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Let’s Exploit Tragedy


MDC says, Lawmakers Exploit Tragedy to Demand Defense Dollars !!

Every time a military tragedy occurs, a politician will inevitably rush to blame it on the “gutted” Pentagon budget. After 15 Marines were seriously injured when an Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV) burst into flames on September 13, it was only a matter of time before someone attempted to capitalize on the tragedy by screaming for more defense dollars.

For those keeping score, it took less than 48 hours for Representative Mac Thornberry (R-Texas), chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, to issue a press statement linking the incident to other “accidents related to readiness challenges.”

The Smartphone Map App Battle

MDC enjoys both map apps, but we feel having real-time satellite imagery creates certain privacy issues.

For a long time, Apple Maps was a laughing stock. Then it started getting better. Apple ironed out the glitches, began updating Apple Maps every day, and introduced Flyover, which gave you a 3-D view of major cities as they would look from the sky.

Now it’s taken that technology one step further in an effort to win the mapping war versus Google: Apple Maps is going real-time.

Thanks to a new update, London’s Big Ben clock tower will now show the real time, while the iconic London Eye will rotate. Those are the only real-time updates we’ve spotted so far, but Apple is reportedly looking to add more moving elements to cities over the following year.

Of course, in a real sense, Apple Maps isn’t real-time in the true sense of the word. What it has done is to cleverly map on (no pun intended) moving, animated elements onto the static images used by Flyover’s wireframes. This is something Apple hinted at in its original patent for the Flyover 3-D camera, but which we’ve not had the pleasure of seeing up until now.

Compared to real-time traffic updates and the like, it’s certainly a gimmick, but it’s a great one. It also opens up tons of possibilities for future expansions: such as days shifting in real-time from day to night, weather effects, or even seasonal changes.

Hey, it’s not totally crazy to think that Apple could use the technology for useful features like the aforementioned traffic updates: giving you an idea of congestion from a single glance.

For now, we’ll have to “make do” with watching the London Eye spin, but given Apple’s recent efforts at improving its mapping services thanks to the mysterious minivans (plus the numerous patents the company holds in this area), it’s a promising start to what could be a fantastic new feature.

Source: cult of Mac 

The Dirtbox

The U.S. Justice Department operates a secret spy program that uses fake cell towers placed on small airplanes to collect data from the cell phones of users it flies over, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal.

The small devices, called “dirtboxes,” are embedded in planes and mimic cell-phone towers, triggering any cell phone within range to send its “unique registration information,” allowing it to collect thousands of people’s identifying information and location in one flight. The program is targeted at tracking and identifying the locations of criminals, though thousands of innocent people’s data is picked up in the process. Dirtboxes also allow law enforcement to bypass telecom companies when tracking down data about an individual’s cell phone location history.

But that’s not all! According to the Journal:

The program is more sophisticated than anything previously understood about government use of such technology…

Newer versions of the technology can be programmed to do more than suck in data: They can also jam signals and retrieve data from a target phone such as texts or photos. It isn’t clear if this domestic program has ever used those features.

A Justice Department official who spoke with the Journal would not confirm or deny the existence of the surveillance program.

Hope whoever is sifting through this data enjoys my sexts!

Source: global internet IMG_1804.PNG

3000 Ghosts


Spirits roam the once ash filled streets of lower Manhattan. There is no resting place or sense of closure with so many unanswered questions. Now with great fanfare, President Obama, and dignitaries are attending the opening of a museum to memorialize September 11th.

The history of the World Trade Center scars the New York mind. A boondoggle from the very start and a total failure in luring tenants, WTC has cost New York, America and the entire World trillions of dollars. Wars have been waged over WMD’s that didn’t exist the ultimate morph from the ongoing tragedy/saga of the World Trade Center.

Politicians raised billions of dollars pounding chests over the catastrophe that befell New York, that luscious day in September. The sight a tourist trap with a $24 entrance fee putting unsuspecting tourists from around the world into a created myth and profiting from that myth.

A museum won’t heal the wound. The global economy has devastated the environment without conscious. A dark side has befallen the Trade Center sight, as those 9/11 GHOSTS have no rest.

The WTC area including Battery Park City is loaded with over the top security forces from every branch imaginable. Costs still go on and funding the fear of imminent attacks by terrorists have our men in blue foaming at the mouth from boredom. It is two and a half years after the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations occurred and the Battery Bull has finally lost its’ ring of police barricades as if someone could hurt the sculpture that was gifted to New York.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey bought the World Trade Center. The deal went something like this, New York State would rent forty floors, and The City of New York also committed to forty floors. This deal was proposed after the first group of owners of the WTC went bankrupt.

And today the Governor Chris Christie footprint shows just how powerful the Port Authority can be. It is the cash cows of cash cows.

The haunting continues. The residue is palpable. A new museum celebrating our stupidity, our waste of life, our best attempts and rationalizations emerges in the fog of history lost as advertisement like the tourist trap it was then and remains.



NYPD play Terrorists


MDC says , be prepared NYC residents. The Terrorists (NYPD) Mock gunmen will storm 1 World Trade Center in a drill on Saturday morning starting at 8:30.

This is just a drill.

Mock gunmen will storm 1 World Trade Center Saturday morning to better protect the nation’s tallest building and its surrounding streets, law enforcement sources said Friday.

A multi-agency “active shooting drill” will take place at the famed downtown skyscraper and its PATH train station beginning at 8:30 a.m. to test how the NYPD, the Port Authority Police Department, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority police and Homeland Security would coordinate and interact with each other in a real attack.

Those involved in the drill will be firing “simunitions” — nonlethal paint-ball bullets, a law enforcement source said.

“There’s going to be a lot of gunfire,” the source said, realizing that the sound may rattle residents, particularly survivors of the 9/11 terror attacks. “You’re going to have a lot of people in that area wanting to know what’s going on.”

The scenario for the exercise was not immediately released.

MDC says, NYC is so full of shit with the numerous agencies and fake scenarios . Maybe they are preparing for another “September 11,2001” anniversary event? Hey, what year is this and it shows how this area has turned into a huge shameful disgrace.

Source: dailynews

WTC Security is a Joke


MDC says, the Port Authority invested $4000 bucks into a security camera system. We chuckle at that, since it will be billed for $4 million eventually.

Port Authority officials bought a surveillance system in August that could have detected the 16-year-old kid who got to the top of 1 World Trade Center last week — but it’s still sitting in its box in a back office because they didn’t want to pay extra for installation, a well-placed source told The Post.
The PA honcho in charge of the $4,000 security purchase for the top of America’s No. 1 terror target was furious that such a seemingly large amount of money was spent on the two-camera system and refused to spend any more to hook it up, the source said.

“He looked at me and my colleague and said, ‘Why did I spend $4,000 on this equipment when you could have gone to Home Depot and gotten something cheaper?’ ’’ said the source, a veteran electrician who worked on the project for the vendor, Angel Electronics.
“I was kind of stunned, because that’s a pretty bold statement to make considering we got the specs from them, and the Port Authority had it made to order.”

The 114-floor, 1,776-foot Freedom Tower, which is still under construction, was the site of a potentially disastrous security blunder last week when young daredevil Justin Casquejo managed to breeze past several layers of security to make it to the top floor of the tower.

At the top is a massive spire and antenna designed to control sensitive radio, television and cellphone traffic in the region, as well as signals used to maintain the smooth operation of area airports, tunnels and bridges.
The PA bought the “Two-Camera DVR Solution System” specifically to safeguard the tower, the source said. He added the cameras were to be installed quickly after the early August purchase; the spire that holds the antenna was hoisted into place in May.

PA spokesman Steve Coleman said the cameras “had no surveillance value whosoever” even if they had been installed because there was no infrastructure in place to get them working. “The building is still under construction, so the wiring for the network has not yet reached the 104th floor,” he said.



Just days after NSA leaker Edward Snowden sat for a rare remote interview broadcast at SXSW, new information linked to his original trove of data indicates that the NSA implemented some of its surveillance activities by masquerading as Facebook servers.

The report, published by The Intercept, the news site co-founded by the former Guardian journalist, Glenn Greenwald, who published the original leaked Snowden documents, claims that the NSA spread malware to users’ computers under a program called TURBINE.

TURBINE, which was allegedly part of a larger intelligence initiative called “Owning the Net,” was reportedly able to infiltrate 85,000 to 100,000 computers around the world. According to the documents cited in the report, the initiative includes a number of targeted operations with codenames and acronyms out of a pulp spy novel. But the one that likely to raise the most eyebrows, called QUANTUMHAND, allegedly used Facebook to gain access to computers around the globe.

In the report, The Intercept details what it claims are the methods the NSA used to execute the exploit.

When a target attempts to log in to the social media site, the NSA transmits malicious data packets that trick the target’s computer into thinking they are being sent from the real Facebook. By concealing its malware within what looks like an ordinary Facebook page, the NSA is able to hack into the targeted computer and covertly siphon out data from its hard drive.

According to The Intercept, this particular phase of the operation began back in 2010.

Of course, for some long-time Facebook critics, this latest revelation will likely further stoke suspicions around the social network’s rumored links to the intelligence community. But when contacted by Mashable, the social network distanced itself from the allegations contained in the report.

“We have no evidence of this alleged activity,” Facebook spokesperson Jay Nancarrow told Mashable. “In any case, this method of network level disruption does not work for traffic carried over HTTPS, which Facebook finished integrating by default last year. If government agencies indeed have privileged access to network service providers, any site running only HTTP could conceivably have its traffic misdirected.”

Facebook has been under the microscope, along with other major tech firms, over the past year regarding how it communicates with the U.S. government abound user information.

As recently as Feb. 3, Facebook posted an update offering more detail on its transparency report, which outlines the overall volume and types of information contained in national security requests from the U.S. government.

The voluminous report, which describes several other global surveillance projects linked to TURBINE, goes on to claim that the NSA shared some details about the initiative with Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Truth by Snowden


Uncle Sam’s fixation with mass surveillance has tied up resources that could have thwarted real terror plots, fugitive leaker Edward Snowden argued Monday.

Snowden, who enjoys asylum in Russia, addressed the trend-setting SXSW technology conference in Austin, Texas, via a video feed set up by the American Civil Liberties Union.

“We’re monitoring everybody’s communications instead of suspects’ communications. And that lack of focus has caused us to miss leads that we should have had,” Snowden said, citing Russia’s warning about Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and a relative’s warning about 2009 “underwear” bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

“We didn’t follow up we didn’t actually investigate this guy we didn’t dedicate a team to figure out what was going on, because we spent all of this money we spent all of this time hacking into Google and Facebook,” he said. “What did we get out of that?”
Snowden said he chose to address a tech-geek audience so he could urge them to better shore up Web traffic to thwart the kind of sweeping government surveillance he revealed is conducted by the National Security Agency.

“They’re setting fire to the future of the Internet, and the people who are in this room, now you guys are all the firefighters and we need you to help us fix this,” Snowden said.
Snowden’s image appeared before a backdrop image of the U.S. Constitution, with the event webcast by the Texas Tribune.
In a series of leaks that began last June, Snowden revealed that bulk phone log collection data continued under the Obama administration, and that the NSA hacks into major tech firms networks to collect data about foreign terror suspects.

He also revealed that the NSA has eavesdropped on the phones of allied leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Earlier this year Obama proposed continuing the primary post-9/11 surveillance programs, but with modest curbs.

Attorney General Eric Holder said in January that he would entertain a plea deal if Snowden agrees to return to the U.S. and plead guilty to the crimes he’s charged with, including theft of government secrets, but he ruled out clemency for the former contractor.
Snowden said a return to the United States is not possible because he would not receive legal protection as a whistleblower.
Asked Monday why he did it, Snowden said: “I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution and I saw that the “Constitution was violated on a massive scale.”

He received a loud ovation from the crowd.

Source: jstraw@nydailynews.com


Snowden Gift


Lets start with the backtracking of the War on Drugs. After seventy years of the American Government going after marijuana and opiates, failing miserably, and touting pharmaceuticals, incarcerating the poor and the different, making a huge industry in prison and incarceration, and now that the budget has been broken by that system that produced nothing but anguish and more separation the war is finally coming to an end. We hope.

Making people live in fear, like the talking heads and pundits who missed the biggest story since the same NSA story happened when two NSA agents asked for asylum in Russia (USSR) in the Fifties saying exactly and revealing the same history of super surveillance by our NSA over citizen and governments. Yes it happened back then.

Gambling was once prohibited all over the land creating the Casino business in Nevada. Hungry for money principles and morals went out the door to capture the revenues that were illegally being parlayed by the citizens between each other. Sometimes it was an agent from a mafia type organization, like running numbers in the old days. Today there is off track betting everywhere, casinos everywhere and lotteries everywhere and the government still screws up the profits that were promised to education like the taxes collected on cigarettes that were intended to go to health care.

Lies, cons, money grabs how does one label government abuse? I listen to the Brooks and the Friedman who were on the wrong side of the Iraq war and were standing tall behind Bush and the war machine let alone a Fox in the White House. Lest people forget millions marched against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on the streets of New York. Many marchers were unfairly hauled away incarcerated over nothing. Police brutality seemed to be supported by President Bush and Mayor Bloomberg, and it happened to Occupy Wall Street marchers and protestors. Brutality reigned against the meek and the enlightened.

Any crack in the fake story put out by the Military Industrial Complex, is a victory for freedom and our pocketbooks. President Bush spent our future and politicians sharpened their art of corruption using 9/11 as a backdrop to run campaigns selling fear.

Americans are sorry Mr. Snowden that you have to be in polluted Russia at all that you were afraid like many of us over our lost rights and freedom being taken away. Maybe the seventy years of the Pharmaceutical industry running our health care, leave most people without a clue where an aspirin comes from, and to old timers, who enjoyed a head of cream on their real milk it’s a loss to the next generations. The fissure has been widened to truth. Merry Christmas Snowden, listening to the liars that run the congress find a way to cover up the largess they obtained from the security industry is something to behold. And we have you to thank.

Mexican Border Fence


I don’t get it. Why are all these Southern Senators, from Border States, freaking out over illegal Central American desperate citizens risking lives to escape the poverty and oppressive regimes, drug cartels, and Mexicano Mafiosa? Natural migration of wildlife is not even considered.

Sounds like the same reason Pilgrims escaped England, and almost every other immigrant crossing an ocean, or traveling a land where once there were no borders. Once this land was traversed without it parsed, until hoards of immigrants escaped oppression, only to bring fear, ignorance, lack of abundance, as Shadows that permeate the heirs of these behaviors into our modern world.

Spanish explorers kept the Western Hemisphere all to themselves. One hundred years past before the rest of Europe found out about sugar, chocolate, almost everything precious to our way of life today.

No lessons learned from our indigenous Original Peoples, who shared the land bringing to these wool clad sojourners, cornucopic gifts to survive or die of hunger. It is no longer acceptable that our limited education doesn’t realize that the farmers of this fertile land grow products like corn, potatoes, tomatoes, and many other natural gifts of nature unknown to our European ancestors. The Willow Bark is the essence used in aspirin, Duhh.

Now our brilliant politicians dedicated to fatten the corporate sponsorship and the other players that parasitically suck on the Government like ticks bleeding our hard working labors and resources, to follow agendas that do nothing for Americans but enslave us to high prices, corporate greed, oil feeding our military and using our military as it’s excuse to drill baby drill have almost single handedly ended this experiment.

A border fence, well where is the ghost of Ronald Reagan screaming from yonder, “I thought I said, TEAR DOWN THIS FENCE”? I believe Reagan metaphorically meant all forms of fences, physical and this is tough, our psychological fences. Fences are built out of fear, and Fear is a disease that affords our security parasites and medical parasites their opportunity to live our “American Dream”.

Forget high-speed rail, bridge and tunnel repairs, or recognizing futile infrastructure that cannot be sustained. Needs change, some roads should be let go and given back to the Earth, that’s the right thing to do. Infrastructure allowed us to melt, to become one nation under the Creator. Fences fester fear, and any politician festering fear, must be thrown out of office so help us Americans.

Super Bowl Security


Every year, the Super Bowl moves farther away from “football game” and closer toward “trip through airport security.” This year’s model features some of the most restrictive regulations on transportation in the game’s history. To wit:

• You cannot take a cab to the game.

• You cannot take a limo to the game.

• You cannot, we presume, ride a horse to the game.

• You cannot walk to the game.

• No tailgating, unless you’re inside your own car.

• You can risk driving your own car for said tailgate, at a cost of $150 per pass, but if you don’t leave now, you’re going to get caught in traffic.

Here’s what you can do:

• Pack onto New Jersey Transit shuttle buses from Secaucus, N.J., which is every bit as inviting as it sounds.

• Shell out $51 per person for the NFL-approved shuttle system.

Yep, that’s right. As part of what the NFL is calling the “first mass-transit Super Bowl,” you get the distinct honor of being one of the first people to pay $51 (why $51? why not $50? or $48?) to leave from one of nine designated pickup locations throughout the greater New York-New Jersey area to get to the Meadowlands. Lucky you!

MDC says, I guess that’s why there are over 10,000 seats still available.

Why the no-taxis, no-walking, our-way-or-sit-and-wait-on-the-highway approach? As Sports Illustrated notes, the NFL initially cited “logistical concerns,” which would make a lot of sense if, in fact, MetLife Stadium didn’t have experience hosting football games 20 or so weeks a year. The NFL then fell back on the unassailable “security concerns,” but as Sports Illustrated’s Sean Conboy sees it, there’s something more mundane at work here: a straight cash grab.

“The NFL thinks of you not as a human being whose loyalty and wallet contribute to its preposterous franchise valuations,” he writes, “but rather as a number on an Excel spreadsheet, and the league is determined to wring as much guaranteed profit out of Super Bowl XLVIII as possible.”

Sitting at home and watching the game on a big screen looks better all the time.

Thx: Jay Busbee