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Look at Sweet Putin


MDC wants to highlight the sweet Russian President Vladimir Putin, a dog lover, received a top breed puppy as a belated birthday gift on Wednesday from Turkmenistan’s president who is keen to recover lost Russian markets for Turkmen gas. Let’s remember, the United States President doesn’t own any animals or pets; actually does his horrid family quantify as animals ?

“We have a common friend – this is the world’s unique alabai dog. And today I brought this little alabai with me,” President Kurbanguly Berdymukhamedov said before talks with Putin, pulling the pup out from a portable cage and holding it up by the scruff of its neck.

Putin, who marked his 65th birthday on Oct. 7, took the puppy, called Verny which means “faithful” in Russian, and kissed it in its forehead.

The alabai is a home-bred Turkmen variety of the Central Asian shepherd dog. Along with the handmade carpets and the ancient Akhal Teke breed of race horses, it is officially listed as part of Turkmenistan’s national heritage.

Happy Birthday Vlad !!

Rasputin to Putin



One hundred years ago Rasputin the personal council to the Czar and Czarina was the trusted rudder of their ship and one of the causes of their downfall. What followed were years of revolution and eventually the emergence of Communism in Russia.

Lenin the head of this new Marxist philosophy and leader of USSR Russia discovered after years of practice that Communism was not the be all that it was intended to be. Lenin’s friend Armand Hammer from the United States and the friend of starving Russia shared his descriptive Russian experience while alive. What Hammer shared was that Lenin became disillusioned with communism and was restoring normal business relations with the West. But Lenin mysteriously died leaving Stalin in control. Armand Hammer pulled out his businesses from that Russia. However, since he fed the Russian people when they were starving, and helped them through a famine by selling them a million bushels of wheat for one million dollars, he was always regarded as a hero and maintained an apartment on Red Square throughout his life and a valuable friend to the Russian people.

The Mystic Rasputin was murdered almost one hundred years ago. That isn’t so long a time as not to know that history and how it affects the Russia we deal with today.

Taking the Ras out of Rasputin and we end up with Putin.

Knowing how President Ronald Reagan blew the American budget with our historic build up of our Military Forces in order to financially destroy the USSR in it’s competitive need to keep up was a strategic success with the end result no global nuclear holocaust. Whether one agrees with Reagan’s course of action or not, today America is still struggling with that debt The Russians are no longer that giant threat they once were to the planet as far as a nuclear holocaust has been avoided. Planet be damned the way the Russian economy is living on petroleum, gas, and coal to feed itself and advance itself in the modern world.

Reminding ourselves how young our democracy is and how even younger today’s Russian experiment is, would go along way in understanding how we got to this critical point in history.

Rasputin to Putin is the history lesson we are suffering. The poetic lyrical Russian people have suffered and yet act very Arian, when it comes to acceptance of other skin colors. The only place in the world is America, where we have almost learned to live with each other ethnically. Putins’ Russia is Rasputins’ Russia still awakening from centuries of serfdom and decades and communism.