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Donald Trump Jr releases Secret Service

Donald Trump Jr., the president’s oldest son, is giving up his Secret Service protection, according to a person familiar with the matter.

MDC says, GOOD FOR YOU .The person, speaking under condition of anonymity, was not authorized to comment publicly.

The Secret Service said in a statement that “to ensure the safety and security of our protectees and their families we will not confirm who is currently receiving Secret Service protection.”

The New York Times reported Monday night that Trump Jr. is declining the protection so he can have more “privacy.”

Yet Trump Jr.’s decision to forgo protection could be a big cost-savings for the agency already strained by President Trump’s frequent travels and large family.

As USA TODAY first reported in August, the Secret Service can no longer pay hundreds of agents it needs for an expanded protective mission under Trump, who has spent almost every weekend traveling to properties he owns on the East Coast.

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Director Randolph “Tex” Alles said last month that more than 1,000 agents have already hit federally mandated caps on annual salary and overtime allowances meant to last the entire year. Congress would need to intervene to get these agents paid.

In an interview, Alles acknowledged the president’s large, 18-member family but added that there was “no flexibility” in the service’s mandated protective responsibility. “I can’t change that,” he said.

Trump can’t pay for his own Secret Service protection because it could raise legal issues under the Anti-Deficiency Act.  Yet Trump’s immediate family is allowed, under the law, to decline Secret Service protection or find other options, such as private security.

As Trump Organization executives, Trump’s children – both Donald Jr. and his brother Eric Trump – take frequent trips to promote Trump-branded properties across the globe, from their home base in New York to places as far-flung as the United Kingdom and Dubai. Eric’s business trip to Uruguay earlier this year cost the Secret Service nearly $100,000 just for hotel rooms, as one example.

Under Trump, the service is protecting an unprecedented 42 officials, up from 31 during the Obama administration.



It’s mind boggling to see so many bought politicians avoid anything the citizens of the world so desperately need. The issue of the “War on Drugs”, the largest manipulation of the masses currently run by the lobbyist of the drug industry, and the law enforcement industry, was to be confronted by the latest Latin American Summit in Columbia, South America.

The Leaders of all the Latin American Countries want the War on Drugs to end. Instead what does America get, a Sex scandal by the Secret Service. Americans will occupy the streets this summer, and one of the issues is the inequality of the War on Drugs.

Our Politicians have not responded to the need of the populace, instead they have created a slice of the population and criminalized chosen behavior by large masses of the population defying the laws that have been newly created over the last seven decades.

This one issue defines the line of Freedom for all of us. We must get back our freedom and this is the line that must be crossed. END THE WAR ON DRUGS.