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Make Saudi Arabia Great Again


The mass weekend arrests by Saudi Arabia could be due to both the stated purpose of cracking down on corruption and a power grab by the kingdom’s young, reform-minded crown prince who may soon take the throne, said Robert Jordan, former U.S. ambassador to the kingdom.

On Saturday, 11 princes, including well-known billionaire investor Alwaleed bin Talal, and four ministers, including the one in charge of the National Guard, were arrested, according to various reports, along with a number of former ministers.

MDC says, Saudi Arabia’s arrest of Prince Alwaleed ‘would be like arresting Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos,  or Bill Gates’ in the United States. Alwaleed’s Kingdom Holding has major stakes in Fox, Time Warner, Citigroup, Twitter, Apple, Motorola and many other well-known companies, as well as several satellite television networks that are prominent in the Arab world.

We would also like to add that our Duffus POTUS commented in tweets Monday evening, President Trump appeared to endorse Saudi Arabian King Salman’s decision to remove a prince who headed the National Guard and create a new “anti-corruption” committee on Saturday.

“I have great confidence in King Salman and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, they know exactly what they are doing….” the president tweeted.

He completed the statement with a second tweet.

“….Some of those they are harshly treating have been ‘milking’ their country for years!” he wrote. MDC would like to add, Trump acts like a dictator and basically endorsed a dictator’s executive decision move.

The arrests happened hours after King Salman created an anti-corruption committee chaired by his 32-year-old son, Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. MBS, as the crown prince is known, could become king later this year or in early 2018 when his 81-year-old father abdicates the throne. wd9wuDb

At 11pm on Saturday, guests at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Riyadh got a rude awakening. Businesspeople and consultants who were staying in one of Riyadh’s most opulent digs, along with diners and visitors, were all told to assemble in the lobby with their bags. No one knew why.

As guests made their way to buses to be taken to other hotels in the Saudi capital, senior officials were making plans for new arrivals who weren’t prepared for a night away from home, let alone a spell in a five-star hotel. They were soon to become the highest-profile prisoners in the modern kingdom’s history. And the most pampered.

From midnight, buses arrived in the sprawling complex disgorging princes, business leaders, other royals, their guards and their captors. The arrivals marked the start of an extraordinary episode that exposed the kingdom’s elite to rare public scrutiny and showed that, even when accused of high crime, the powerful maintain privileges.

By dawn on Sunday, more than 30 of Saudi Arabia’s most senior figures, among them blood relatives of senior rulers, were locked inside the hotel, accused of corruption. Their ignominious arrests were the talk of the country, and so too was the fact that they were far from a prison cell, where most citizens facing similar charges could expect to find themselves.


Banksy’s a Bust


Banksy’s a bust! The NY Post pens a column out of jealously and gallery owner Greed.

MDC says, the NY Post utilized an extended reach last year to establish an exclusive of breaking news following Banksy’s NYC visit . Unfortunately , all of the New York papers lagged behind because the artist Banksy was super elusive and Way Too Smart.

The below mentioned galleries are selling, STOLEN artwork. The art was created for public enjoyment , for the NewYawkers to enjoy . Utilizing a paid public relations company to spin their frustrations of GREED is sickening and maybe that’s why Banksy created, Better out Than In. MDC asks to utilize a little brain power on this one.

Artworks by the British graffiti artist during his NYC tour last year are selling so poorly, even the Brooklyn Museum won’t take one for free!

Banksy embarked on a surprise, one-month tour last October, leaving the city littered with free artwork, from a mini-Sphinx recreated with cinder blocks and Styrofoam in Willets Point, Queens, to a painting of a balloon heart on a factory wall in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

“People were basically seeing dollar signs,” said Joseph Gross Gallery director Casey Gleghorn, whose gallery repped a truck-door piece from the NYC tour with “The grumpier you are, the more assh—s you meet” written across it.

Two big pieces repped by Manhattan’s Keszler Gallery — the balloon-heart wall and a spray-painted car door — failed to sell in Miami in February, despite a $250,000 offer on the balloon and $145,000 for the car door. They had wanted between $400,000 and $600,000 and up to $300,000 respectively.

“It gave the impression that Banksy’s market was weak, but people were just asking too much for them. People were getting greedy,” said Gleghorn.

Stephan Keszler of Keszler Gallery is now slashing the prices of his four NYC Banksy pieces — which include the Sphinx from a side street behind Citi Field and the “grumpy” truck door — for the Art Silicon Valley fair next week. He quotes $300,000 for the Sphinx, high $200,000s for “grumpy,” $425,000 for the balloon wall and $200,000 for the car door.

Dealing with the post-Banksy frenzy was “overwhelming,” said Cara Tabachnick, whose family owns the East Williamsburg building on Graham Avenue where Banksy painted two geishas.

Her family approached the Brooklyn Museum to offer it to them for free — although the museum would have to cover removal costs — but never heard back after museum staff visited. “They, I guess, decided it wasn’t worth it,” said Tabachnick.

To protect the painting, the building owners covered it with plexiglass and then a roller door on top. Art lovers must ask the shop staff at the opticians on the ground floor to let them have a peek.

A specialist in preservation and an art auctioneer are both expected to visit the piece to see whether they should try removing the wall — which would likely cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Tabachnick reckons her piece could be worth up to $650,000. “We have a real sense of pride and excitement around the piece . . . Doesn’t mean we know what to do with it,” she said.

One roller door that Banksy emblazoned with a fake Plato quote was repped by Keszler Gallery, but the owner of the Greenpoint store where the work was done has taken it off the market and put it in storage.

Source; nypost

Twitter and FDA rules

Tweeting about the most commonly prescribed drugs will be nearly impossible if new FDA guidelines on the use of social media by drug and medical device companies are adopted, experts said.

The FDA guidelines, proposed Tuesday by the agency, will require companies to tweet the risks along with the benefits of their products. At minimum, all tweets would have to include the most serious risks associated with a drug including those known to be fatal or life-threatening, and all side effects and warnings printed on the approved product labeling. They would also be obliged to link to a further discussion about the risks and benefits of the drug.

How would Pfizer tweet about the popular erectile dysfunction drug Viagra?

“They wouldn’t be able to do it,” said Thomas Sullivan, editor of the Policy and Medicine blog for Rockpointe, a Maryland-based medical education company.

Viagra, for example, lists nine potentially serious side effects on its label including permanent damage to the penis, loss of sight and loss of hearing. It has nine potentially dangerous interactions with other medications and there are at least 14 health conditions for which its use is not recommended for safety reasons.

“You’re not fitting that into 140 characters,” Sullivan said.

The FDA did offer one sample tweet for the fictional drug NoFocus in its recommendations.

The tweet reads: NoFocus (rememberine HCl) for mild to moderate memory loss-May cause seizures in patients with a seizure disorder www.nofocus.com/risk

Sullivan said it is unusual for the FDA to include a single example within a recommendation and this underscores how challenging social media management has been for the agency. He also noted that the tweet didn’t take advantage of common Twitter shorthand like abbreviations and shortened words and it’s not clear if the guidelines even permit this.

“The FDA isn’t necessarily up on the realities of social media,” Sullivan said, adding that the agency has offered to allow companies to submit their tweets for approval beforehand.

Sullivan said that Facebook, which has no character limitations, might still be useful for drug sellers looking for some traction on social media. So far the agency has refrained from suggesting regulations for image sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram, Sullivan said.

If approved, the guidelines will go into effect in 90 days.

Source: abcnews


Twitter goes Public


Twitter ($TWTR) will start trading tomorrow. The company will debut on the NYSE under the symbol TWTR. The underwriters have announced a price of $26 per share. That values the company at $14.2 billion.

Everyone on Wall Street has their fingers crossed on this one since the Facebook ($FB) IPO was a bit of a flop. Trading was delayed and the stock didn’t do well for several weeks. I suspect that FB wasn’t well advised by their bankers. Also, I think they got greedy. Twitter seems to be avoiding these mistakes.

Twitter is selling 70 million shares to the public so it will raise $1.82 billion for the company. I strongly suspect that the price will pop once the shares hit the market.

So is Twitter a good buy? The heck if I know.

With investing, I rely on the fundamentals of a business. One of the limits of fundamental analysis is that assumes the general stability of the business environment. With a company like Twitter, that environment is far from stable. I can make a pretty good guess as to what Harris will look like in three years. But with Twitter, I have no earthly idea.

Twitter is currently losing money, and will continue to do so. If things go well, they may turn a profit by 2015. Again, if things go well. At $26 per share, twitter is being valued at 12.4 times next year’s estimated sales. Facebook currently trades at 11.6 times 2014 sales, and LinkedIn is at 12.2 times. That’s a rich valuation.

Until I can see a consistent positive cash flow stream from Twitter, I’m staying far away from this stock. That’s not a moral judgement against the stock. I wish them well. But for my kind of investing, I never take risks I don’t have to.

Source: cws

Twitter I.P.O


Las Vegas is putting its money on Twitter listing on the New York Stock Exchange.

Kevin Bradley, the Sportsbook Manager at Bovada.lv., puts the odds of the San Francisco microblogging site choosing the NYSE at 4 to 7 — a clear favorite.

That means for a $7 bet, you’ll win $4, Nasdaq’s odds for grabbing the listing is 7 to 5, according to Bradley. Although it’s unusual for bookies to formulate odds on a Wall Street IPO, Bradley says that the buzz around popular tech companies like Twitter make them good betting plays.

“We offered odds on the Facebook IPO back when it went public,” Bradley noted via email.

“We tend to offer these lines when there is a good amount of public interest in an IPO and social media platforms inherently seem to fit the bill because of the buzz they tend to create in the media and amongst everyday people, not just the investors, “ he added.

Bradley said that bets on Twitter have been ticking up since odds on the stock offering were published last week.

The fact that Twitter decided to file a confidential S-1 also has helped drum up intrigue around the company.

Bettors can place their Twitter wagers on everything from when the offering is likely to launch its IPO to what its most likely ticker symbol will be.

So far the odds are 5 to 8 that Twitter will go public before Dec. 7.

The Post first reported that the tech company was eyeing an IPO around Thanksgiving.
Odds makers also appear to be leaning toward the ticker symbol “TWTR” (odds of 5 to 6), over “TWIT” (3 to 1). Possible ticker “BIRD” and EGG, have long odds of 35 to 1 and 50 to 1, respectively.

MDC says the launch price will be around $34 to $39 per share.

“After excluding possible ticker symbols already in use like TCO, TW, and TWI, we made a list of possible abbreviations based off the word Twitter,” Bradley wrote.

Source: nypost


Who’s on Twitter


MDC is active on Twitter, and fascinated by the vast amounts of wildly random but often extremely useful information endlessly tweeting across it, I’m always interested in who’s using it.   So when I just happened across a study this evening from earlier this summer analyzing Twitter’s global usage patterns.

The world’s most active city in terms of posted tweets?   No, it’s not New York.

It’s Jakarta, Indonesia.   In addition to New York, Tokyo and London, Sao Paulo is in the top 5.  And the number 6 city, just ahead of Paris and Los Angeles, is Bandung, Indonesia.

The top 5 countries in terms of Twitter accounts are the U.S., BrazilJapan, U.K. and (no surprise) Indonesia.  The next five are also an eclectic group: India, Mexico, Canada, Spain and the Philippines.

With over 140 million accounts, the U.S. has 27 percent of all Twitter users, and that percentage is declining.   San Francisco, where Twitter is headquartered, is not among the 20 most active (#tweetiest) Twitter cities, but Riyadh (number 10) and Istanbul (number 12) are.

Arabic usage on Twitter continues to grow; it’s now the 6th most tweeted language.

Source = forbes


Twitter Tightens Up

Think 140 characters isn’t enough to say what you want in a tweet? Get ready for 117.

Starting in February, tweets that contain URLs will be reduced to 118 characters, 117 for https links. While that may seem like a huge drop, the change represents a two-character drop per tweet from what you are currently able to send when a hyperlink is involved.

Announced last month on Twitter’s developer blog, the adjustment is due to some upcoming changes in Twitter’s t.co link wrapper. The revision extends the maximum length of t.co wrapped links from 20 to 22 characters for non-https URLs and from 21 to 23 characters for https URLs.

What that means: When you tweet out hyperlinks that Twitter shortens, those links will now take up a little more space, reducing the content you’ll be able to add to the message.

The announcement this week was meant as a heads up for developers, in order to give them time to update their applications before the change takes place.

Twitter users won’t see the switch go into effect until Feb. 20, 2013.


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