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Yankees Cursed by Republicans

  • The Yankees have gone nearly 60 years without winning a World Series under a Republican president.
  • The ‘curse’ coincides with former Yankees owner George Steinbrenner getting in trouble for making illegal campaign contributions to President Richard Nixon.
  • The Yankees have won nine World Series under Democratic presidents during that same GOP losing streak.

The New York Yankees’  loss to the Houston Astros in Game 7 of the American League Championship Series last week guaranteed that a nearly 60-year-long losing streak would continue.

The Yankees, the team that holds the most championships among the major US professional sports franchises, hasn’t won a title under a Republican president since President Dwight Eisenhower was in office in 1958.

During that time, the Yankees won nine championships under Democratic administrations, going 9-2 in World Series they have participated in. The Bronx Bombers have made five World Series appearances during Republican administrations since their last title win in such circumstances, losing each time.

Eric Columbus, a former official in President Barack Obama’s administration, brought the point up on Twitter on Monday. Columbus pointed to former Yankees’ owner George Steinbrenner’s 1974 guilty plea for providing illegal campaign contributions to former President Richard Nixon’s reelection campaign in 1972 as the true starting point of this “curse.”

“He avoided jail time, but was suspended from baseball for fifteen months,” Columbus tweeted. “And a curse was born.”

Lebron James decision

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—N.B.A. superstar LeBron James said Tuesday morning that he would announce the name of the team that he is signing with on Thursday at a special session of the United Nations General Assembly to be convened especially for that purpose.

“This decision affects everyone on the planet,” James said. “I want to let all the nations on Earth know at the same time.”

An emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council on Tuesday was deadlocked on the issue, with seven members wanting James to remain in Miami, seven others hoping for a return to Cleveland, and Lithuania abstaining.

The Miami Heat president, Pat Riley, and the Cleveland Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert, both confirmed that they would be in the audience at the United Nations to hear James announce his decision. “I’m not going to lie: I wish he’d tell me in advance,” Riley said. “But I guess I’ll have to wait to hear along with Russia, China, Ecuador, and everybody else. That’s the way LeBron wants it.”

To help him with his decision, the N.B.A. star has assembled an esteemed circle of advisers, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and the scientist Stephen Hawking, all of whom are expected to be in attendance for the United Nations announcement.

The U.N. General Secretary, Ban Ki-moon, acknowledged on Tuesday that the world body had many other issues on its plate, including conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine, but added, “It’s really hard to focus on anything until we know where LeBron is going.”

AROD is Toast


MDC says, AROD– just shut up. We don’t want you speaking, just hitting baseballs.

Alex Rodriguez just talked himself out of a possible settlement with Major League Baseball and faces a 214-game suspension to be handed down on Monday, the Daily News has learned.

Following Rodriguez’s explosive comments after Friday night’s minor league rehab game in Trenton in which Rodriguez basically said Major League Baseball and the Yankees were conspiring to keep him off the field in order to void his contract, MLB officials have rejected Rodriguez’s request to negotiate a suspension settlement, a baseball source familiar with the situation said.

Another source told the Daily News that despite accusing the Yankees Friday of trying to get out from under his contract, Rodriguez also reached out to the club Saturday in an attempt to discuss negotiating a settlement on the remaining $100 million the Yankees owe A-Rod. The Yankees also declined to talk with Rodriguez about his contract, according to the source, telling him this is a drug issue under the purview of MLB.

The most substantive offer Rodriguez’s camp has come up with in previous discussions with MLB and the Players Association, according to sources, was for an 80- to 100-game suspension and Rodriguez’s promise to then retire. “The only problem with that,” said one source, “is that they wanted him to retire and get paid his remaining contract — a paid vacation, in other words.”

MDC says, sorry to see you Go, AROD!


Bright Lights


We called it a month ago and Shaquille O’Neal says the Los Angeles spotlight was too bright for Dwight Howard.

Speaking at Daytona International Speedway on Saturday, Shaq hammered his former colleague as if they were battling in the post.

O’Neal opened his mouth agape when asked about Howard, who chose to leave the Lakers for the Houston Rockets late Friday, and joked about cheering on Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Danica Patrick in Saturday night’s race.

A few seconds later, he threw an elbow Howard’s way.

“It was expected,” Shaq said. “We’ve all been in LA, and not a whole lot of people can handle being under the bright lights. Everybody wants to do it, but when you get there, there are certain pressures. I think it was a safe move for him to go to a little town like Houston. That’s right, little town. I said it.”

ESPN cancels 3D


MDC says, ESPN you suck!! Watching sports is awesome in 3D.

Over the last three or four years manufacturers have been pushing 3D TV sets as the next big hardware innovation. The technology hasn’t taken off though and as a result, ESPN announced today that it will be closing its ESPN 3D channel.

Katina Arnold, Vice President for Communications at ESPN announced the decision on Twitter (as noted by The Verge) earlier today. A spokesperson for the company has also confirmed the move to Gizmodo.

“ESPN 3D was great at home but due to low adoption of 3D to home, we are discontinuing to focus on other products for fans and affiliates,” she said. Arnold later added that ESPN’s 3D content is “unmatched” at the moment and that the company would continue to look at new technologies such as UHDTV moving forward.

ESPN 3D was launched in June 2010 and now broadcasts sporting events from around the globe, 24 hours a day. A quick glance at its schedule for today shows a football (or soccer, depending on your preference) World Cup Qualifier between France and Spain, as well as ongoing coverage from the 2013 X Games in Aspen.

With a restrictive amount of live 3D broadcasting and 3D Blu-ray movies, it’s perhaps not surprising that 3D TV sets as a whole have never taken off. Three-dimensional content as a whole has often been controversial – take the initial concerns for the Nintendo 3DS – and the jury is still out on whether 3D movies shown in the theater add anything but an upgraded ticket price to the overall experience.

Regardless, sports was arguably one of the most compelling and suitable types of content for 3D broadcasting. If one of the largest TV content producers is ducking out, it doesn’t bode well for the technology as a whole.

Oh well. There’s always 4K content to look forward to eh?

Source: nextweb


The Ice Bath

MDC does not agree with the following research. We feel, ICE Helps !

Elite athletes are wasting their time by plunging into icy water after intense exercise and may even be putting their health at risk, according to new research. Scientists at the University of Portsmouth have found cold water immersion is no more and no less effective in helping an athlete recover after sport than light cool-down exercise.
They also warn the practice of plunging into ice baths, common among elite athletes such as the marathon runner Paula Radcliffe and the England rugby team, might do more harm than good.

Dr Jo Corbett, the report’s lead author, said: “Ice baths are frequently used by sportsmen and women to help them recover after exercise but our results show they don’t work. They also pose a number of potentially serious health risks.
“If people using ice baths are receiving no real benefit then they should probably be advised to stop using them.”
Cold water has been thought to reduce inflammation, swelling, muscle spasms and therefore pain, meaning an athlete can perform again at high level more quickly.
Dr Corbett said: “Cold water immersion has been used since Greek and Roman times. A book from 1715 suggests cold water immersion functions as a ‘diuretic, anti-hypnotic, antidote against opiates and as treatment for a variety of conditions including sleepy distempers, inflammations, pains, rheumatism, and convulsions’.

“The practice has become increasingly popular in recent years thanks largely to high-profile sportsmen and women doing it, but how it helps has never been entirely clear and the reasons given are largely speculative.

“The findings of our study do not support it as the most effective way of speeding up recovery. It might be that previous studies have used as a control group athletes who do nothing to warm down versus those who are immersed in cold water.

“We found athletes who cooled down using light exercise recovered at the same rate as those in cold water.”
For the study, published in the European Journal of Sport Science, the scientists tested 40 male athletes after 90 minutes of intermittent shuttle running.

No differences were found between those who used cold water therapy and other cool-down methods in terms of athletes’ perception of pain or in their biochemical markers of muscle cell damage.

The research team suggested further studies needed to be done to reconcile conflicting findings from a number of studies and to establish if cold water immersion was ever effective given the potential dangers associated with it.

Source = guardianuk

Who is SIRI ?


MDC enjoys the new Iphone5 with Siri.

The personal voice assistant can take dictation, help you plan your wardrobe around the weather, keep track of your buddies, inform you on all sorts of sports information, and help you choose the best movie to go see, all using basic spoken English.

Of course, it helps to know what kinds of questions and commands you can actually say to produce the desired results. Here’s three things you can do with Siri the right way, so you can spend less time repeating yourself and more time going to those movies and meeting up with those friends.

1) The obvious way to dictate in any app is to tap into a text field, like a text Message or Twitter field, which will bring up the keyboard. On an iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S, the little microphone icon will show up down in the left corner of the keyboard. Tap that and then begin to speak out loud, clearly and in a normal voice.

Apple recommends using punctuation, which makes a lot of sense — everyone’s intonation is different, and speech to text systems on the Mac OS take up a lot of processing power just to do that. Give Siri a break and just say the punctuation. Apple gives the following example (bold emphasis added by me):

Enter punctuation: Say the punctuation marks you wish to have inserted as they are needed.

For example, to dictate “Pick up the new iPad and suddenly, it’s clear,” say “Pick up the new iPad and suddenly comma it’s clear period.”

2) Being able to use your voice to find out the forecast for the next several days is a fantastic feature that more folks might use, if only they knew the right way to ask.

Try the following. Invoke Siri with a tap and hold on the Home button, and say, “What’s the weather for today?” Even better for those planning a trip out of doors tomorrow: ask, “What’s the weather for tomorrow?” or “Check next five-day forecast for Anchorage, AK.” Of course, you’ll want to insert your own city or region into that last bit, unless you want to find out how rainy it is here.

Siri can handle more abstract questions, as well, like “Will it rain in Seattle this week?” and
“How’s the weather in Houston right now?” She can also deal with forecast-specific language, like, “What’s the high for Anchorage on Thursday?” or “How windy is it out there?”

3) Some of my best friends love to keep track of sports scores, team rankings, and individual player statistics. If I get pulled into a conversation about sports with any of them, I’m totally pulling out my iPhone 5, and I’ll be able to keep pace with their conversation. Or, at least throw out tasty facts that will totally impress them.

Siri is a great personal assistant, helping you create reminders, text friends, and the like. But Siri also has a way of interpreting ordinary questions about things like, yes, sports. Here are some of the best ways to ask her for the latest updates on your favorite teams and sports.

Let’s start with a basic query about a specific baseball team, “How did the Mets do yesterday?” Siri returns “The Mets were downed by the Pirates yesterday; the final score was 10 to 6.” I applaud her use of the semi-colon; it’s often misused. How about them Dodgers, Siri? “The Dodgers lost a close one to the Padres yesterday; the final score was 2 to 1.” Poor Dodgers.

You can also ask about schedules. For example, “When is the next Giants game?” returned “The Giants – Eagles game is Sunday at 4:20 pm,” along with a nice little graphic of the game from Yahoo Sports. It’s nice to see Yahoo! getting some skin in the game, here, so to speak.

How is your favorite team doing? Just ask, “How are the Dodger’s doing?” and you’ll get a picture chart of the MLB teams, with the requested team’s standing in bold font. Nice touch.

Siri will even clarify your question. I asked, “When is the next Cardinals game?” To which, Siri replied, “Which Cardinals, St. Louis or Arizona?” When I said “Arizona,” she told me that the next Cardinals game was against the Vikings on Sunday at 1:05 pm. Good to know, Siri, thanks!

MDC also asked Siri, How’s Derek Jeter’s foot?  Siri said, Sorry the Yankees are done !