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The World Trade Center: Peace or WAR

The World Trade Center: PEACE OR WAR?
The Utopian vision of a major center where the world commerce would come together and act out of the best interests was what I’m sure the original planners of the sight had in mind.
The original fight over land usage rights, destruction of a neighborhood concerns were all bulldozed over.
The quick read wondering whether these boxed shape buildings were architecturally a wonder or disaster lasted long after completion. The buildings reception was not promising and the rentals did not happen. The Port Authority brought them out of Bankruptcy along with the State of New York occupying forty floors as primary tenant. New York City also occupied many floors possibly forty as well. The Police Headquarters were placed there and had just been completed to the tune of a fortune “$$$$$$$$$$.”
The elevators were always weird, and the buildings swayed especially on the top floors. Everyone got used to the feeling if you worked there.
The two towers were to last around sixty years.
After two successful attempts at destroying these structures we are left with the question of restoration of a concept in space that could bring the global economy back to it’s original Utopian vision of a central location in the West. The last President did not defend New York, the country did not understand New York and Politicians hated to have to come to New York to look for money.
The wives loved to shop here, everyone loves to shop here, but somewhere the egos of some can’t accept the nature of New York and it’s attractive business and financial nature. Many can’t contemplate the integrated atmosphere and that Utopian result New York achieves grudgingly. New York is often misunderstood.
With all this background information and there is plenty more, what after all is the intent of the New World Trade Center? The cost so far had not achieved peace of any sort.
There is no peace in Washington, just political rancor.
Many are profiting from the security costs that are bankrupting the rest of us, and removing our civil liberties to remain free and somewhat anonymous. Fear sells security.
After the expense (of lives and money), will the New,
future World Trade Center promote Peace or War ?

9/11 Memorial Bullshit


MDC shares the continued political disgrace of lower Manhattan? The 9/11 Memorial foundation, funded to the tune of $830 million, has begun nickel-and-diming visitors for ticket reservations.

Even though the nonprofit has long vowed admission to the sacred site would be free, it is now demanding $2 per ticket for all advance reservations made online or by phone.

Officials quietly rolled out the fee on March 1 — but it did not escape the notice of some outraged families of Sept. 11 victims.

“They made . . . a vow that no one would ever be charged for going to the memorial, but money is the bottom line here.”

“They’re making money off the people that died. It’s disgusting,” said Jim Riches, a retired FDNY deputy chief who lost his firefighter son, Jimmy, on 9/11.

“The memorial should be free for everybody to pay their respects. You wouldn’t charge money to get into a cemetery.”

“Who wants to pay to view a murder site,” MDC said.

According to the memorial’s Web site, the booking fees are necessary to “safely manage visitor capacity” while surrounding construction projects are completed.

The nonprofit claims on its Web site that it “does not receive city, state or federal funding for its operations.”

But from 2006 to 2011, it pulled in about $295 million in taxpayer-funded grants for construction.

It also reaped more than $430 million in private donations after the tragedy, including pennies raised by millions of patriotic American schoolchildren.

But critics are calling it a two-bit money grab by fat cats hemorrhaging funds. Construction costs are now pegged at $700 million for the museum and memorial — more than it took to build the Empire State Building.

The foundation, chaired by Mayor Bloomberg, says the memorial and museum will cost $60 million a year to operate once complete. Security will cost $12 million a year, and another $5 million will go to operating the waterfall tributes.

Add that to the nonprofit’s swanky salaries: Ten of the 12 directors raked in more than $200,000 in 2011. Daniels pulled down $336,224 in salary and benefits, and Museum Director Alice Greenwald made $351,171, tax filings show.

One former employee, Joan Gerner, got a $300,000 severance after leaving the foundation — on top of her $439,463 salary.

The memorial opened in 2011 and has attracted 7 million visitors. It features two enormous reflecting pools set within the footprints of the Twin Towers and takes up half the 16-acre WTC site.
Construction on the underground museum ground to halt in late 2011 after the Port Authority, which owns the land, claimed the nonprofit owed $300 million in cost overruns. Development restarted after both sides reached a deal last September.

How the memorial and museum will foot its bills remains unclear.

Daniels is mulling a $20 mandatory admission or a $25 suggested donation for the museum, similar to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, once it opens in 2014.

Visiting the memorial — a public plaza — will be free, eventually—haha.

Memorial officials also want federal handouts, and are hoping to revive a Senate bill that would force the National Park Service to shell out $20 million a year.

Source: nypost



As the eleventh anniversary of September 11th approaches, chaos runs all around the sight.  The museum is incomplete.  The crowds are herded and manipulated into paying for the privilege to visit the sight, which technically is free, with a donation voluntarily.

Construction continues on the monstrous tower replacing the twin towers as the tallest building in the western hemisphere.  The design has been changed and rearranged so often that it is not near the original rendering, and still not finalized at this writing.

All the while the security costs, the traffic, the inconvenience to local residents and businesses are paid no mind from the authorities using the sight for political and financial gain.

Yet there are the three thousand spirits still roaming, still waiting for respect, waiting for some service, some sacrifice, some acknowledgement.  Spirits that are without voices, reflecting what they might have wished but couldn’t express.  Is this the way to honor their deaths?

Three thousand spirits are roaming nervously in a place that cannot heal.  The security force numbers, the police and their guns, the barricades protecting a bull sculpture which was a gift to the city in the middle of the night, and the false need of security from terrorists is too disquieting to let healing happen.

The people who remained in the City, the people who first responded, and all those that ran to help have those spirits implanted in our lungs, tattooed in our hearts and minds, and reflected in our actions.

To these people, September 11, 2001 is still happening, and to the spirits that are continuously haunting the World Trade Center sight, I can only wish and pray that they will be properly respected in time.

The World Trade Center fiasco continues to the detriment of the whole planet.


Source = above image is the future site renderings……never gonna happen!!  Below image is the current site.