Mar 24, 2016

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This Planet Earth is Paradise


What are some of our major religions teaching? Are they saying there is a PARADISE in an afterlife that can be realized in the sentient body/mind after this piece of dust is done?

Some of us know we are living in PARADISE right here on planet EARTH. We honor all life in all it’s forms. Spiritual leaders saying otherwise are misleading.

There are no virgins in PARADISE. And even if there were who would honor the taking of a life with the concept women have nothing to say about. Killing your own, others, is killing your mother, your daughter, and the very spirit of life itself.

This is MOTHER EARTH. We are Earthians not Martians, Venusians, or visitors from another dead planet.

This is it. It (THE PLANET EARTH), is PARADISE. Anyone who tells you otherwise is misleading.


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