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NYC Parks Department uses Weapons


MDC says, our dear friend was beaten with his dog in his arms by several Parks officers with batons. He has been advocating against the Parks abuse for years.

New York City Parks Enforcement Patrol officers shown with pepper spray and batons holstered on their belts. A NYC Park Advocates watchdog group investigation revealed that nearly 200 PEP officers did not receive state-mandated training before being issued the weapons!

Advocates are at war with the Parks Department over “peace officers” who carry weapons without proper training.

Approximately 180 Parks Enforcement Patrol officers who carry pepper spray and batons weren’t given state-mandated training classes, according to an investigation by NYC Park Advocates, a non-profit watchdog group.

That means Parks peace officers were illegally equipped with the weapons — and the agency flouted rules administered by the state’s Department of Criminal Justice Services.

“It has come to (our) attention (that) special patrolmen employed by Parks and Recreation are not in compliance with minimum training requirements for peace officers,” the agency wrote in a letter sent on March 20, 2012.
Officers are not allowed to “carry or use a weapon” without receiving 99 hours of initial instruction, plus annual refreshers from a state-sanctioned teacher, the letter said.

Both pepper spray and the batons can inflict serious damage if not used properly — which is why the state mandates annual recertification.

“Three PEP officers were hurt last year while receiving training by an unlicensed instructor,” said Geoffrey Croft, president of Park Advocates.

Emails obtained through a Freedom of Information Law request indicate that the state began looking at Parks compliance in early 2012 after receiving complaints from a whistleblower.

Agency spokesman Arthur Pincus said training is on track.
“Parks is in full compliance with applicable regulations,” he said.
But Joe Puleo, president of Local 983, the union for parks police, said the department has dropped the ball.
“This puts the parks officers and the public in danger,” he said. “These are not regular nightsticks and even the manufacturer says you have to be trained once a year to use this equipment properly.

MDC says, the training, hahahahah…….my shitzu is better trained and has extreme etiquette and ethics in comparison to the human so-called city servant PEP officer.

“It’s based on a martial-arts device from China, it’s pretty intricate, it’s not just a stick and it’s not supposed to be used on certain parts of the body. It you don’t use it the right way, you can permanently injury somebody or worse.

Most of its training for 2013 will be completed over the next several weeks as 180 park police and other Parks workers get refresher courses, the agency said.

Assistant Commissioner Michael Dockett is head of the division and responsible for keeping it compliant. MDC says , Dockett is completely full of crap and is a complete liar. MDC also has obtained video of Dockett lying during a Community Board meeting, another person that needs termination.

Since 2006 PEP officers have employed batons twice and used pepper spray 11 times during the course of some 500 arrests, Parks said.

Source: gotis@nydailynews.com