The Parks Department and the authority are in “discussions” over the number of PEPs who will remain, the spokeswoman said.

The newly hired company, Allied Barton Security Services, is a nationwide firm with 120 offices and more than 60,000 employees, according to its website. Allied Barton’s security officers, in bright yellow and blue uniforms, will begin patrolling the parks on bike and foot in mid-November, said Caress Kennedy, a vice president of the firm.

The board voted to spend $2.1 million annually on the new services, which is $400,000 less than the authority now pays the city’s Parks Department for its officers, according to a person with knowledge of the PEP contract. But Benjamin Jones, an authority vice president, said the agency will get more for its money and the total paid for both private security and the remaining PEPs will be no more than the authority was paying for the full staff of PEP officers.

“We’re looking at a contract now under the $2.1 million that would still give us services that could be up to 30 percent more in terms of boots on the ground and visibility to the public,” Jones said, noting that the coverage will “go beyond just the green spaces in Battery Park City.”

Bryant Park is the only other city park that is largely staffed by private security. Unlike Battery Park City’s parks, it closes at night.

An authority spokeswoman did not respond when asked in an email why the agency is making the change. In the past, residents have complained about an absence of PEP officers on patrol as well as officers who congregate and seem inattentive. But Anthony Notaro, chair of Community Board 1’s Battery Park City Committee, said his view of their performance lately is a good one, though he has “more questions than answers” about the wisdom of the move.

“The relationship has been up and down but I would say on balance it’s been positive,” said Notaro, who was not aware of the decision until contacted by the Trib.

MDC adds, Mr. Notaro is full of shit and a complete unaware jerk . He makes blanket generalizations when he is completely out of touch. Anthony, you are one tired old hag.

Source:  See more at: http://www.tribecatrib.com/content/private-security-firm-hired-replace-most-battery-park-city-pep-officers#sthash.JY6WzlBz.dpuf



Famed restaurateur Danny Meyer is eliminating all tipping from his New York City restaurants — a move he says could save the restaurant business.

The food mogul, whose company Union Square Hospitality Groups owns hotspots such as the Union Square Cafe, Gramercy Tavern and Blue Smoke, will start rolling out his new no-tipping policy at the Modern, his most expensive restaurant, on W. 53rd St., next month.

The other eateries will follow.

MDC says, ultimately, it’s diners who will get the short end of the bread stick.

Meyer will hike up the prices of food and drinks at his restaurants in order to make the math work. Pricing is still being finalized for the November roll out, but the bill of fare will reportedly being increased from 20% to 25% across the portfolio.

For diners, that pencils out to the price of the meal, plus the tip they might have paid, plus an additional charge, which Meyer says will go towards increasing the wages of all restaurant workers, from the chefs, who take home the most green, to the dishwashers at the bottom of the food chain.

“The average person is going to do the math and say I was going to pay A plus B anyway,” Meyer told Eater. “In our case, it’s going to be A plus B plus C, because in addition to the 20 percent you would’ve tipped, we’re also trying to right what has been a labor of wrong, and that’s going to cost a couple more points on top of that.”

Meyer is obviously not the first restaurateur to get rid of gratuities.

The 1st NYC Mural Festival

english3First of all – murals, obviously.

But, aside from murals, this festival is going to be a totally family friendly, as guests of all ages are welcome and there will be something for everyone.

On Thursday, August 6th, established artists will be a part of a panel that will be held at also famous Jonathan LeVine Gallery at 7 PM. Then, on Friday, the sculpture garden will open at 114 Mulberry Street, featuring the infamous bust of Edward Snowden, a work by Andrew Tider and Jeff Greenspan. In the evening, there’s another panel in 7 PM, this time on illegal vs. legal street art installations, at Con Artist Collective.

On Saturday, kids will be able to learn how to create their own signature sticker, while learning about sticker culture.

englis2  english1

Also, from 5 PM to 7 PM on Saturday, a live illustration battle will be held between street artists Crash and BIO, where they need to cover 25 feet high walls with black and white images in hour and a half. The winner will be decided by the amount of applause by the audience.

After that, a never seen European cut of “Banksy does New York” will be shown outdoors, and on Sunday there will be a musical concert, with projection of completed murals from the festival.





MDC highlighted the new Google Zipper Taxi Cab back in April of 2012.  It appears NYC, has its hands full with the presence of Uber & Lyft at the moment.

MDC says and bets accordingly , the Google Zipper will not appear in NYC  .

The mayor’s office said that there would be 5000 driverless cabs on New York City streets by 2014.

NYC’s new fleet of 9,000 taxis will be dubbed the “Zipper” and each car in the Google squadron will be called a “Zippie”.

The good news? All Zippies will be electric-bio-fuel hybrids filled with sweet amenities that leave regular NYC Taxi cabs in the dust. Google will not only equip each Zippie with an ATM machine, but vending machines built into the front-seat-back-seat divider will dispense everything from mouthwash to mascara to condoms and even hot food like a NY slice. According to Google, the vending machine offers will change from day to night and season to season to accommodate different needs and tastes. And if you’ve ever been one to step into a regular NYC taxi cab only to be met with a funky smell, or disturbing unmentionables left on the seat, you’ll finally be able to sit in hygienic peace. The new Zippies will be self-sanitizing, turning up a 12 horsepower vacuum to suck up all that unsightliness as soon as passengers exits the car.

So how does it work? The Zipper model is similar to that of the yellow cab, and you can either hail a Zippie — which will be recognized by Google’s above-head-mounted super sensors as a signal to stop — use the Zippie Android app on your smartphone, or hit one of the over 50,000 giant red “+1″ buttons that will be placed around the city. Once you are in the vehicle you can either speak your destination into the Zippie’s “G-phone”, or G-chat your destination to the Zippie via your smart phone, from there the car will take you where you need to go. Foreign tourists don’t need to worry about mastering English; the G-phone currently recognizes over 80 different languages.

At the start of the program, only a limited number of Zippies will go to Brooklyn and Queens.

MDC highlighted the future of autonomous cars in a past article, informing you about what to look out for in the future.




A city bus looks like a commercial featuring womens underwear, or a hyped television series.  Subway tunnels are covered with Tiffany & Co. advertisements or some selling point once found in magazine or newspaper ads.  Every conceivable space has been coopted and used to bombard our senses with buy this.  Facial Doctors, Law offices specializing in every conceivable tort, college educations, GEDs, you name it and it is advertised.  All the money generated and still the SUBWAY AND BUS SYSTEM STINKS.


I admired the attempts of the street artists in the late sixties and seventies who risked life and limb to paint amazing graffiti works over every surface available on a subway car.  Despite the outcries against such behavior, graffiti flourished.  Remnants of early work can be seen in some of the abandoned stations along all the subway routes, and if you catch a glimpse it will more than take you back to a different time in NYC.


Officials through the ensuing decades decried the horror of defacing a public piece of property and did their authoritative best to eradicate graffiti from all subway car surfaces inside and out.  Indeed we have had subway cars graffiti free a bunch of years but now we have a much different disgusting situation.  Subway cars are covered on every surface with advertising.


Every surface in the city of New York is now vulnerable to advertisements competing with street art or no art at all.  Kids still have no place to recreate.  Indeed that was the original cause graffiti flourished when there was no alternatives the citys young students had after school.


Street Art is precious and provocative, global and online.  It is sold in galleries, auctioned off and sought.  Banksy, the world renowned Street Artist, created street works of art on the separation walls between Israel and the Palestinian Gaza Strip.  Mixed local Palestinian reviews were voiced at the sight of a child floating away holding a bunch of balloons, but the connected U tube video was an instant hit and received huge acclaim around the globe.


As a City bus traverses the Islands and mainland of New York City, it need not be a corporate palette.  City busses and subways were once a safe place void of battering commercialism.  What was achieved is one more example of government sellout.

The Daily Shower


Do You Really Need To Shower Every Day?

Actress Naya Rivera’s recent comments about showering have landed her in some hot water. But that begs the question: Is it actually necessary to shower every day?

It’s a topic that Glee star Naya Rivera brought up by way of controversy while guest-hosting The View this week: “I feel like showering more than once a day or every day is such a white people thing,” she said, to the surprise of her fellow hosts.

The actress, who is part Puerto-Rican, African-American, and German, later clarified her comment. “Yesterday, we were talking about a study that says you’re supposed to shower once or twice every three days. I had an opinion on it that was supposed to be a joke,” she said.

Kidding or not, the whole thing got us thinking: Is showering every day really necessary, for anyone?

“Daily showering is a more cultural phenomenon than medical necessity,” explains Joshua Zeichner, MD, director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai Hospital’s Department of Dermatology. “In the U.S., people commonly shower once or even more per day – this can actually be harmful to skin, as hot water strips essential oils and can lead to irritation,” he adds.

Another issue, particularly in the wintertime, is that the alkaline pH of some soaps can disrupt normal skin barrier function, says Zeichner. This, along with heavily fragranced formulas and long hot showers, can result in chronically parched and itchy skin that is prone to irritation.

However, for many people, bacteria that accumulate in sweat-prone areas can build up quickly and produce body odor, says New York dermatologist Eric Schweiger, MD, of Schweiger Dermatology Group. If showering is skipped for too long, that bacteria can potentially turn harmful and result in infection.

“Realistically, most people shower daily to feel clean, and I think it can be fine for skin health if you do so in a way that protects the barrier,” says Schweiger.

Whether you do it daily or a few times a week, our experts advise the following pointers.

Keep Showers Under About 7 Minutes

The longer you’re under running warm water, the more depleted your skin’s natural moisture barrier becomes. Turn the temperature down from hot to warm to help your skin retain as much hydration as possible, and set your cellphone alarm to know when time is up.

Suds Sweat-Prone Areas Only

It’s actually not necessary to suds your whole body. Go for the areas that have concentrated sweat glands – your underarms, private areas and feet. Include your upper chest and back if you tend to sweat in these areas. The soapy runoff from cleansing these strategic spots is plenty enough to clean the rest of your body, say our experts.

Switch To Body Wash

Traditional soap can simply be too caustic for some sensitive and aging skin types, particularly when temperature and humidity levels drop. Try switching to a moisturizing body wash that is soap-free, as well as free of drying detergent ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate.

Shower Less, Use Wipes

If you do decided to cut back on showering, you can still swipe sweat-prone areas with baby or cleansing wipes to stay fresh. Look for formulas that contain natural astringents like cucumber or citrus. Change out underwear and socks for a fresh pair on days you skip, so that bacteria doen’t have the chance to propagate into body odor, suggests our experts.

MDC laughs at the above research since this does not apply to New York City. The daily environment, subway grime, and floating black suut is already challenging enough and will be noticed blatantly if you have not showered.

Source: yahoo



The Police Union Top Brass have kissed butt to the right wing “FEAR” agenda. It was easy after 9/11. The huge mistakes under Mayor Guliani and Police Commissioner Bernard Kerick by placing the Police Headquarters in a monumentally sized space at the World Trade Center almost stealing their lives, and losing a central command that was placed in New York’s most vulnerable real estate speaks volumes to their ineptitude. No need to rehash MDC’s position on the World Trade Center and it’s corrupt history. We have written extensively and still remain a disillusioned witness to the continued rip-off politically and financially it has become. It has been used as an excuse too often fooling patriotic citizens unaware of any past indiscretions of grand theft.

After 9/11, policing morphed heavily in a new direction. Instead of citizens wary of Rastafarian dredlocks living a Ja life, attention turned to light skinned mustached strangers. Everyone became suspect. In a bad economy our Governmental money flowed into Homeland Security giving huge profits to a select group of nepotistic businesses lobbied and professional.

New York City suffered from “stop and frisk” which escalated into the fiasco of heavy handed police actions against the citizens of the city. Why one might ask did the Union back that policy? It shattered relations, it fomented fear, and now we have innocents being murdered from an over-militarized, quota driven force.

We had the miserable experiences of Occupy Wall Street and the White Shirted Officers using pepper spray unconsciously, police brutality with herding techniques and false arrests.

The police during the Republican Convention in 2004 also used herding and intimidation against millions of marchers opposed to the War in Iraq. Earlier millions marched against the impending war with the same heavy hand used by the police to herd and intimidate, cops wearing armament and carrying lethal weapons against peaceful demonstrators. Oh yes, the police had plain clothed plants amidst the protesters, they always do. Yesterday in the protest march over the Brooklyn Bridge, hammers were found in a duffle bag, convenient to foment a fake plot.

It remains a question to many New Yorkers wondering how could the Police Union sanction “stop and frisk”, quotas, illegal chokeholds, overkill and indiscriminate murdering of our unarmed young citizens of color.

Top Leaders after 9/11 created a false frenzy bringing fear mentality to the New York City Police and Mayoral Administrations. It remains a question whether Pat Lynch or any other leader of an important union would have acted differently. Like so many of our Legislative leaders who never had the balls to tell Americans the truth, the Police Union fell into “if we don’t get our share of the pie, well let’s give them a show for the money”.

Pat Lynch is a Patsy of the Right Wings” Fear For Profit Politicians who will not let go of the American Borrowed cash cow Congress.

MDC says, he’s just another loser who is uneducated about history and he will announce proudly “I’m just doing my job.”



MDC says, Rihanna enjoys going topless in above photo.

As you probably know, it’s completely okay (as in, legal) for women to walk around topless in New York (and in a lot of other places, too). If you didn’t know, however, topless activist Moira Johnston is going out of her way to spread the good word about women being able to bare their chests everywhere men can bare theirs.

MDC shares a past youtube clip from occupy wall street regarding another  topless activist.



NYC Rats have Unknown Viruses


Everyone who’s ever used a New York City subway knows that they’re teeming with rats, and that said rats are, almost by definition, disgusting. But no one had quantified just how disgusting they are … until now.

A team of scientists at Columbia University trapped 133 Norway rats — Rattus norvegicus — from five sites in midtown and lower Manhattan, and used DNA sequencing to catalogue the pathogens they carry.

They found an alarming number of disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and single-celled organisms called protozoa. At least one of the protozoan and eight of the bacterial species have been linked to gastrointestinal disease in humans.

Even more disconcertingly, they discovered nearly 30 viral species, including almost 20 mammalian viruses, and 18 viruses that were previously unknown to science.

Among the plethora of viral species they found in the creepy critters, a few stood out, including a new species related to the hepatitis C virus, and Seoul hantavirus, which causes hemorrhagic fever — a dangerous disease that causes excessive bleeding — which had never been found in New York before.

While the hepatitis virus probably isn’t good for the rats, its discovery is useful to science, as it could be used as an animal model to test new treatments. They also found a new virus related to enterovirus, which recently infected hundreds of children across the US.

No one knows how many rats there are in NYC’s subways, but Rick Ostfeld of the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, N.Y. told Bloomberg Businessweek that he suspects that there are as many rats as there are people in the city.

Of the 113 rats the researchers analyzed, about 90% were found to carry some type of microbial agent. About 40% of the rats carried more than 2 viruses, and nearly 10% of the rats carried a whopping 5 viruses.

While the novel viruses the researchers identified have not been detected in humans, the authors wrote in the study, published Oct 14 in the journal mBio:

Many rodent-borne pathogens cause only mild or undifferentiated [i.e. difficult to distinguish from other illnesses] disease in healthy people, and these illnesses are often misdiagnosed and underreported. It is therefore possible that human infection with some of the agents identified here may already be occurring, and the risk of future zoonotic transmission should not be disregarded. Future work should build on the results of this study amd begin to assess the impact of the agents identified here on human health in NYC through continued pathogen surveillance and disease monitoring programs.