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Recorders for the Cops

The City of Ferguson is exploring some serious changes to their police force. Most notably, police officers may soon be wearing cameras on their vests so all acts will be recorded.

MDC has stated many times over the years after a good friend was kidnapped And severely beaten with his dog by the NYC Parks Department, videos and pictures will tell the story. Take the hearsay bullshit out of the cops mouth and give everyone equal rights, so we are not in FEAR of our Lives and Safety by local paid police all steroid up on red bill and burning erections in their pants watching the blood from a UFC cage match.


Police and Peace Officers are THUGS


MDC says ,the injustices are allowed to accelerate to the point where innocent Americans are being routinely terrorized by law enforcement. While the guilty run free, the innocent are targeted for shakedowns, arrest or beatings.

America is rapidly devolving into the oppressive police state we’ve been warning readers about.

Right now, cops are exhibiting thuggish, out-of-control “mafia” behavior as they run loose across America, terrorizing innocent citizens, shooting up the vehicles of people who are merely driving cars on public roadways, taking warrantless blood draws from drivers, shooting pet dogs of people who are merely filming police, raiding farmers at gunpoint over raw milk and terrorizing young women for buying bottled water and cookie dough.

All of these are real and happening right now in America. The cause behind them? Police are being “militarized” through federal training while being given weapons of war through federal grants.

Police departments across the country are now being handed armored assault vehicles, surveillance drones and full-auto assault rifles. Along with this equipment comes a training and engagement posture that is increasingly aggressive and militaristic, subjecting more and more Americans to the kind of “theater of war” engagement tactics that the U.S. military would typically use at a roadblock in Afghanistan, for example.

Military tactics and equipment now used by your local police and parks department.

Police have become rogue gangs with complete immunity from all crimes even while they are the ones committing crimes on a massive scale.

What we are witnessing here is a government gone completely criminal. This is a government that now openly kidnapped the President of Bolivia on the off chance that his airplane might have been carrying Ed Snowden. This is the government that openly admits to the existence of secret kill lists that target American citizens for assassination. This is the government that runs the world’s largest surveillance spy program which even spies on ally nations like Germany and France.

“In recent years, police departments have widely adopted military tactics, military equipment (armored personnel carriers, flash-bang grenades) — and, sometimes, the mindset of military conquerors rather than domestic peacekeepers,” writes TimesDispatch.com.

President Obama famously said, during the gun control debate of 2012, that, “AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not on the streets of America.” Yet it is his administration that’s putting weapons of war on the streets of America via local police departments. By arming police and training police in the hardware and tactics of military warfare, the Obama administrations is doing an end-run around Posse Comitatus and effectively putting wartime troops on the streets of America.

As part of all this, federal law enforcement have been training with so-called “no hesitation targets” that train them to instinctively shoot pregnant women, children, young moms and old men. These targets — whose existence was first denied, and then downplayed when the denials didn’t work — offer irrefutable proof that the corrupt, criminal government currently running the USA is actively planning to engage women, children and senior citizens with weapons of war.

If you and millions of others do not rise up against this, you may one day find yourself collapsed on your knees, looking over a large ditch of fresh bodies while a “police officer” holds a pistol to the back of your head and pulls the trigger.

You, like hundreds of millions before you, are about to become another statistical victim of government gone bad. Throughout history, rogue governments have murdered at least 260 million people. And it all began with precisely the same process we are seeing unfold in America today.

Rise up or be exterminated. These are the lowest levels of scum on the earth, limited education, life experiences, travel experiences, social relationships, low level career lifetime earners, that’s why they enjoy “doin what your told.” Those incompetent peace officers probably were never educated about the Nuremberg trials, a perfect example.

Source: infowar

Janitors with Guns


MDC says OMG !!

A school board in Ohio approved a plan to allow custodians to carry handguns as a way to thwart potential shooters like the one in Newtown, Conn.

The Montpelier Exempted Village Schools Board of Education voted 5-0, to carry firearms at a K-12 campus. ”Our main goal is to offer safety for our students while they are in the classrooms and in the buiding,” said Larry Martin, president of the school board. “We have to do something, and this seems like the most logical, reasonable course to go with.”

From the Toledo Blade:

School officials say that having armed personnel — believed to be the first for any school system in Ohio — is designed to thwart incidents of violence and prevent what happened in Newtown, Conn., from occurring here.

“Sitting back and doing nothing and hoping it doesn’t happen to you is just not good policy anymore. There is a need for schools to beef up their security measures,” Supertendent Jamie Grime told The Blade today. “Having guns in the hands of the right people are not a hindrance. They are a means to protect.”


Source = salon

Show and Tell


MDC says some makers of the kiddie armor report sales are up more than 500% . Parents are snapping up the bulletproof backpacks for $200 to $300 in hopes they can spare their children the same fate as the 20 shot dead at their Newtown school.

Parents began snapping up the high-tech bookbags, the same day of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, Elmar Uy of the Massachusetts-based armor company BulletBlocker told the Daily News.

MDC says, these types of articles make MDC very worried at how misinformed and quick to jump to conclusions the majority of the population is. Do any of them realize that this product would do NOTHING to protect the children of Newtown. These backpacks with IIIA level armor are not designed to stop .223 round that was fired by the shooter. I don’t know about you but people should really educate themselves about something before they are lured into buying something that will give them a false sense of protection for such a serious matter.

Lastly, what happens when the new backpack arrives in the mail ? The kid, shows it off to his friends. One friend suggests, “Let’s test it out, stand over there.” BOOM BOOM—another dead child, playing show and tell.







Today and for many days to come, our towns, states, and country will be grieving for the lives taken too soon at Sandy Hook Elementary School and the families forever changed. We at MDC stand in solidarity with all those scarred by this tragedy. A moment of silence,the one month anniversary.

Courtesy of Mahatma Gandhi, we share these words: ‘I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship. I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings….Let us work together for unity and love.’



MDC sends prayers to the families of the victims of the Colorado Batman shooting.

MDC says, they will face mental and physical trauma that will lead to a lifetime of medical costs.

Caring for a gunshot wound victim who is hospitalized for four to seven days can cost up to $56,000, according to Douglas Arvin, vice president and chief financial officer at University of Cincinnati Health.

Follow-up care at an inpatient rehabilitation facility can cost as much as $240,000 a year, said Frank Darras, an insurance attorney who has represented victims of Hurricane Katrina and 9/11. Seeing a psychiatrist can cost up to $400 an hour, and medications can average $100 a month even with the best co-pays and deductibles, he said.

The real struggle comes in rehabilitation and the mounds of bills for follow-up care, specialists, medications and therapy that will await people once they open the mail.

It’s going to be a nightmare to keep track of all of these bills and copays. They wind up in the process getting beat up and worn down. This becomes a big sad medical financial game and the victim becomes the SCREWED VICTIM.

MDC says, to all the malevolent medical debt collectors……hope you and your family suffer a painful extremely very tragic slow death !  Much love , MDC


Operation ANAHEIM


MDC stands in solidarity with victims of recent alleged police brutality in Anaheim, California.

International hacktivist collective Anonymous is targeting Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait and the Anaheim Police Department in an action dubbed “Operation Anaheim.”

In a YouTube video published July 24, Anonymous calls for “the citizens of the United States to rise up in unison” and protest the police brutality in Anaheim.

Violence in Anaheim began Saturday, July 21, with the deadly police shooting of Manuel Diaz, who was unarmed. According to reports, after being chased by officers, an unarmed Diaz dropped to his knees and was then shot in the back of the head by police. The next day, Sunday, July 22, eyewitnesses report police in Anaheim shot dead a man who was already handcuffed.


The Anonymous Message below;

Citizens of the World,

We are Anonymous.

The purpose of this video is clear.

We want to inform the citizens of the world, that the United States is setting the flames of revolution. In Anaheim, police shot protesters and bystanders including kids who did nothing wrong. We, Anonymous, are calling yet again to the citizens of the United States, to rise up in unison….

Do it for the safety of your families, your homes, and your future generations.

The fate of America is in your hands. Do you wish to be oppressed further, or do you wish to obtain freedom and peace?

The choice is yours. Let beat the drums of war.

Operation Anaheim, engaged.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.


Anaheim Police Department; They’ve killed, injured, and put others in harm when their jobs are to keep us safe. This is uncalled for, and will not be taken lightly. What goes around, comes around my friends.

Name: John Arthur Welter Sr

BirthDate: 03/24/1949

Age: 63
Phone Number(s): (619)442-3232, (619)447-4961

Occupation: Police Chief of Anaheim Police Department.

Occupation Address: 425 S. Harbor Blvd.
Anaheim, CA 92805
Non-emergency Phone: (714)765-1900

Public Work Number: (714) 765-1521


National Latino Peace Officers Association

Position Held: Chief