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Family is Poisonous


What you should do if you come from a family that never has anything supportive to say, doesn’t show you love, doesn’t value you, doesn’t appreciate you and is constantly trying to put you down and sabotage your success.

Breaking up with a friend, boyfriend or girlfriend is one thing and there’s a lot of advice out there for doing it, but what about a family break-up?

 Most of us are not in a position to “just leave” nor do we feel we want to, or that it’s the right thing to do. So what do we do when a toxic family member (or members) is literally ruining our lives? How do we deal with the feeling of obligation, guilt, confusion and heartache?

It is important to note that not everyone’s family is there for them to lean on, to call on or to go home to. Not every family is built on the premise of interconnectedness, support and stability. Sometimes family simply means that you share a bloodline. That’s all. Some families build you up and some suck your energy dry.

In many respects, the way we were treated by our family ends up being the same treatment we offer the world.

Often times the signal and energy we put out into the world is similar to or exactly what we have experienced by others. And for most of us, this influential force has been our family. Think about it. Think about just how much the interaction, or lack there of, from our family, sets the tone for the quality of energy we give off during our lifetime.

What are the signs indicating that you could use a break or change?

-Your own health and mental well-being is damaged
-You feel emotionally, physically and/or spiritually injured
-The relationships with your immediate family/spouse/partner is suffering
-There is violence, physical and/or emotional abuse
-There is substance abuse
-There are constant struggles for power
-There is unnecessary distrust and disrespect
MDC says…… ADIOS !! 



MDC says, On this past quiet FOURTH OF JULY, feeling melancholy, enduring the heat and humidity indoors with the air conditioning, I see America at a peaceful moment.

These past ten years have seen our hero Soldiers fight far away and return as empty carcasses of spirit, needing the healing, only partners, family, friends, and community provide.

No soldier ever goes out alone.  Each has their connections to the people in their lives anchoring any returning reality.

A Soldiers duty is not to political party.  Their duty is to Country and hard fought values of Independence, Liberty, and the Four Freedoms.

Separating a Soldiers duty and mission from the politics that sent them into battle, is necessary.  Civilians enjoying their protection, expertise, and skill sets, foment over political talking heads, deciding the fate of men and Country.

At home politicians beefed up unfunded security in the name of terrorism, real or imagined, which obliterated the freedoms our Soldiers fight for.

Yes, many a citizen has taken the pill of fear given out by TVLAND on a daily basis.  American History has been quickly forgotten.  Yet today we should indelibly remember that what we Americans have is the “FREEDOM FROM FEAR”, and our brother and sister Soldiers are why.