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This year, thanks to an extremely rare convergence, Thanksgiving (Nov. 28) falls during the eight-day Jewish Festival of Lights. Some are calling it “Hanu-giving.” Others prefer “Thanksgivukkah.”

From a purely numerical standpoint it’s a pretty big deal. Math geeks say the last time it happened — at least since President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a federal holiday — was 1888. And by one calculation it won’t happen again for another — hold onto your latkes — 79,000 years.

MDC says, Seventy-nine-thousand, forty-three years, to be exact. But who’s counting.

Actually, Hanukkah starts on the same day every year on the Hebrew calendar. But since the months of that calendar have only 29 or 30 days, the Jewish year falls roughly 11 days short of the 365-day Gregorian calendar. To keep everything in sync an extra “leap month” is added seven times every 19 years.

That made Hanukkah unusually early this year. Combine that with an extremely late Thanksgiving, and boom!

Thanksgivukkah! It falls on the second night of Hanukkah.




MDC acknowledges Thanksgiving in the United Sates.

Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving Day, currently celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November by federal legislation in 1941, has been an annual tradition in the United States by presidential proclamation since 1863 and by state legislation since the Founding Fathers of the United States.

Historically, Thanksgiving began as a tradition of celebrating the harvest of the year.

Source = wikipedia




MDC says baseball will go until Thanksgiving ?

Major League Baseball, after month-long negotiations with the players union, finalized the 2012 postseason format, expanding the playoffs by two teams.

The expanded format was approved for 2013 in November, but Commissioner Bud Selig strongly pushed for the extra wild-card round to begin this year. The difficulty was trying to squeeze in the one-game, wild-card round playoff game, with the regular-season and World Series schedules already finalized.

It will be MLB’s first playoff expansion since 1995, adding a second wild-card team from each league. The winner of the one-game playoff between the two wild-card entrants will face the team with the league’s best record in the Division Series.

The team at MDC along with Ojore & Mr.Kamau say, GO YANKEES !!