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Let’s Exploit Tragedy


MDC says, Lawmakers Exploit Tragedy to Demand Defense Dollars !!

Every time a military tragedy occurs, a politician will inevitably rush to blame it on the “gutted” Pentagon budget. After 15 Marines were seriously injured when an Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV) burst into flames on September 13, it was only a matter of time before someone attempted to capitalize on the tragedy by screaming for more defense dollars.

For those keeping score, it took less than 48 hours for Representative Mac Thornberry (R-Texas), chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, to issue a press statement linking the incident to other “accidents related to readiness challenges.”




You may not have heard of the expression “The Ugly American,” it was a slight to the way Americans behaved when traveling abroad that became iconic in the 1960s’. From clothing to expectations, Americans stood out, as if unaware of the surrounding environment and different cultural behaviors of the peoples of the world. It was as if Americans lived in a bubble, an altered state of reality. Maybe we were glutenized by our low nutritional diets. Maybe we were in shock after World War II and the Korean War. Whatever the cause, America and Americans were unaware of the behavioral state the rest of the world was in. America was not decimated by the wars, or by dictatorships, or Communism’s atheistic domination of its’ people. The world was psychologically broken.

Today we have the epitome of ugliness in an American President. He is the “Ugliest American” and completely out of synch with much of the world and America in general.

Trump is the classic example of FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome), brought on by parents who used alcohol during the pregnancy, most probably alcoholism. FAS people are individuals whose actions are unaware of the consequences of those actions. Americans can’t fix FAS in an Ugly American President. Americans must learn about FAS before they can see for their own eyes how the syndrome plays out.

The damage is done, as we have a fox in the hen house, a Manchurian candidate ready to decimate the office of the Presidency and the very fabric of an America that was once steeped in the welfare of the common community.

A bottom line “money is the only thing important to this President,” leaves the majority of Americans who are uncompetitive in a crisis. That 8.5% of the population that are corporate competitors have had their way with the American processes of governing. Just like the Religious Right jumped into politics to have a voice, so to the corporations have had their influence as lobbyists with monetary clout. The addictive election process to money and donors, leaves those without a voice at the will of the winds of political agendas hardly expressing those needs of the unrepresented.

Fighting ugly with ugly is a losing path. Not giving a platform to ugliness is a remedy. Educating the children and the millennials is imperative. Speaking to millennials is almost impossible when they have no interest in the historic road that got us here in the first place. Not knowing Eisenhower was a president or an American and World War II hero makes this person quiver. Is there no interest or curiosity to the past by that millennial generation?

The Ugliest American is on the stage of history. He represents the fears of the Americans who haven’t an interest in anything outside their county. He represents the corporate greed that bucks the law and the consequences of industrial crooks, and thieves, and polluters.

Trump is ugly because when he goes “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, ain’t I the fairest of them all,” the mirror lies. Psychologically no one can see themselves or their shadows. Trump’s shadow is his family history. You can’t change the facts of a father who had KKK leanings because you are president. President Bush tried to save face with a father who lost the presidency and didn’t finish off Saddam Hussein. We as Americans are so predictable when it comes to the shadows we drag around. Trump’s mother is of Scottish descent. As marvelous as the Scottish clans of people are, many have been the root of the KKK, or the alt-right as it is known today. That is a large shadow Trump walks in.

As far as Trump appears to be the real Manchurian candidate, and his minions who want to look the other way, just remember this, Trumps first wife is named Ivana, a feminizing of the name Ivan, and Ivanka his daughter, is another example of the name Ivan. Ivan is a Russian name. Trumps’ wives, one, and three, were born as inheritors of the Communist eastern satalite countries that were dominated by the USSR since the end of WWII. Like my friend from Russia said recently’ “Russia owns North Korea, and that is because of the support the Russians gave to that Korea from the beginning of the Korean War. And it was the policies of propaganda and brainwashing the Russians excelled in that saved the North Koreans from obliteration. When the USSR collapsed the support for the North collapsed as well. The Russians still own the North Koreans, the Russians screwed up and this screw up is still having ramifications.

Trump the Ugliest American is beholden to the Russians and their oligarchs, the Chinese and their Communist regimes’ money, and the German banks who were willing to make a profit on any deal Trump threw at them. The monies to run the Trump properties could not be raised with any American bucks, because the four time bankrupt businessman has no credit here in America. Anyone who partnered with a Trump product got screwed. Giving a screwing is not an American ideal for most Americans. But those who come to these shores and think that the only thing America stands for is the Almighty Dollar is sorely mistaken. America has and should always remain a place of fair play, a level playing field. Today the President is an American greed story. It is a product sent to us from foreign cultures that found a root here. Usually after a few generations the good instincts that were given to the settlers from our very magnificent indigenous peoples rubs off on the generations that follow. Fear that is brought over like diseases that lay dormant or like the foreign birds such as starlings and bluejays that chase our song birds away, are not American in value or spirit.

The Ugliest American is a man of fear and that is the illusion he holds dear, the bubble he refuses to leave. His ears are closed to anything but the nurturing of that fear. He has lost his ability to listen and what he hears is what he wants to hear.

And the dumbing down of the children and the young adults who have one day to assume the responsibilities of the generations that dumped their crap on them, have a huge chore ahead. It will take the Boomer generation to come out once again and lead and teach that we all are each others keepers.



MDC wants everyone to know, our buddy Lin-Manuel Miranda.   It was years ago, and on a dog walk we come across this guy. We had a great conversation and I’ve been sitting back watching this creation explode. We saw the show a bunch at the Public Theater, and now its a Broadway smash !

Congratulations, those special meeet-ups by the Alexander Hamilton grave were enjoyable in the evening graveyard with Lyka, It helps having the access key!!

The following video was taken at the White House in 2009.


On a recent Sunday morning with CBS, Mo Rocca conducted a great interview, but he was a little late.

When Lin-Manuel Miranda sings about the drive of the “young, scrappy and hungry” immigrant, he’s not singing about just any immigrant. He’s singing about the man on the ten dollar bill, Alexander Hamilton. As Mo Rocca reports, Hamilton’s musical journey to the stage is as revolutionary as the young revolutionary who helped create the America we know.





Anonymous vs ISIS


In a video posted on YouTube, the group of hackers said they would track down websites and social media networks linked to terrorists, and take them down.

“We, Anonymous around the world, have decided to declare war on you the terrorists,” it said.

Anonymous said the video was a message for “al Qaeda, the Islamic State and other terrorists,” and promised to avenge the deaths in last week’s attack.

Anonymous has hacked websites belonging to government departments, companies and other organizations.

The attack on Charlie Hebdo has prompted an outpouring of solidarity, sparking some news organizations to republish the magazine’s most controversial cartoons — including of the Prophet Mohammed.

On Sunday, millions of people, including world leaders, marched in an anti-terrorism rally in Paris. The French Mission to the United Nations called the massive gathering the largest in France’s history. MDC says, where was the United States?

The day was emotional and peaceful, a gesture of unity just days after Islamic extremists slaughtered 17 people.

MDC releases below a tweet from #Anonymous highlighting the power of cyber security.


The Global Wars



MDC says, that if we take a quick snapshot; the USA-European Union wars have not been instruments of empire-building in the conventional or historical sense.

At most they have destroyed some adversaries of empire. But these have been pyrrhic victories. Along with the overthrow of a target regime, the systematic break-up of the state has unleashed powerful chaotic forces, which have doomed any possibility of creating stable neo-colonial regimes capable of controlling their societies and securing opportunities for imperialist enrichment via economic exploitation.

At most the US overseas wars have secured military outposts, foreign islands in seas of desperate and hostile populations. Imperial wars have provoked continuous underground resistance movements, ethnic civil wars and violent terrorist organizations which threaten ‘blowback’ on the imperial center.

The USA and EU’s easy annexations of the ex-communist countries, usually via the stage-managed ballot-box or ‘color revolutions’, led to the take-over of great national wealth and skilled labor. However, Euro-American empires bloody campaigns to invade and conquer the Middle East, South Asia, North Africa and the Caucuses have created nightmarish ‘failed states’ – continuously draining imperial coffers and leading to a state of permanent occupation and warfare.

The bloodless takeover of the Eastern European satellites with their accommodating, corrupt elites has ended. The 21st century reliance on militarist strategies contrasts sharply with the successful multi-pronged colonial expansions of the 19th – 20th century, where economic penetration and large scale economic development accompanied military intervention and political change. Today’s imperial wars cause economic decay and misery within the domestic economy, as well as perpetual wars abroad, an unsustainable drain.

The current US/EU military expansion into Ukraine, the encirclement of Russia, NATO missiles aimed at the very heart of a major nuclear power and the economic sanctions may lead to a global nuclear war, which may indeed put an end to militarist empire-building… and the rest of humanity.


Source: global research

1 Million Ghosts

A million ghosts roam endlessly in Armenia, waiting to hear an apology that never came from the Turks whose ancestors slaughtered the Armenian population a century ago.

Millions of ghosts roam the wet and dry lands of Cambodia driven to insanity when the Khmer Rouge raged with a reign of terror and death.

A million or so lives collectively were lost in the war years of Viet Nam. Those ghosts are suffering without the closure horrified spirits deserve.

Ghosts are multiplying from the brutality between Arab on Arab, Muslim on Muslim, Muslim on Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Jew and Gypsy. Middle East Ghosts thousands of years old joined by new ghosts a chorus of historic revenge and ending in whys? Why ? Why ? Why?

Communist leaders beware as you hide your cruelty. No matter how you pretend there is no karma, the ghosts of holocausts past know where you live. Mao destroyed ancient Chinese culture and murdered and enslaved the best of the country. Stalin’s slaughtering history of his own countrymen, and the numbers sent to death and to slave in the mines of Siberia is legendary. Blood and ghosts from every corner of Asia, marching, gathering, demanding millenniums of justice.

MDC says, karma is a bitch !

One person who was forced to work the mines of gold and diamonds in Siberia, said to me more than once, “just one atomic bomb on the Kremlin, just one.”

Ghosts murdered from Spain’s material quest, mass murders of innocents, bringing disease to the Indigenous peoples of the Americas one hundred years before Europe arrived still roam the mountains, rain forests, deserts, of all the Americas. I call them “THOSE THAT LEFT NO TRAIL”, our hosts five hundred years ago were murdered through the centuries. Spirits, Ghosts waiting on closure, the ancestors speak through them.

The Dutch, French, British, Portuguese all have created ghosts in the conquest to gain the wealth of the Americas and grabbed what could be grabbed without regard to the death they brought, imported from far away.

The horror of African on African genocide, tribes fighting religious wars, fighting over land use and rights and vast material wealth from oil and timber, creating a ghost factory world. The Spiritual Healers have been replaced, the old is forgotten, remedies against fear, worry lost with the rush to consume before being consumed.

And now ISIS is our worst shadow Pissing on life creating haunting ghosts demanding revenge or is it all part of the strategy that was developed in Washington?

Man’s Invisible War


In the psyche of man is a competitive desire to battle the demons that confront him in the path to succeed. The creative among us have this invisible war in spades. Every day the challenge is to advance or complete what must be advanced and completed.

Often the individual who creates new space or visits old space to give it a new twist can be rewarded and just the fact that one tried should be enough to appease the victory the invisible wars demand.

Yet often, as every man sets out to conquer the world and with the impediments guaranteed to block or slow progress not every man makes it through to victory. Defeats are the roadway of the invisible wars. Small victories only egg on warriors of the invisible wars.

This week one mans’ invisible wars got the better of him. After battling in business, establishing a successful, what appeared to the outside a profitable and creative niche, and somewhere after the divorce, the children growing independent, and the economy sinking to new lows this winter, after the misery of this past winter shocked everyone into asking, “where did all the business go?” one man couldn’t take it any more.

Suicide is a miserable option, but through the years one sees many an individual who cannot cope anymore. A man can turn to the simple remedy and just end one’s life and take away the misery. Cannot lose face from judgmental people and their expectations. Even if those expectations are in the person’s head, they are part of that ‘invisible war’ that takes over.

How to mourn the individual who jumped when he represents a part of all of us who try to battle everyday and go to work to pay those bills. Now there is little left to the American pie. Most people today have no pie or very little pie to survive on. That pie was eaten long ago and now everyone, everyman is no longer dreaming of pies.

Man and his invisible personal war is murdered by politics that has poisoned the well of our economy. The money has been spent there is no more pie after the last wars. It was a well thought out strategy to spend the surplus, borrow as much as one can to create the debt that enslaves the population. To hell with the individual man and the efforts to make a life in today’s world, are results of the past political intention to spend it all, borrow to the limit, and watch the destruction.

One man didn’t make it through the week. His personal invisible war was lost. He saw no avenue to succeed. His game was over. His children didn’t need him. His ex-wife’s family sucked him dry, and to top it off the winter killed the retail business in the North East leaving him unable to pay the bills, the rent, the cell, and the new girlfriend who as fine as she was as a companion couldn’t give him what he needed to win the war.

That is all conjecture on my part, but the invisible war was real. It is real every morning when I make the coffee, and find a way to make it to the job. I am still fighting my invisible wars, everyday out there, but one man lost his war this week and I am finding it hard to fight my own invisible war, cause I am in mourning over another man who chose to end it by jumping out of a window to certain finality.

Opium For Sale


America’s war on drugs is failing in Afghanistan, with opium production at record levels, despite spending $7.5 billion to tackle the problem. Over 200 thousand hectares is used to grow opium, an increase of 36 percent, according to a US report.

MDC says , how else will the United States fund their wars.

The report, which was commissioned by SIGAR, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction makes grim reading, with opium poppy cultivation increasing by over a third, while the country now has about 1.3 million heroin users. This is a ten-fold increase compared to 2005, when around 130,000 people were using the drug.

Afghanistan is responsible for about three-quarters of the world’s heroin production, with much of it being cultivated in the Helmand and Kandahar provinces in the south of the country. However, the US has concentrated most of its efforts in the east of Afghanistan, which has relatively little poppy production, as it is safer than working in the south.

Attempts to limit production and seize heroin have not been helped due to a downscaling of operations by the ISAF (International Security Assistance Force). In 2013, coalition forces managed to seize 41,000 kilograms of opium out of the 5.5 million kilograms produced in Afghanistan.

“Drug labs, storage sites, and major trafficking networks are concentrated in rural areas that are increasingly off-limits to Afghan forces due the ISAF drawdown and declining security in these areas,” the report found.

Since NATO began its ‘War on Terror’ in 2001, heroin production in Afghanistan has increased 40-fold, according to the head of Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service. “Afghan heroin has killed more than 1 million people worldwide since ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’ began, and over $1 trillion has been invested in transnational organized crime from drug sales,” Viktor Ivanov said earlier at a conference on the Afghan drug problem in 2013.

Moscow has repeatedly pushed for the eradication of poppy fields in Afghanistan as the simplest solution. NATO, however, seems to have no intention of doing so.

In 2013, the Afghan Ministry of Counter Narcotics reported that just 7,300 hectares of poppy fields had been destroyed, which was only three percent of the total opium fields in the country. The US has spent $7.5 billion since 2002 trying to combat the problem of opium production. However, despite these vast sums very little impact has been made on the amount of heroin appearing on the world market.

Source.: rt